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Yasmeen Nicole Parents, Ethnicity, Baby Daddy

So, the news is: American YouTuber Yasmeen Nicole is expecting her first child.

Yasmeen, who is also known as Lil Yas, took everyone by surprise on 19 October 2021, as she outed she is pregnant.

And now, the fans who grew up watching her are only wondering who the baby daddy is.

Luckily’s here’s all that you’ve been looking for. Keep reading and hear all about Yasmeen Nicole’s baby daddy, parents, ethnicity, and more.

Who Is Yasmeen Nicole’s Baby Daddy?

In a video posted on her official YouTube channel, on 19 October 2021, Yasmeen Nicole told her fans that she was eights months pregnant and that her pregnancy was unexpected and unplanned. But, that she is happy nevertheless.

The same day, professional hairstylist Jonathan Wright also shared a “Maternity Shoot W/ llil.yas” video on his YouTube channel letting his subscribers a peek into the life of him working with Yasmeen for her maternity shoot. And below in the comment box of this video is where Yasmeen’s fans had their discussion about the baby daddy — how old is the to-be father and all.

Still, however, Yasmeen has refused to reveal baby daddy details including his name.

All we know is, she is having a boy, she got pregnant on Valentine’s day, and that the baby is due on 7th November 2021.

Yasmeen Nicole Dating History

Despite a lot, many ‘boyfriend’ topic content on her social media one could still not tell if she is dating anyone currently (i.e, in October 2021).

Yasmeen, who is used to sharing her love stories and related experiences with her fans on YouTube is, however, taking her time to unveil who the man in her life is.

The influencer even has shared one of her daunting memories of losing virginity by being raped at 13 years old in one of her YouTube videos.

At least until early 2019, Yasmeen Nicole was dating YouTube star, Kobe Bryce Lankford. And she also dated this guy named Victor at times when we had no clue of it.

Yasmeen Nicole Ethnicity: What Race Is She Mixed With?

Whenever someone asks Yasmeen Nicole’s Ethnicity what she is ethnically she replies with “I’m black & Mexican”. She has shared she is used to people believing that her mom is White and not Mexican.

Who Are Yasmeen Nicole’s Parents?

Yasmeen Nicole, who admits to having a very good bond with her mom, even brought her mom for a Q/A session in one of her YouTube videos. Of many questionnaires, these are the ones that you have waited for long to hear out.

Yasmeen’s favorite memory with her mom is when she was four years old and lit her first matchstick despite her mom telling her not to.

Yasmeen asked her mom about her reaction when she found out she was pregnant with her and her mom told:

“It was a reaction of a reality check… I was happy but I wished things would have been better with me and your dad..”

Yasmeen’s beautiful pretty young-appearing mom also added that most of the responsibilities of raising Yasmeen were on her. Right at the time, Yasmeen also spoke up that her dad “was a player” as her brother, age 15 in 2018, does not look like her.

Yasmeen’s mom then also opened up about how she was a detention officer and Yasmeen’s father was a police officer when she met him and fell for him.

When asked what’s her reaction to Yasmeen’s being so widely known on social media was, the matriarch said she feels very blessed “even though so many times I tried to delete that Instagram.”

Then, the mom also went on to reveal that she has no plans on having more kids. And lastly to “What would you do if you found out Yasmeen was pregnant, would you want her to get an abortion?”, after giving  a bit of thought the mom answered softly:

“Ah… no…not an abortion. I would just go with the process and love the child as my grandkid”.

And to Yasmeen’s “You’d be disappointed though right?”, mom replied:

“I don’t want you to be pregnant at this age. I don’t want you to have a boyfriend at this age. But…You can not stop certain things…”

With all that being detailed about the YouTube video, Yasmeen still has shared memories with her dad on social media, sometimes captioning them with “I love my dad”.

Her dad is Black.

Yasmeen Nicole Net Worth

Yasmeen Nicole, as a social media influencer and fashion model, managed around $150 thousand net worth until October 2021.

As per SOCIAL BLADE, her yearly earning from YouTube is an estimated $117 – $1.9K.

Yasmeen joined YouTube in November 2017. She shared her first video around that time. And shortly after the “HOW TO DO A SLICK BUN LMAOO” went viral, which is even today the most-watched video on her channel. Until 19 October 2021 and she had 644K subscribers.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Yasmeen Nicole’s Zodiac Sign?

Yasmeen Nicole’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Born on 4 February 2003, she turned 18 in 2021.

  • Is Yasmeen Nicole Instagram, TikTok?

Yasmeen Nicole is certainly on Instagram and TikTok. Her account on TikTok @yasmeenikole managed 1.2M followers and 24.1M likes until 19 October 2021.

Then, on her Instagram @llil.yas, Yasmeen had shared 348 posts and had 1.2M followers.

  • What Are Yasmeen Nicole’s Measurements?

Before pregnancy, Yasmeen Nicole had maintained 34-25-36 inches.

Late in June 2020, Yasmeen came up with a “HOW I LOST 30 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS” video and discussed how the food plans and workouts she loved made the weight loss journey more relaxed.

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