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Yesim Cetir Cause Of Death, Family, Paolo Macchiarini Victim

Meet Yesim Cetir, one of the victims of Paolo Macchiarini who is the subject of Netflix’s newest show Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife. What happened to Yesim? How old was she when she died? Who are her family members?

Get to know her more from this bio here.

Meet Yesim Cetir, One Of The Bad Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini Victims

Yesim Cetir was one of the victims of Bad Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Paolo From November 2011 to June 2014, Paolo gave transplants to Christopher Lyles, Yulia Tuulik, Alexander Zozulya, Yesim Cetir, Hannah Warren, Sadiq Kanaan, and Dmitri Onogda.

By 2013, Paolo Macchiarini had become a globally recognized surgeon. In fact, NBC News featured a report on him titled “A Leap of Faith,” highlighting his accomplishments in the field of organ transplantation and claiming that Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sarkozy, and other international leaders were among his clients and friends.

However, on May 13, 2015, the external research team at Karolinska Institute found that Paolo was indeed guilty of research misconduct. However, he denied all of the accusations once more, leaving the Swedish Research Council with little option except to revoke his funding.

However, for whatever reason, the Karolinska Institute cleared his record in the months that followed and hired him as a temporary researcher for an additional year. However, Paolo faced fresh, serious charges in January 2016. The first came from Vanity Fair, where he was accused of being a skilled manipulator and a total liar in a piece that focused on his personal life.

Concerns over post-operative care and research ethics were raised after a three-part documentary titled “The Experiment” examined how nearly all of his patients endured excruciating pain and eventually passed away as a result of issues associated with the artificial tracheas.

After all of this, Paolo was expelled from the institution and the misbehavior investigations recommenced. A court in Italy condemned him to 16 months in prison in 2019 for the forgery of documents and misuse of official position. (Diazepam) He was charged with serious assault in Sweden one year later, in September 2020, relating to three separate transplants he had performed that year. In the spring of 2022, he was put on trial and ultimately found guilty on one count of “causing bodily harm”; two other assault allegations against him were dropped.

But instead of receiving the five years in prison that the prosecutors had recommended, Paolo received a completely suspended sentence, two years of probation, and no consequences to his license. The seemingly generous verdict was due to the district court’s finding that he had never been explicitly accused of killing his patients, nor had he ever operated on them to inflict injury. Despite the fact that Paolo’s procedures defied “science and proven experience,” the court found that “two of the [three] interventions were justifiable.”

Paolo is currently free, but the case is far from done as the Swedish prosecutors have appealed, claiming that Paolo was effectively conducting “unlawful human experiments.”

Yesim Cetir Cause Of Death

Yesim Cetir, a Turkish university student, was the unlucky recipient of a poorly executed procedure intended to treat her excessive hand perspiration. She developed a severe cough that persisted after the procedure, lung drainage issues, and damage to her trachea. Even while none of these illnesses were fatal, they greatly reduced her quality of life in general. Yesim’s family was excited to see the well-known Dr. Paolo Macchiarini when he came to Istanbul, and on March 25, 2012, Dr. Macchiarini consented to help.

Yesim’s first surgery was performed on June 24, 2012, and her medical costs were paid for by the Istanbul Ministry of Health. They contributed more than half a million euros to the Karolinska Institute to help with the surgery. Yesim was the third person in the world and the fifth person overall to have this revolutionary procedure.

Her injured trachea had to be removed, and an artificial windpipe had to be installed before stem cells were inserted. By encouraging the growth of new cells, this novel method attempted to essentially create a new windpipe that would serve as her organ.

Although Yesim’s windpipe had been injured during a normal procedure for excessive sweating, her operation was unique in that she was not in danger of dying soon. “She had some coughing and mucus secretions that were socially troubling for her,” explains Kalle. “But there was nothing that would limit her living a normal life.”

After the first operation went badly, Paolo convinced her to come to Stockholm for a “second opinion” surgery so he could look at the prior damage. However, she ended up receiving a synthetic transplant. Not long afterward, Yesim became unable to breathe due to a mucus clot. She was placed on a heart-lung support machine after developing cardiac failure. She had excruciating bronchial cleaning every four hours for the following four years, needed dialysis due to kidney failure, and had a lung and oesophagus transplant.

Kalle claimed Paolo had no interest in the aftercare of Yesim.

Sadly, Yesim’s medical journey took a dangerous turn when the attempt to replace her original transplant failed. On July 9, 2013, the surgeon had to go back to the Karolinska Institute for a second operation to replace her graft with a second plastic trachea. Yesim’s condition worsened after this surgery, requiring her to be admitted to the intensive care unit. In the meantime, information about Dr. Macchiarini’s dishonest methods started to come to light.

Yesim’s case eventually became so complicated that she had to be sent to Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, attempts were made to replace the lung trachea, a procedure that sadly did not work out.

On March 19, 2017, Yesim passed away from her protracted agony after going through excruciating pain and suffering for more than four years.

Kalle concluded that the plastic tubes themselves, not the cardiac arrest as Macchiarini had asserted, were the root of Yesim’s issues. After watching a video of Andemarium’s airways, Kalle and two colleagues, Oskar Simonson and Matthias Corbascio, discovered that the “plastic windpipe was collapsing and rotting inside his body.”

What Was Yesim Cetir Age At The Time Of Her Death?

At the time of her death, Yesim Cetir was 26 years old. Her birthday is on 15 April.

Yesim Cetir Family

Yesim Cetir is the daughter of Hayrullah Cetir. Hayrullah turned 62 years old on 1 January 2023. He is available on Facebook, X, and IG.

When Yesim passed away in 2017, her death was confirmed by Hayrullah. Her father Hayrullah revealed on Facebook early on Monday morning that Yesim passed away in Philadelphia’s Temple University Hospital. “My daughter Yesim died tonight [Sunday] at 9:15 pm may she rest in peace,” he wrote, publishing a picture of her in a hospital bed.

In her family, Yesim also has a sister named Nesrin Akkus. Nesrin went to İstanbul Bakırköy Ticaret Meslek Lisesi and she is now living in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a married woman now.

In addition, the family of Yesim is suing Harvard Bioscience, which created the bioreactors and the second plastic trachea graft that Macchiarini utilized on Yesim through its spin-off Biostage (which was previously known as Harvard Apparatus). Additionally, Nanofiber Solutions, the maker of her first plastic trachea, is being sued in Massachusetts’ Suffolk County Superior Court (case number 1784CV01174).

Yesim Cetir Job

At the time, Yesim Cetir was a student. Hence, for any jobs she did before falling terminally ill the details aren’t available.

Was Yesim Cetir Married?

Per Yesim Cetir’s Facebook, she was single. Hence no, she was not married.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Yesim Cetir From?

Yesim Cetir hailed from Fatsa, Turkey. She moved to Stockholm İsveç in 2014 but was living in Philadelphia at the time of her passing.

  • Was Yesim Cetir On Social Media?

Yes, Yesim Cetir was on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Is There An Obituary For Yesim Cetir Online?

Yesim Cetir ‘s obituary is not available in the public domain.

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