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Yung Joc Parents: Mother And Father Stan Tucker

Life wasn’t always so forgiving for Yung Joc. He might have found success as a rapper but it already was on the decline by the end of 2007. But thanks to his parents and other close ones, the rapper returned to the spotlight 7 years later as a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and has been a fixture ever since.

So, who are Yung Joc’s parents? Get to know his father and mother as this article proceeds.

Who Are Yung Joc Parents?

Yung Joc is all he is because of his parents. Growing up, his parents supported him a lot as an aspiring artist. They never said no to him. Infact, it was them who encouraged him to do Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

According to the star, when he was offered the opportunity to join the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, he wasn’t sure what to do at first. Then, Yung consulted with his parents, and they pushed him to take a leap of faith.

“My dad was like look at it like this: they can only edit what you give ‘em…He said it could be an eye-opener for you in regard to what you want to do in your future,” Yung recalled before adding, “so I talked to pops about it, my moms, my siblings, prayed on it.”

Thereafter, he turned his life around becoming a main cast member of the show. He was usually the comic relief cast member — providing comedic commentary on the various situations on the show.

This rapper/comedian has been with the show ever since its third season, where he was introduced as Karlie Redd’s new man. Surprisingly, they break up during the very season as Yung cheated on Karlie with his assistant Khadiyah Lewis.

But that’s all in the past, now (in 2022), Yung is happy with his girlfriend Kendra Robinson. The two got engaged on February 27, 2019, and married on November 7, 2021, after a series of postponed wedding dates due to the pandemic.

Before Kendra, Yung was married to a woman named Alexandria Robinson. The two filed for divorce in July 2014 after 13 years of marriage and two years of separation. They share three children — a daughter named Ja’Kori, and two sons, Amir and Chase.

Meet Yung Joc Father, Stan Tucker

Yung Jocs’ father Stan Tucker was his go-to person for advice. It was also he who helped Yung launch his musical career. Reportedly, using his connections in the business, Stan got Joc his first gig writing a jingle for Revlon.

As for his business, Stan owned a hair-care products company named Claudio St. James Hair Care Products, Inc. His company was registered on Feb 22 2018 as a domestic profit corporation type in GA, USA.

Back in 2015, Stan also graced Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where he revealed that he has more kids than Yung. And it is true. It seems Stan also has a tattered love life. 

Offering a piece of love advice to his son, Stan said, “You know what they used to always tell me? You’re gonna be one hell of a man once you settle down. I figured I was a hell of a man anyway, but it wasn’t like that. I had to slow my pace, slow my roll, and start understanding those things that were most important to me.”

As of 2022, Stanley was 72 years of age.

Did you know: Yun lost his favorite aunt to breast cancer several years ago. Since then he’s developed a special place in his heart for any causes related to breast cancer.

Who Is Yung Joc Mother?

Though Yung Joc’s vocal about his love for his mother, he never disclosed her name. However, the star did feature her from time to time on his socials.

In early 2022, the Yung rapper went live on Instagram to share a sweet moment between them. In the clip, Yung and his mom recalled the old times while on a trip to the mall. “Aye man, I’m finna get my mama some stuff for her birthday,” the rapper said before signing off.

Here’s a video of them (featured on 9MagTV) — shopping for Yung’s mother’s birthday.

It seems the two have always been close-knit since his childhood.

Back in 2015, Yung also briefly spoke about their relationship. “Sometimes I’d start thinking that my mom and [Samuel L.] Jackson was brothers and sisters ‘cause her favorite cuss word was motherf—er. My mother be like, ‘Joc! Get your motherf—in’ ass in here,’” Yung joked.

Just based on the convo Yung had with his father, Yung’s mother was just one of many women in his dad’s life.

Speculatively, Yung’s mother might be named Deborah R Robinson, who was 64 years of age in 2022.

Trivia: Yung was was so successful in 2006, that he made Forbes List as one of the richest rappers of the year.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Yung Joc Parents Live?

Yung’s father Stanley resided in Hampton, GA. While his mother lived in Atlanta, GA.

  • How Many Kids Do Yung Joc Parents Have?

Yung has a lot of siblings. We don’t know about his mother, but his dad himself confessed that he had a lot of baby mamas.

Reportedly, Stan has nine children with five different women

  • Are Yung Joc Parents Still Married?

Yung’s parents have likely separated.

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