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Zachariah Smith Parents: Deborah Smith And Arthur Smith

Fan-favorite Zachariah “Zach” Smith started his journey on Season 21 of American Idol with probably the ever-best rendition of “Hurts So Good” by John Mellencamp. His energy and movement during the audition delight the judges, who swayed along with him in their seats. The Nashville Idol hopeful came on the stage as a grill cook at Bill’s Hamburgers and the judges gave him the golden ticket and the good news that he won’t be flipping burgers anymore. To those of you who noticed, the aspiring singer-songwriter was also accompanied by his beautiful wife Crysta “Crystal” Marie during his audition.

All over his social media one can see Zachariah praising and flattering his wife/baby mom. And at the same time, we have also learned that his parents have been just as amazing if not more so. They are called Deborah Smith and Arthur Smith, and in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about them.

American Idol: Who Are Zachariah Smith’s Parents?

Zachariah Smith’s father is no more. Only his mom survives now. Yet, it seems they also have good memories to tell about him to the world now.

Back in 2015, when Zachariah posted a throwback picture on Facebook, none other than his mom took herself to the comment box to reminisce about that memory. “Awe Zach Smith, I remember the day that your daddy and I took you and had this picture taken”, she wrote. She also gushed about never being so excited to have their pictures taken. According to her, Zachariah was just s baby and they were just so excited to be parents. She said her husband was just “so happy” that day.

Meet Deborah Smith, Zachariah Smith’s Mother

Almost every year on Mother’s Day, Zachariah Smith raves about his mother being the most loving, caring, and sweetest mom out there. Sometimes he would say “Mom I love you with all of my heart and I thank God that he gave me to you. I don’t know what I would do without you and you’re the best mom in the world!!” and other times we would just know how much Deborah Smith means to her.

Recently, Deborah too took to her social media to congratulate her son for winning the ticket to Holywood in the Idol audition. “Zach Smith+ I cannot tell you how my heart burst with joy when they said Hollywood. I know it’s been your dream since you were so little. This momma is so very proud of you and your courage to follow your dreams. I love you ❤️❤️❤️”, she put her intense emotion into words like this.

  • Deborah Smith Age

Deborah L Smith was born on 29 August 1968. So, she turned 54 years old in 2022.

  • Deborah Smith Job

On her Facebook, Debroah proudly mentioned “working as a homemaker/mom” from November 1991 until now. Also, here it’s been cited that she went to Wabash High School (Class of 1986) and Northfield Junior – Senior High (Class of 1986).

  • Is Deborah Smith On Instagram?

Yes. Deborah Smith can be found on Instagram. However, the account @deborahsmith_wabash including 11 posts and 191 followers was kept private.

Deborah also seemed to be active on ‘Deborah Smith’ Facebook.

Meet Arthur Smith, Zachariah Smith’s Father

The late Arthur (Bruce) Smith grew up in the neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska with a bunch of siblings: sister, Elaine Mike Lane of Bunker Hill, Indiana, brother, Tiny Smith, of Illinois and two half-brothers, Robert Hunt of Kokomo, and Charlie Diane Hunt of Somerset, Indiana.

  • Arthur Smith’s Age At The Time Of His Death

Arthur Smith was 48 when he passed away on 19 November 2011. He was born on 29 May 1963.

  • Who Were Arthur Smith’s Parents?

Arthur was born to Tiny Smith and Patricia Nance Kling. And his obituary also cites that he was preceded in death by his foster parents, Alice and Chester Skinner.

  • Arthur Smith Job

Not much has been told about the late Arthur Smith’s job or career. The only thing we learned from his obituary is that he attended the Wabash Chapel Church of God and he loved to fish and spend time with his boys.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Zachariah Smith’s Parents Married?

Zachariah Smith’s parents married on 16 November 1991 in Wabash. And they remained so until Arthur passed away.

A month after surviving that torment, Deborah took to her social media to lengthily write about missing her husband “sooo bad”. “I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare and everything would be normal”, she lamented before adding that Arthur was such a wonderful person and an “Awesome Dad”.

  • How Many Kids Did Zachariah Smith’s Parents Have?

Zachariah Smith is not the only child of his parents. They welcomed three more sons into their lives. Their names are Braden Smith and Nicholas Smith, both of Wabash, and Matthew Bruce Smith of Kokomo, Indiana

According to Zachariah’s mom, all her sons are so much like their dad, looks-wise and in other ways too.

  • Where Did Zachariah Smith’s Parents Reside?

Zachariah Smith’s dad laid down his life at his home in rural Wabash, Indiana.

It seems Wabash, Indiana has been Zachariah’s parents’ home always. And even after her husband’s passing, Zachariah’s mom seemingly continued to live around there.

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