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Zadia Murphy Bio, Age, Job, Parents, Nai’im, Ready To Love

Zadia Murphy was one of the contestants on Ready to Love: Make a Move. Earlier in October 2023, she was ready to put her heart on the line and give love another chance. Like fellow contestants Shareese Logan, Ashlee Akins, and Verneashia Allen, Zadia reappeared on a new season of Ready to Love after appearing in her respective season of Ready to Love. What became of Zadia’s search for Mr. Right on the OWN spin-off series? We shall explore this in the rest of the writing.

Zadia Murphy On Ready To Love: Make A Move

Zadia Murphy’s sole purpose of being on Ready To Love: Make A Move was to find a man who is generous, open-minded, a great conversationalist, and with a sense of humor. Before this, Zadia had attempted to do the same in Season 4 of Ready To Love but had been unsuccessful. So, Zadia decided to take one more chance and look for one, who among other things, has an active relationship with God. She was also quite open about not wanting to deal with someone who is not open to therapy, does not take care of themselves physically, has no goals, and has bad hygiene.

Ready To Love: What Happened Between Zadia Murphy And Nai’im Bilaal?

In the hopes of finding the love of her life, Zadia first entered the arena of matchmaking in Season 4 of Ready to Love. For a while, it seemed that like finally found the one in Nai’im. They were seen gravitating towards one another after meeting for the first time during the first episode of the season. They had an instant connection. However, their attraction in the long run did not produce the results that they initially expected. At the time of the writing, therefore, the two were no longer together.

Nai’im goes by “Mr. Bilaal” on his IG @nai.bilaal where he enjoyed 207 posts and 13.8K followers.

Zadia Murphy Age

Zadia Murphy was born in 1985. So, she turned 38 years old in 2023.

Who Are Zadia Murphy’s Parents?

Zadia is quite close to her family. Her mother is Gloria “Raquiyah” Murphy, who on her IG introduces herself as a writer, educator, multilinguist, iridologist, healer, warrior, and Champion for Justice and Tolerance. Besides this, on Facebook, the matriarch also admits to being an herbalist holistic life coach, educator, and diabetes facilitator.

Zadia’s father Kendall D Murphy turned 69 years old in March 2023. He is from the Bronx, New York.

About her father, Zadia has said, that thanks to him she and her siblings went camping as a summer staple while growing up. She said her dad, Kendall “aka Big K”, wanted to share the camping experience with the next generation. Back in 2012, the patriarch is known to have started “Big K’s camping trip” to introduce her city-slicking nieces, nephews, and little cousins to the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars, creepy crawlers, campfires and s’mores, kayaking, beach bumming, and more.

Zadia is just as fond of her siblings. All of them are younger than her. She especially loves to call her sisters the best friends she can never get rid of. She also considers them the “blessing” God gave her and “the two to laugh and cry with about any and everything.”

One of the sisters is Nzingha N Robinson (on IG @nzinghanaimah), an employee at Friendship Public Charter School. She also graduated with a degree in Mathematics at Howard University in 2010. At one point in life, she also married Brandon Robinson and turned 36 in May 2023.

Another sister Aminah Imani (on IG @aminahimani) seems to have owned her own business, since September 2009. Also, Aminah turned 36 in 2023.

Then, there are Zadia’s brothers, Amin Muhammed, a cyber security analyst at the U.S. Department of Defense, and Abdur Henriquez, a customer service specialist at UnitedHealthcare.

Zadia Murphy Job

The job that best describes Zadia Murphy is of a fitness specialist. On her LinkedIn, she explains that through education, motivation, and leadership, she assists clients in establishing and reaching their fitness/wellness goals; also, she creates training programs that are goal-driven, fun, and personalized for the clients’ training level.

It can be also said that Zadia honed her craft through personal studies and certifications with the National Association of Sports Medicine. Eventually, she found her niche as a personal trainer. Her main objective, she tells everyone, is to produce a personalized path and guide people to become a Better self.

Back in 2015, Zadia was also part of her own family business. On social media, back then, she discussed how her dad, Kendall Murphy, partnered with her in business to challenge himself. Another time, she congratulated him on being promoted to executive.

Zadia Murphy Height

Zadia Murphy stands below 5’5” in height and is proud to see herself when she walks past the mirror.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Zadia Murphy From?

Zadia Murphy originally hails from Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Washington, DC.

  • When Is Zadia Murphy’s Birthday?

Zadia Murphy’s birthday is in June. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • Is Zadia Murphy On Instagram?

Yes. Zadia Murphy was on Instagram as of December 2023. Her IG account @zadiamurphy included 654 posts and 14.9K followers. Zadia also seems to enjoy showing glimpses of her life on ‘Facebook’ and on Twitter @itsjustZadia.

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