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Ziwe Fumudoh Boyfriend, Parents, Net Worth

Succession season 3 episode 3 saw a new face, “Sophie Iwobi” portrayed by the actress Ziwe Fumudoh, and the viewers couldn’t hold their laughter in. Her hilarious portrayal as the host of the in-universe talk show “The Disruption” was everything this comedy-drama was all about.

But who is she in real life? What about her boyfriend, and parents? Stay till the end of this article to find out.

Is Ziwe Fumudoh Married?

No, Ziwe Fumudoh wasn’t married when she first appeared on Succession season 3 in 2021.

Does Ziwe Fumudoh Have A Boyfriend?

Ziwe Fumudoh was known to be a private person. But according to her ex-boyfriends, she wasn’t that much of a “private” girl and have admittedly confronted her over WhatsApp.

On Oct 10, 2021, Ziwe tweeted to herself, “This tweet was supposed to stay between us…… now I have ex boyfriends confronting me on Whatsapp.”

As for the “tweet” she made — it was on Oct 8 — she posted a picture of a broken vinyl player with a note “DOES NOT WORK BUT COULD BE FUN TO FIX!” 

It was captioned, “my taste in men.”

Ouch… The burn!

Who Are Ziwe Fumudoh Parents?

Ziwe Fumudoh’s parents are someone who’s lived through a civil war. They were there during the Nigerian Civil War (fought between the government of Nigeria and the Republic of Biafra), and also have lost their parents to it. (eluminoustechnologies)

No wonder, whenever Ziwe brought out the topic about vising Africa, they immediately opposed it.

Reportedly, they fled from Nigeria to the US and went on to live in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where Ziwe was born.

According to Ziwe, her mother wanted her to become a doctor. But Ziwe, at the time, entertained the idea of earning joint law and doctoral degrees and becoming a civil rights lawyer. So, she joined Northwestern University, with a math major. 

However, she slowed started to fall in love with comedy and poetry. And not soon after, she switched her major to African American studies, film, and poetry.

Ziwe never could bring herself to tell her parents about her major switch then. “I didn’t know if I could be destitute. I couldn’t tell my parents like, ‘I’m going to be a poet laureate. Thank you for all your sacrifices and for what you’ve done.’ Like, good luck,” she shared.

Even as of 2021, her parents didn’t exactly know what she did, besides “working in entertainment.”

Did you know: Ziwe made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 Hollywood and Entertainment list in Dec 2020.

How Much Is Ziwe Fumudoh Net Worth?

Ziwe Fumudoh garnered a net worth of under $200 thousand by 2021.

This actress’ journey started with an eight-month internship with Comedy Central. She then came to New York after she graduated and started working for Above Average. Soon after, her name was known throughout the comedic industry, and she was hired as a writer by Desus and Mero.

Also, Ziwe did a lot of work on the side. She had a live show called Pop Show, and also ran a web show called Baited, where she baited her white friends into making an unwitting racial faux pas.

According to her, the point of the show was to have productive conversations about race and use their economic power to support Black people. She mentioned, “People have always felt uncomfortable talking about race, myself included, and I just want to take that discomfort away.”

The show also supported the nonprofit organization, Black Trans Femmes in the Arts.

For Ziwe, behind the scenes of her interviews were always more interesting. “You see the racial politics in a way that is not performative,” she said.

Her IMDB profile credited to over 7 TV shows as an actress and a write. Mentioning some of them are — The Rundown with Robin Thede (2017), Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News (2020), and ZIWE (2021).

If you haven’t heard of ZIWE, it was a riotously funny comedic series filled with a “mix of musical numbers, interviews, guest stars and sketches that challenge America’s discomfort with race, politics & other cultural issues.”

When she wasn’t working, Ziwe liked to travel and paint. But in fact, the painting wasn’t her passion. It was her therapist who suggested her “do a hobby that you don’t make money off of.”  Thus, she chose to paint.

Also, she has made some hilarious music.

Ziwe Fumudoh Teeth

Ziwe doesn’t exactly have the best teeth. Her upper right canine is a little shorter than the rest, making it prominent, and easy for fans to notice.

But this doesn’t bother her. Ziwe smiles to her fullest and didn’t opt for any dental surgeries.

Ziwe Fumudoh Birth Chart

She is of Pisces zodiac, with mercury in Mercury in 21° 9′.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Ziwe Fumudoh?

Ziwe was 29 years of age in 2021.

She celebrates her birthday on February 27.

  • How Tall Is Ziwe Fumudoh?

Ziwe stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7.5 inches (171 cm).

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