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60 Days In Dontae aka Darius Bio, Age, Job, Last Name

Meet Dontae aka Darius from A&E TV’s 60 Days In. He is the cast member of the new season. Learn about his criminal past, age, job, and last name in this article.

So, tag along with this article to learn more about 60 Days In Dontae aka Darius.

Meet A&E’s 60 Days In Dontae aka Darius

Dontae was a military brat who moved about a lot as a child and experienced some problems as a teenager. He spent nearly ten years in prison for armed robbery when he was in his early 20s. Dontae understood that he had to alter his perspective on life while he was behind bars in order to complete the remainder of his term. In order to learn how to succeed financially in the real world, he enrolled in educational programs and read books.

Dontae was resolved to launch his own company as soon as he was freed. Dontae shares his knowledge and life experience on his YouTube channel Prison2Profit. He is a successful online reseller now. His goal is to teach prisoners how to be financially stable outside of prison in order to keep them from resuming a life of crime because he believes that the majority of people are imprisoned for crimes motivated by money, such as drug sales or robberies.

60 Days In Dontae Age

Born in 1982, 60 Days In Dontae is currently 39 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 14 October.

60 Days In Dontae Wife

60 Days In Dontae isn’t married but he has someone special in his life. He is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Katey Morgan. Born on 27 June 1989, Katey is currently 33 years old. She is the owner and book recycler at KateyReads Book Pick Up. She started her business in May 2019.

According to her Facebook, Dontae and Katey have been in a relationship since 17 April 2021. In May 2021, she promoted Dontae’s merch line Bless Somebody Today. She has also appeared on a few of Dontae’s YouTube videos.

In October 2021, the couple announced that Katey was pregnant via a Facebook post. They posted a sonogram of their baby Morgan who was due in April 2022. Katie posted, “Good morning from future Baby Morgan who is coming in April 2022.”

Later, Katey posted a few pictures showing off her baby bump.

Katey also has a daughter from a previous relationship. As of 2022, should be around 12 years old. Based on a few posts, her daughter has been diagnosed with autism.

What Is 60 Days In Dontae aka Darius’s Last Name?

The last name of 60 Days In Dontae aka Darius is Mckelvie. His full name is Rodney Dontae Mckelvie.

60 Days In Dontae Job

After his release from 10 years in prison, 60 Days In Dontae laid around for a week before he landed a job at a fast food restaurant. He revealed on his YouTube video that he worked for $9 an hour. However, he started saving up and explored other options like Retail Arbitrage/Amazon FBA.

So, in 2022, Dontae is a full-time reseller and entrepreneur who is doing drop shipping on Amazon and eBay. He has a YouTube channel where he talks about all the aspects of running the business he was in. Most of his videos are about retail arbitrage, finding products to source for Amazon, and many other topics.

60 Days In Dontae Instagram

No, 60 Days In Dontae isn’t on Instagram. He, however, has a Facebook page (@dontae.mckelvie).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is 60 Days In Dontae From?

60 Days In Dontae was born in Germany. His father abandoned him and was raised by a single mother who was also in the military. He only met his father at the age of 16.

Dontae is currently hailing from Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

  • What Do We Know About Criminal Background?

Dontae, from 60 Days In, was locked up for armed robbery however he didn’t have a gun. But, he was present at the time with another person who had the weapon so he was also charged under the same category. He did 10 years in prison. Because his charges were for a violent crime and he hailed from South Carolina, he had to do 85 percent.

The armed robbery charges happened when he was in his mid-20s.

Dontae stated on his YouTube video that, there were three people, they had one gun, and he claimed that he didn’t even get out of the car he came in.

He ran into trouble with the car for the first time when he and his gang members were breaking into cars and he found a gun that belonged to the police. A few weeks later, he still had a gun in his possession. His friend who happen to have the same name stole a gun from him and police found him on the school property and told on him. They charged him and sent him to juvenile prison for a few days.

Dontae got arrested and sent to the military prison after a fight broke out between him and an army sergeant in Germany. He was 17 at the time. Learn in detail about his criminal background here.

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