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60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn Bio, Age, Job, Last Name

Jojo aka Lynn is joining the A&E TV show 60 Days In to make sure that the inmates learn from her over 20 years-long struggle with drugs. Her life after prison has changed drastically and even thrived. So, learn more about her in this article below.

This piece covers details on her age, her husband, children, her job, and her last name.

Meet A&E’s 60 Days In Star Jojo aka Lynn

Jojo was poorly reared and led a life of crime to support her drug addiction. She was imprisoned for theft, credit card fraud, and narcotics possession for a total of eight years. She enrolled in the program to support young prisoners who were battling addiction and to assist the sheriff in understanding the dangers of the narcotics being brought into the prison.

Jojo wants to show the younger prisoners that their lives are worth far more than where they are right now and to persuade them to avoid a drug-related path. Sherrif Reginald B Scandrett shares in the confessional that Jojo struck him as a mother figure. So, unless she relapses back to her old habit, having her on board the show is a great benefit for him.

Jojo also assures the sheriff that she won’t be doing that because once she looks at a drug, she is reminded of what it took away from her.

60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn Age

As of 2022, 60 Days In contestant Jojo aka Lynn is 49 years old being reportedly born in 1973. She celebrates her birthday in June.

60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn Husband

Jojo aka Lynn from 60 Days In is married to her husband for 6 years at the time of the premiere of the show. According to her bio from the show, she is a mother of five children (two sons and three daughters) from two different fathers. Her daughters are named Carrie (@prettydaisey24), Ashley, and Brittany.

Jojo had her first son at the age of 15. Her oldest son turned 33 on 14 March 2022. By the time she was 19 years old, she already had four kids.

Carrie, her oldest daughter, is also a makeup artist and influencer and works as Packing Line Worker at Express. She attended East End Community Heritage School. She is currently engaged. Ashley is Carrie’s twin sister.

Jojo’s third daughter Brittany is on Facebook but not much is known about her. She has featured her youngest son on her TikTok but she didn’t give away many details about him.

What Is 60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn’s Last Name?

The last name of Jojo aka Lynn from 60 Days In is Delaney.

60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn Job

60 Days In star Jojo aka Lynn is a social influencer. A lot of her fans asks her question regarding various topic about being in prison, and she responds to all of them which basically makes up her content for her TikTok.

Jojo started making content on women’s prison stories in January 2020. One of the first questions she addressed was about women’s gangs in prison. She also talked about gang names and clarified that the tattoos on her face represented five children (her five stars) and not any gang affiliations.

In her TikToks, she talks about food packages for prison, make-up in prison, the elderly in prison, food in prison, mental health for women, medical and health care in prison, and similar other topics.

Her enormous followers have allowed her to land endorsement deals with several brands. She sells fragrances, water bottles, pillows, and other similar products.

Is 60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn On Instagram?

Yes, Jojo AKA Lynn from 60 Days In is on Instagram (@jojo_story73). She is also on YouTube and uses her platform to create awareness about prison. She is also famous on TikTok (@jojosstory) with 303.9K followers on the platform. Moreover, you can also find her on Facebook (@msjojo1973).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is 60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn’s From?

60 Days In’s Jojo was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the only child born to her mother who likely died at the age of 39, she was 20 at the time. Her father abandoned her and her mother for the drugs. She is currently based in Hebron, Kentucky.

  • What Do We Know About 60 Days In Jojo aka Lynn’s Criminal Background?

Lynn was around 27 years old when she got into trouble with the law for the first time. Losing her mother deeply affected her and she got more into drugs. She started using more drugs, started cashing bad cheques, and credit cards to get money for drugs. She also stole her stepfather’s check to get money for fueling her drug habit.

Jojo was wanted by the police so she ran off to Florida with her aunt (who is her namesake). She was deeply into drugs and started selling meth. Moreover, she was also looking after her best friend and her boyfriend in Florida who were drug addicts. However, at one point, she believe that they got jealous and ratted her out.

Before her first arrest, Jojo had stolen a credit card from a purse she found in a hospital where her then-best friend’s boyfriend was kept after being overdosed. She used the money on the card to buy a lottery ticket and in less than two hours, police arrested her and sent her to county jail.

She has been in prison twice; once in Ohio and once in Florida.

To learn more of her prison stories click the link here.

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