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90 Day Fiance: Gabriel Pabon Before After Photos Comparison

Get to know the transition story of Gabriel Pabon. The article shares titbits about his transition journey, his before and after pictures, and other related information. Tag along and find out more as you scroll down this article.

Who Is Gabriel Pabon?

Gabriel Pabon, a resident of Miami, Florida is a reality star appearing on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. The show is back for 2023 which premiered in January. He is currently dating a Colombia native named Isabel Posada. The majority of the ensemble grappled with issues of communication and trust, but Isabel’s parents’ resistance to the concept of their daughter marrying a transgender guy was their lone obstacle.

Indeed, Gabriel was heard saying on the preview, “Will it be me or your father?” Isabel, faced with a choice, remarked, “I wouldn’t want to decide between my family or Gabe.” In August 2022, the couple celebrated their 1st anniversary. So, if they actually found a solution to their problem, then in 2023, they will be together in a relationship for two years.

Outside of the relationship, Gabriel shares a tight-knit relationship with his family members. His beautiful Puerto Rican mom celebrated her 52nd birthday in September 2022.

GMP Wear, a business that makes “already packed” underwear, is owned by Gabriel Pabon. His business creates comfortable underwear for transgender men that they can wear anywhere, whether it’s to the shop or on a night out. “Stop telling me horror stories about your packer slipping down at the worst possible time.

There was no need to pack your pants with strange, pricy, and unpleasant packers, they said. For those of you who are curious, a piece costs between $25 and $27. Gabriel is a YouTuber in addition to this. The celebrity talks about his FTM surgery experiences and life as a transgender man on his YouTube account @Paboga.

Regarding his education, Gabriel attended Hiram High School from 2006 to 2007 and later graduated from Coral Glades High School. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Broward College.

Gabriel Pabon Before

Gabriel Pabon looked like a girl and was a girl before the transition. His before-transition name was Natalie Pabon.

90 Day Fiance Gabriel Pabon Before After Photos Comparison (Pic: IG)

Gabriel Pabon After

The transition from Natalie Pabon to Gabriel Pabon took 8 years. In January 2022, he celebrated his anniversary with an IG post. He wrote, “someone reported my post….so again I say Happy 8 years on Testosterone! Today is my Maniversary. It’s been a long yet fast 8 years and I can’t believe how happy and fortunate I am that I was able to be my real self.”

In a video titled My Coming Out Story, Gabriel shared that he “hated being a girl” and it was the “worst thing ever”. The “period” for him was the worst thing that he had to endure. He transitioned without letting his parents know about it. The only two people he told were his girlfriend at the time and his friend Taylor.

After three months into transitioning, people started noticing that he wasn’t well. The first time he shared about his transition was with his cousin who he rest his faith to spread the word about his transition. In fact, he has made several videos about the surgeries that he underwent during the transition period which you can check out on his YouTube channel.

In Gabriel’s “post-op vs pre-op sex experience” video he shared that his confidence has been boosted since he transitioned. He said that he had lady parts but looked how he looks now. So, it wasn’t working for him. S*x for him was alright before but now he said that he feels very liberated and confident when he is naked and exposed to somebody during physical activity.

Another interesting thing that he pointed out in one of his videos was adjusting to name change. He said that not only do other people have to get used to your name but the person who transitioned has to get used to his name.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Gabriel Pabon Sexuality?

Gabriel Pabon is attracted to women; he is transgender heterosexual.

  • What Is Gabriel Pabon Gender?

Gabriel Pabon is a transgender man.

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