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Aaliyah Cosby Bio, Love Is Blind, Age, Family, Dating Status

Meet Aaliyah Cosby from season 5 of Love Is Blind. Learn all that we know about her as we discuss her age, family, and job details below.

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Aaliyah Cosby On Love Is Blind Season 5

Love Is Blind is back for season 5 on Netflix and Aaliyah Cosby is one of the female appearing cast this season.

“Aaliyah flies all around the country for work, but when it comes to love, she’s always missing her connection. She’s been living the single life for more than a year and keeps meeting men who “aren’t truly ready to commit” or lack “honesty, loyalty, and consistency.” Aaliyah’s dream guy is an intellectual foodie who can feed her stomach and her mind. If she can stop overthinking, the “pure and gentle” relationship she’s seeking could be right around the corner — or through a glowing blue wall,” Aaliyah’s bio stated.

The dramatic twist that wrapped up the first four episodes of Love is Blind season 5 focused entirely on Aaliyah. The pods were shaken by the new cast member’s choice. Aaliyah was frank about her past throughout her time on the show. Aaliyah had been single for nearly a year before the release of Love is Blind. On Love is Blind, she made a connection, but did it last? As the fifth season of the show begins, get to know its leading lady and her journey in the show.

Is Aaliyah Cosby Dating Anyone?

The current relationship status of Aaliyah Cosby is unclear. In the show, it didn’t take Aaliyah a lot of time to create a special bond with Uche Okoroha.

However, the two encountered their first obstacle when Aaliyah revealed that she had really cheated on her ex-boyfriend, and the incident in question had only occurred roughly two years before. Uche was shocked by the revelation and questioned Aaliyah if she had ever told her then-partner about it. Aaliyah declined.

Aaliyah had left the pods by the time Uche had finished gathering his thoughts, devastated by his response to the knowledge. Lydia Velez Gonzalez, who firmly asserted that Uche was not the man for her if he could not fully comprehend her narrative, however, consoled her. The following time Aaliyah was in the pods, she went into detail about the specifics of her circumstance and how she had felt as a result of his response.

Uche apologized and said that his personal experiences may have contributed to his inappropriate response, saying that he appreciated her being so open with him.

It appeared that Aaliyah and Uche would be able to move apart from each other as their friendship was slowly but definitely rebuilt. Uche later clarified that he had really run into one of his former business colleagues in the pods and that they had both instantly recognized one another. Given how much she cherished her friendship with the other lady, Aaliyah found it difficult to learn that Uche’s ex was none other than Lydia.

The information was subsequently corroborated by Lydia after Aaliyah spoke with her. Although it did not immediately appear that the fact had concerned Aaliyah all that much, Lydia’s disclosure of facts regarding Uche upset her and gave her the impression that their relationship might still be far from ended.

Aaliyah was taken aback to learn that the two had only recently shared a bed, and she questioned Uche about it. He asserted that they weren’t seeing each other and that he had no desire to pursue a relationship with Lydia, but Aaliyah wasn’t sure what to do.

Aaliyah ultimately made the decision to stop the experiment in the middle of it.

Aaliyah Cosby Age

Reportedly born in 1994, Aaliyah Cosby turned 29 years old in 2023.

Aaliyah Cosby Family

As Aaliyah Cosby states in one of her posts on Instagram, her friends are her family. She appears to be an immigrant from the continent of Africa where most of her family members likely reside. However, she hasn’t shared much information about her family as of this writing.

What Job Does Aaliyah Cosby Do For A Living?

According to her bio, Aaliyah Cosby works as an ICU travel nurse who “flies all around the country for work.” On top of her nursing job, Aaliyah is a talented singer-songwriter.

Aaliyah gave a sneak preview of the Chapter Genesis musical project she has been working on with Just Breathe Studios in early September 2023.

While previewing, Aaliyah wrote, “In the beginning, Just create! ✨ Start writing. Pick up the mic. Put that time and work into your passion… The results will speak for themselves✨ Music is 💯 about trusting the process and being comfortable in vulnerability! So much in store… let’s go on this journey 🫶🏾.”

Additionally, Aaliyah is also a well-traveled woman who has been to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Denver, Barcelona, Paris, Portland, California, Jamaica, and New York.

Aaliyah Cosby Height

Aaliyah Cosby’s height is under 5 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Aaliyah Cosby From?

Public record shows that Aaliyah Cosby calls Pearland, Texas her hometown.

  • When Is Aaliyah Cosby Birthday?

Aaliyah Cosby celebrates her birthday in April.

  • Is Aaliyah Cosby On Instagram?

Yes, Aaliyah Cosby is on Instagram (@aalove4_).

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