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Kelsey Lawrence Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Fan Bus Video

Content creator Kelsey Lawrence’s recent NSFW video sparked conversations after she appeared on Fan Bus AKA Fan Van where OnlyFans star meets their fans and make content. Who is she? What’s her net worth? Does she have a boyfriend?

Find out more about Kelsey via this article.

Kelsey Lawrence On Fan Bus Video

Per the introductory video, Kelsey was in the Fan Bus to confess to her crush Dabb.gasmm. They have been making content for TikTok together for a while now.

Their first TikTok together dates all the way back to November of 2022 when she first started her TikTok page. Then he appeared again in January 2023 TikTok where they were doing lip-syncs. After a long hiatus, they appeared together for content again in July 2023.

For some time, the two had been hinting at their upcoming collaboration on Instagram.

Kelsey, who runs OnlyFans and has more than 160K Instagram followers, published a number of explicit pictures of herself and Dabb wearing skimpy attire. Fans were teased about their collaboration by Dabb, who also has an OnlyFans account. They published two videos of Kelsey talking about everything she wanted to do with Dabb, despite her admission that she was worried he wouldn’t like her back.

In another video, Kelsey discusses the most times she has engaged in sexual activity in a day, saying her total was “15 times.” When Kelsey tells Dabb in another video that she has a crush on him, he appears astonished.

A platform that links OnlyFans stars with their fans is called Fan Van, also referred to as Fan Bus. The two then engage in ‘intimate’ behavior in the van. Most recently, the content of adult performer Ari Alectra and TikTok star Baby Alien attracted audiences.

Born on 7 November 2000, Kelsey’s on-screen partner is 22 years old. He is also a YouTube personality and content creator who is recognized for having made up one-fourth of the comedic YouTube channel GASM GANG. He launched the Gasm Gang channel as a solo channel prior to collaborating with friends.

Dabb also has a personal YouTube called Dabb Gasm with 4.25K followers.

Additionally, Dabb is thriving as an OnlyFans creator with 62.7K followers. He also has a separate VIP page.

Kelsey Lawrence Boyfriend

Kelsey Lawrence doesn’t have a boyfriend but after the hookup, the social media star wishes Dabb to be her boyfriend. When asked if Dabb is still his crush after the hookup, Kelsey shared, “I think it’s little more than that now.”

She adds, “He’s locked in now.”

How Tall Is Kelsey Lawrence?

According to her IG bio, Kelsey Lawrence is 3’10”.

Kelsey Lawrence Age

Reportedly born on 13 May 2003, Kelsey Lawrence is 20 years old.

Kelsey Lawrence Net Worth

Kelsey Lawrence’s net worth is above $350 thousand. She is a content creator, both PG and Adult.

On TikTok, she has amassed 120.9K followers since she started posting in November 2022. Her IG has amassed 162K followers.

Kelsey shared in December 2022 that only at the age of 19, she owns 2 properties. She bought her property in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moreover, Kelsey is available on OnlyFans where she posts adult content. Her bio reads, “3’10 sl*t 😜.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kelsey Lawrence From?

Kelsey Lawrence’s hometown is Chicago, Illinois. She also lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Kelsey Lawrence Birthday?

Kelsey Lawrence’s birthday, per her TikTok, is on 13 May.

  • What Is Kelsey Lawrence Real Name?

Kelsey Lawrence might be the content creator’s real name.

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