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Aaron Motacek Bio, Age, Job, Height, Love Without Borders

Would you pack your bags and fly to an unknown destination if you’re possible-other-half (whom you haven’t ever seen) was waiting on the other side? Well, Aaron Motacek would and he did on Love Without Borders.

Get to know this charming man better as this Aaron Motacek Bio proceeds.

Aaron Motacek On Love Without Borders

Aaron Motacek was one of the five American singletons who traveled the world in hopes of meeting their perfect match on Love Without Borders. Giving up their past lives, the bachelors entrusted their new journey that began with love to the matchmaker Arica Angelo.

Angelo, who boasts over 126K YouTube subscribers, is the CEO and founder of the Arica Angelo Intimacy Experience. And she definitely did a great job pairing Aaron with the man of his dreams, Mael Lucas.

As per Aaron’s Bravo bio, he made the drastic choice to find love, leaving his close-knit family because he had limited dating options in his hometown of Fargo, N.D. Also, for him, being in a loving relationship was a priority. So, leaving his comfortable life and his brother’s optometry practice was a gamble he was eager to take.

Joining Aaron and Mael from the inaugural season of Love Without Borders were their co-stars — Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta, Philip Michael Thomas Jr. and Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah, and Danna Richards and Brian Dilleen.

Is Aaron Motacek Dating Anyone?

One can be optimistic that Aaron Motacek is still dating Mael Lucas. However, since the filming of Love Without Borders wrapped up, neither Aaron nor Mael confirmed the current status of their relationship. Also, they didn’t share any pictures of them on their respective social media. But this could just mean that they signed an NDA.

Looking back, Aaron left his world behind to meet Mael Lucas in Paris, France. As a person who prioritized long-standing relationships over meaningless flings, Aaron then fully committed to the relationship. “This is what it feels like to fall in love again,” he said at the time.

Fortunately, his feeling was reciprocated as Mael said Aaron might be the one.

Aaron’s love interest, Mael is a former business logistics consultant who left his job in 2019 to pursue his passion in massage. Yes, “massage,” you heard that right. He then graduated from the TEMANA massage school and went on to become a professional in “Californien, Balinais, Thaïlandais, Foot Thaï, Shirotchampi, Thaï au sol.” Go check his IG @maelus01 if you wish to see his travel expeditions and shirtless pics.

Aaron Motacek Age

Aaron Motacek was 32 years of age when he appeared on Love Without Borders in 2022.

Who Are Aaron Motacek Parents?

Aaron Motacek was born to his parents, Larry and Lisa K Motacek.

His father, Larry attended Kindred High School, the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, and Pacific University College of Optometry and later opened Lifetime Eyecare Associates.

As for his mother, Lisa is an Inkster, North Dakota native who worked as a Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness Jamestown, ND

Both Larry and Lisa were also featured on Love Without Borders when Aaron broke the news to them about moving overseas to meet his match.

Talking about his siblings, Aaron has a brother named AJ Motacek.

Unlike him, AJ is already married — to Ashley Motacek. Together, they share two kids.

Aaron Motacek Job

Aaron Motacek might now be a reality star but he’s still working as an Optometrist.

The last we checked, he was working as a “Web Developer, Doctor of Optometry” at Virtue Eye Care for over 2 years, a “Full-stack Web Developer & Designer” at MineralBuddy for over 1.3 years, and “Doctor of Optometry (Optometrist)” at 20/20 Vision Expres for almost 3 years.

Besides this, Aaron was also then the organizer of Young ODs of North Dakota.

And not to mention, he’s the creator of MealPrep Calculator.

As for his previous jobs, Aaron has been a board member of SOLutioN (Jun 2019 – Jun 2020), a Surgical Consultant at TLC Laser Eye Centers (Aug 2015 – Aug 2016), an Optometric Technician at Moorhead Vision Assoc (Sep 2015 – May 2016), a Photographer / Retoucher at Motalife Photography and (Jan 2015 – Jan 2016).

Also, he’s worked in research at Caltech and Biotech Start-Up, combined for almost 2 years.

Talking about his education, Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in biology (3.96 GPA) from the University of North Dakota, and a computer science degree from HarvardX. Also, in 2020, he received his optometry degree from the Illinois College of  Optometry.

In addition, Aaron has an “HTML, CSS in depth, React Basics, Front End, Programming with JavaScript” license from Meta, a “Learn C# Course” from Codecademy, and “React Query: Server State Management in React” from Udemy.

By 2022, Aaron garnered a net worth of under $600 thousand.

Aaron Motacek Height

Aaron Motacek stands tall at a height above 6 feet  (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Aaron has brown eyes, curly dark hair, an oblong face, and a fit body. But Aaron wasn’t always this fit. At one point, he was 95 kg (210 lbs).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Aaron Motacek Birthday?

Aaron receives his birthday wishes on February 19 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

  • Where Is Aaron Motacek From?

Aaron hails from Jamestown, North Dakota.

But as of 2022, he resided in Fargo, North Dakota.

  • Is Aaron Motacek On Instagram?

Find Aaron on Instgram @aaronmotacek.

Also, here’s his Facebook @aaronmotacek and Youtube @aaronmotacek9343.

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