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Maël Lucas Bio, Love Without Borders, Age, Job, Instagram

Bravo’s new dating show Love Without Borders follows five Americans as they travel the world in the hopes of meeting their perfect match. Maël Lucas is don’t one of them. But, he is someone who is paired on the show with one of the show’s cast Aaron Motacek.

Aaron is introduced on the show as someone who is willing to make a drastic choice to find love. As someone who is okay with giving up life, he knew to see if the love is Maël. So did Aaron really find what he was looking for once outside the border and once he met Maël? Let us tell you about this in this writing about Maël Lucas.

Maël Lucas On Love Without Borders

Maël Lucas decided to go on this new adventure aiming for love and so he landed on Love Without Borders and then met Aaron Motacek, who according to the show’s experts is a perfect match for him.

In the show, Aaron is seen leaving his hometown to find love across borders. He then lands in Paris, France, where Mael resides. Aaron, known to prioritize long-standing relationships over meaningless flings, then attempts to build a strong connection with him. Aaron is.

It is said on the show that Aaron joined the show to find the love of his life because his hometown has pretty limited options when it comes to his heart.

As things progressed on the show he is seen telling Mael “That is what it feels like to fall in love again”.

Maël Lucas Relationship Status Today

Love Without Borders has clearly wrapped up its filming by now. However, both Maël Lucas and Aaron were yet to confirm the current status of their relationship.

Ast the time of this writing, they had not shared any pictures of them on their respective social media profiles. However, they did continue to follow each other on Instagram. So, maybe they could be keeping their romance a secret. But then, things also could have ended up between the two as there Aaron could be still focusing on his career.

32-year-old Aaron is an optometrist. He was likely still working as a web developer, Doctor of Optometry at Virtue Eye Care. The last time we checked, the Fargo, North Dakota native was also working as a full-stack web developer and designer at MineralBuddy.

Is Maël Lucas On Instagram?

Yes. Maël Lucas could be found on Instagram @maelus01 with 200 posts and 5,644 followers as of 4 December 2022. He also talked about his life on Twitter @MaelLucas13 and on Facebook.

From these pages, one can tell that Maël is fond of traveling. Here, he has labeled highlights from his travel expeditions. He said he is curious to discover the world and all the riches it has to offer.

“It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life, for me 🎶,” He wrote next to an Instagram post in June 2019 after recovering from his myopia surgery.

Maël Lucas Age

Maël Lucas was reportedly born in 1994. He reached the age of 28 in 2022.

Who Are Maël Lucas’s Parents?

Information about Maël Lucas’s parents was not found as of 2022. His partner on the show, however, did reveal one or two things about his family. So, here is what we know about Aaron’s folks.

Aaron Motacek is the son of Larry and Lisa K Motacek. His father Larry attended Kindred High School, the University of North Dakota, and Pacific University College of Optometry and then opened Lifetime Eyecare Associates. As for his mother, she is a personal trainer at Jamestown-based Anytime Fitness. Viewers also got to see these folks on Love Without Boarders when Aaron broke to them the news of him moving overseas to meet his special someone. Aaron’s family also includes his brother A J Motacek.

Maël Lucas Job

Maël Lucas is a former logistics consultant, who left the business world in 2019. He said he did this to devote himself to a profession that he loves and that fascinates him, which is massage therapy.

A former Supply & Portfolio Intern at L’Oreal, Maël has since had a career as a Maël. His massages, according to his BIO, are adapted to his clients’ needs and desires. Also, he brags that in all these massages, he uses deodorized organic sesame oil with or without essential oils.

Maël also has a professional Instagram account for his massage (@maelmassage). Here, on its BIO, he writes about being a professional in “Californien, Balinais, Thaïlandais, Foot Thaï, Shirotchampi, Thaï au sol.” He also has shown highlights/videos of his massages, going to attract as many clients as possible.

Between June 2020 – October 2021, Maël went to TEMANA massage school. Yet, before this, he also got his intensive foundation degree in Economics at Clemenceau High School. From 2013 to 2017, he also studied for his MSc in Supply Chain Management at the Rennes School of Business.

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  • When Is Maël Lucas’s Birthday?

Below 5 feet and 11 inches tall Maël Lucas was yet to reveal his birthday to the world.

  • Where Is Maël Lucas From?

Maël Lucas was born and bred in Paris, France and he continued to be there by 2022.

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