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Aashay Shah Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height, Indian Matchmaking

Meet Aashay Shah, the match of Viral Joshi from Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking. So, who is Aashay? What does he do? Who are his family members? We answer all your queries.

So, tag along with this bio to learn more about Aashay Shah.

Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking: Are Viral Joshi And Aashay Shah Still Together?

When Viral Joshi first appeared on our screens, she made it abundantly apparent that she was seeking a true relationship rather than someone to serve as her “other half.” Consequently, her motto has always been “Be a boss, date [marry] a boss. Build an empire,”, especially in light of the fact that she is entirely responsible for herself, and even owns the property.

Viral is Gujrati, has a degree, is an only child, adores her job, is debt-free, self-made, and an avid traveler, so those were some of the other requirements she had for a mate. Matchmaker aunt Sima did advise her that she should aim for 60 to 70 percent of her criteria, but Viral rightfully argued that she wasn’t asking for anything extra.

So the actual process started, with the Durham resident’s first potential suitors being Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta (both of whom are Gujrati as well as a single child). Sima introduced her to New York-based optometrist Aashay Shah after she met them one at a time, but she wasn’t feeling the attraction, the connection, or the long-term compatibility with any of them.

However, Aashay immediately won Viral over, not just because of his Gujrati heritage or intelligence but also because of his physicality, ties to his family, and how he conducted himself in front of her parents. Her opinion of his tattoos and his unwavering patience with her throughout their indoor rock climbing date were both huge pluses, and their chats actually made things better.

They continued to date without any big problems because, as Viral once stated, they were similar enough to have a strong foundation and different enough to help each other grow with each new day.

But the question remains, are they still together?

It was obvious they were serious about one another since Viral even came to New York to visit Aashay, at which point they had a minor fight that was addressed in a very healthy way. The latter said, “I feel like when you find the perfect person — when you feel like you have the right person with you — I feel like it makes it worth the effort… ”

They also had the challenging “what are we” and long-distance talk. I feel like you’re everything I’ve been looking for here with us. Viral clarified in a confessional that he is everything she has been looking for as well, “like, ten out of ten,” even if she merely told him she likes him too.

Given that Viral was smitten by Aashay and that she seems to get him completely, it seems likely that they will work hard to maintain their relationship for as long as possible. We, therefore, believe they are still together even though neither the Big Apple Optometrist nor the North Carolina-based Clinical Researcher has officially verified or refuted this as of the time of writing.

On their public social media pages, they already follow each other, and they also subtly exhibit their presence by liking nearly all of each other’s recent postings.

Speaking with Today, Viral confirmed that they are still in touch and long distance has its nuances. She adds, “We’re still trying to figure out what that looks like for us. All our friends are like, ‘What’s next? What’s next? You guys are hitting it off!’ I’ll visit him. He’ll come down here. We talk a lot on the phone. So we have a strong connection. I think we’re really working on building a foundation.”

She continued, “He’s 100 percent of my checklist. The physical attraction is there the chemistry is there. Do I think I like are there certain things that I would love to like change about him? Yes. Like I hate that he’s always late. But it is what it is. ”

Aashay Shah Age

Reportedly born in May 1985, Aashay Shah turned 37 years old in 2022.

Aashay Shah Job

Aashay Shah was working at Forsyth, Illinois as an Optometrist who specialized in Optometry. He examines, diagnoses, treats, and manages diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, the eye, and associated structures as well as identifies related systemic conditions affecting the eye.

He completed pre-professional undergraduate education in a college or university and four years of professional education at a college of optometry, leading to the doctor of optometry (O.D.) degree. According to, an optometrist makes a salary of $161,053 a year.

Aashay was also active in improv at The Improv Shop in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Is Aashay Shah On Instagram?

Yes, Aashay Shah uses Instagram (@aashayshah_18).

Aashay Shah Family

Aashay Shah has shared about her mother Vandana Shah. In October 2016, he wished his mother, “Happy Birthday to my beautiful Momma!!! It takes a lot of strength to hold such a fat baby like me and you did it effortlessly”. His father is Manoj Shah.

Furthermore, Aashay seems to have two brothers and one sister. His younger brother is Sanuj Shah who is married to his wife Nidhi Dave. Aashay wrote in December 2016, “Can’t believe it’s been a little over a month. Love still going strong with these two! #missindia @sanuj25 @nee_dhee”.

In July 2020, Aashay wished, “Happy Birthday to my brother, best friend, confidant, the list goes on and on. I’m so inspired by your hard work and dedication to anything you put your mind to. Keep making us proud by just being you. Love you and can’t wait to take over Australia again with you very soon!”.

Moreover, Aashay also has an older brother named Hezal Shah. His older brother is married with two kids. He also has a cousin named Raxit Shah who is very close.

Aashay Shah Height

Aashay Shah is a dark brown handsome man who stands tall at the height under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Aashay Shah Birthday?

Aashay Shah celebrates his birthday on 18 May.

  • Where Is Aashay Shah From?

Aashay Shah’s family hailed from Gujarat. He likely grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri. But, in 2022, he is currently based in New York.

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