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Abby De La Rosa Parents: Lupe Delarosa And Tony Pinon

Meet Abby De La Rosa Parents: Lupa Delarosa And Tony Pinon.

In this article, you will learn about their age, job, details related to their marriage, and their relationship status. In addition, we will also discuss other children of Lupe Delaraosa and Tony Pinon.

Who Are Abby De La Rosa Parents?

Abby De La Rosa was born to her parents Lupe Delarosa and Tony Pinon. Her parents shared their wedding vows on Valentine’s Day 1988.

On their 23rd anniversary in February 2011, Abby posted, “Happy 23rd wedding anniversary to my amazing parents Lupe Delarosa-Pinon and Tony Pinon I can never thank you enough for getting your lovin on and creating me  I can only hope that in the FUTURE…AND I MEAN WAY DOWN DEEP INTO THE FUTURE I get to be blessed with an amazing marriage and relationship like yours, thank you for showing me what TRUE LOVE looks like”.

So you know, as of June 2022, Abby’s parents have been married for 34 years.

She inherited her Hispanic heritage from her parents.

Meet Abby De La Rosa Mother, Lupe Delarosa

Lupe Delarosa is the mother of Abby De La Rosa. She has featured her mother a few times on her Instagram. Lupe also has a brother named Frank Delarosa (@frank.delarosa.50). He is married to his wife Veronica Delarosa and lives in Goodyear, Arizona. Moreover, she also has a sister named Norma and a younger brother named Danny.

On Mother’s Day 2011, Abby dedicated a post to her mother and wrote, “mom @lupepinon I love you so much. you have been my rock and raised me in the most amazing way, and that’s to know the lord. this song is basically the words I want to say to you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”.

She has a lot of similar posts on her Facebook for her mother.

  • Lupe Delarosa Age

Born in January 1964, she is currently 58 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 18 January every year.

  • Lupe Delarosa Job

Lupe Delarosa has a job as a mother and a wife. Outside of that, Lupe Delarosa’s job that helps to support her life is unclear.

  • Is Lupe Delarosa On Instagram?

Indeed, Lupe Delarosa is on Instagram. Find her in the IG with the IG handle (@lupedpinon).

Meet Abby De La Rosa Mother, Tony Pinon

Tony Pinon is the father of Abby De La Rosa. Other than a few pictures on her socials, she hasn’t shared much about her father. In September 2010, she wrote on a Facebook status, “no matter how old my sister and I get, we will always be my dad’s little girls, so blessed”.

  • Tony Pinon Age

In 2022, Tony Pinon is 57 years old.

  • Tony Pinon Job

Tony Pinon is employed as an electrician. In February 2013, he posted, “ANOTHER UNDERGROUND DAY AT THE OFFICE, FIXING LEAKS ON THE 35,000 VOLT LINES.. HAVE A BLESSED DAY”.

Besides his regular job, he is also actively involved in church service. In August 2013, his sister also has a church in Michigan.

  • Is Tony Pinon On Instagram?

No, Tony Pinon is not on Instgram. But he has a Facebook account (@tony.pinon.16).

Related FAQs

  • Are Abby De La Rosa Parents Still Married?

Yes, Abby De La Rosa’s parents are still married as of 2022.

  • Where Do Abby De La Rosa Parents Live?

Abby De La Rosa’s parents are currently living in Whittier, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Abby De La Rosa Parents Have?

Abby De La Rosa has two sisters and a brother. Her younger brother Tony Pinon III turned 27 years old in March 2022. He was on the varsity football team while in high school. He graduated from high school in June 2013.

Moreover, Abby also has an older sister named Estella Pinon. Per the December 2013 FB post of her father, Estella is a year older than Abby. Estella is an entrepreneur and married her husband Brandon Matthews on 29 November 2014. A video of the wedding is available on YouTube.

Estella also has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account (@estellamathews). She celebrates her birthday on 21 November.

Finally, Elizabeth Pinon. She did an EMT/CPR training in December 2013. She completed BLS for Healthcare Providers Online Part 1 in 2013.

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