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Rachel Wood Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Rutledge Wood Wife

Auto racing analyst and TV show host Rutledge Wood with his horn-rim glasses is back for season 2 of Netflix’s Floor Is Lava. Known previously as one of three hosts for History’s Top Gear, his fans have often been curious about his personal life as well, especially about his wife, Rachel Wood.

So because his new projects premiered recently on 3 June 2022 and because we believe this to be the right time, here is a never before told tell-all about his wife.

Meet Rachel Wood, Rutledge Wood Wife

It is to Rachel Wood that The American Barbecue Showdown host Rutledge Wood is married to.

Around mid-October in 2021, they celebrated their 18th anniversary. However, it was not clear if this marked the time they started dating or if they got married.

“My #TBT is of me & my beautiful bride many years ago…Days like today when she does “meet the teacher” day and I can’t make it because of work, I’m reminded what a BOSS she is, and then, somehow, when the house floods mid-dinner from a broken pipe of some kind, she again hits boss mode & sends the girls to round up all of our awesome neighbors to lend a hand. You rock, Love. Thank you,” Rutledge once wrote about Rachel.

How Many Kids Do Rachel And Rutledge Wood Have?

Rachel and Rutledge seemingly make one happy family of three with their 3 daughters.

The family enjoying Chris Young’s music at the SEC Championship concert back in December 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

Rachel and Rutledge’s eldest is Elsie. She turned 14 on 3 June 2022 and on the occasion, her dad dedicated to her a long, heartfelt birthday message when he thanked her for making him and Rachel’s parents for the first time, for bringing them daily joy, and for helping them understand themselves better.

While still in middle school, Elsie once, along with her classmates, made a video in an attempt to get Taylor Swift to visit their class, and her dad had promoted it on his Facebook page.

The other two kids of Rachel and Rutledge are — the youngest Hattie who turned 8 on 22 February 2022 and Millie, who turned 11 on 28 September 2022. Among the girls, it is Millie who already has some amazing talents. She worked really hard to make a custom confetti cake for her sister Hattie on her birthday. He called them his life’s greatest work. Rutledge is often expressive that way. Whenever he gets a chance he also makes sure to make his wife feel special.

Rachel Wood Age

Rachel Wood celebrates her birthday on the 19th of August. So, the Leo lady turned 41 years old in 2021. While her husband, a year older than her, reached the age of 42 on 22 April 2022.

Rachel Wood Job

As per a Facebook post from back in 2017, Rachel worked at Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry, a jewelry and watches company. And by the look of things she seemed to be of great asset to this company as it frequently listed jewelry picked by Rachel and also lauded her for it. In 2016, Jessica Rossomme, the Director of Operations, on behalf of the company, also $1,300 to Rachel’s Ray of Hope charity.

Yes. Rachel runs a charity and they claim to work with the Fayette County school system to provide school clothing to children in need, free of charge.

Is Rachel Wood On Instagram?

Rachel Wood could be found on Instagram @rachelmwould where she had 152 posts and 138 followers as of 5 June 2022. But, she had not allowed people other than her friends and family to look at her sharings on it.

Rachel also had not put into display anything on her ‘Rachel Mucklow Wood’ Facebook.

Rachel Wood Family

Rachel’s dad Robert R Mucklow reached the age of 70 in May 2022; and her mom, Priscilla S Mucklow turned 69 in September 2021. The folks seemed to be still married and based in Peachtree city in Georgia (as of 2022).

And for siblings, Rachel has two sisters: Meghan Mucklow Pietrantonio (turned 38 in July 2021) and Katelyn Mucklow Young (turned 37 in 2021).

Meghan, here, was based in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, and Katelyn in Atlanta, Georgia, as of the time of this writing.

Rachel also had a very cherished maternal grandmother, Barbara Jeanne Mucklow of Peachtree City, Georgia and she passed away in May 2011.

Rachel also has her in-laws as her family. They are Rutledge’s parents Bill and Claudia Wood who made the Birmingham News somewhere around 1980 or 1981.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rachel Wood From?

Rachel Wood was born and bred in Peachtree city in Fayette County, Georgia; and she relocated to a neighborhood in Atlanta likely after getting married to Rutledge. As of 2022 and she continued to call it her home.

As for her husband, he was born and brought up in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • What Is Rachel Wood’s Maiden Name?

Rachel before becoming ‘Rachel Wood’ went by her maiden name, Rachel Mucklow. Even today she seemed to use both her maiden name and her husband’s last name for official purposes.

  • How Tall Is Rachel Wood?

Rachel Wood stands below 5′ 8” tall in height; which makes her appear still shorter when she stands next to her husband who is 6′ 2″.

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