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Abigail White Age, Height, Job, Alex Eubank Ex-Girlfriend

Abigail White was dating Alex Eubank. Alex, a YouTuber, became well-known in the health community. Described on his YouTube channel as a “natural lifter who creates fitness and lifestyle content focused around building [his] best natural physique,” Additionally, he places a strong emphasis on his Christian religion in all of his writing.

Naturally, a lot of people are drooling over the gym enthusiast given his viral renown. The next thing to do is to see if this fitness model has a current partner.

But learn more about his ex-girlfriend as you scroll down this article. Here we bring you details related to Abigail White.

Meet Abigail White, Alex Eubank Ex-Girlfriend

Alex Eubank and ex-girlfriend Abigail White reportedly began dating in 2022. They met in Houston when Alex was down there for some work. Abigail was able to meet him because she DMed him. They were following each other on Instagram. Soon after she slid into his DM they started communicating and got close eventually.

When they first met in person, Abigail was smitten by him and she fell in love with him instantaneously. The dating couple also decided to move in together and found a place in Baltimore, Maryland though she already had an apartment in Dallas.

On 26 June 2022, Alex asked Abigail to be his girlfriend and on 29th June Abigail flew to Maryland to be with Alex.

When one looks closely at Alex’s social media, one finds that he rarely shares anything else and that he takes his bodybuilding very seriously. His personal life is rarely revealed in glimpses. When he does post with others, it’s usually while they’re working out and still focused on work.

These folks are occasionally women, although he hardly ever says whether or not they are involved. An Instagram user said, “Every time I open Insta, a man is with another girl.” in response to a picture.

In any case, it turns out that none of these ladies are recognized as Alex’s girlfriends. Alex acknowledged that he had broken up with Abigail, his ultimate workout companion, although they had formerly dated and were quite public about it.

Early in 2023, Alex responded to the claims and clarified on the internet that Abby had returned to Texas during their time apart. “I’m blessed to have social media in my life, but you have to be kind of open about everything,” Alex said.

“We are no longer together,” he said to clarify. “For the moment, she’s going to be back home for a little bit working on herself and I’ll be working on myself. As for the details of it, I prefer not to go into it. There’s no like bad blood. I still love her. I still talk to her.”

Alex urged followers to show consideration and stay out of trouble. He clarified that he didn’t want it to be mistaken for something it wasn’t. The two haven’t seen to reconnect or get back together since.

The couple planned on getting married when “the timing was right.” Before meeting Alex, she was dating someone else who she was with for two and a half years.

Abigail White Age

In August 1998, Abigail White was born. She turned 25 years old in 2023.

Abigail White Job

Abigail White works as a fitness trainer, bodybuilder, and mental health advocate, per her IG bio. When COVID hit, she had just begun her fitness journey. She invested herself into fitness full-time only after meeting Alex. Alex also became her push into doing fitness full-time.

Being in a male-dominated industry, Abigail also shared that she and her partner have been building a platform based on appearance and people expect that from you. And that for her as a woman is not an easy task.

Talking about her time in high school, Abigail shared that she didn’t think that she was popular in high school. She was part of all the groups in school but she wasn’t popular in the sense that everyone asked her out on prom. After high school, she went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She holds a B.Sc. in biology. She has five minors.

According to Facebook, Abigail works at Sidewalk Café.

Is Abigail White On Instagram?

Indeed, Abigail White is available on Instagram (@abigailwhhitee), YouTube, TikTok (@abigailwhhitee), Threads (@abigailwhhitee), and Facebook (@abigail.white.399488).

Abigail White Height

Abigail White’s height measures under 5’7”. The blonde beauty has a few tattoos on her body.

Abigail White Family

Very little is known about Abigail White’s family members. Her mother is called Andrea Blair. In November 1965, Andrea reached 58 years old. Per her Facebook, Andrea attended Grass Lake High School. You can find her on social media on Facebook (@andrea.l.blair) and Instagram (@andreablair82).

Abigail also has a sister called Allison White. Allison turned 29 and was born in 1994. Moreover, Allison studied Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design at Ferris State University. She graduated from Napoleon High School and resides in Rowlett, Texas.

Allison is married to Marcus Ryan.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Abigail White From?

Abigail White is originally from Rowlett, Texas. She is now residing in Dallas, Texas.

  • When Is Abigail White Birthday?

Abigail White’s birthday is on 2 August.

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