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Mia Loehr Age, Dating, Family, Ethnicity, Made In Chelsea

Meet Mia Loehr from none other than Made In Chelsea‘s newest Sydney edition. The show returned with five new cast members and several familiar faces. Among the former was Mia. So, we are now going to tell you all that is worth knowing about her.

Mia Loehr On Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea headed out of its usual luxury home in Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Chelsea to the other side of the globe, i.e. Sydney, to play out on our screen in December 2023. Australia Nine cast members of the British-base show were shown jetting to Sydney to join five wealthy locals otherwise occupied in their Bondi Beach way of living. Mia, a self-proclaimed lover of Aussie surfer boys was one of them. She was introduced to viewers as one of the lucky newbies for the season set to have some fun in the sun with our MIC guys and girls.

Mia Loehr Age

Because Mia Loehr was born in 2002, she turned 21 years old in 2023.

What Is Mia Loehr’s Ethnicity?

It is only understood that Mia hails from a well-off family. So far, one could not tell what kind of family background or race she belongs to. Yet, it is obvious that her last name ‘Loehr’ is of German origin.

Mia Loehr Family

Mia Loehr’s mother is Lisa Loehr, a current dweller in Sydney, Australia. She is described as a Sydney-based Argyle Diamond expert. People have been going to her to show her their rare Argyle diamonds and get answers in regards to investing in those precious stones.

Then, there is Corey Loehr. He is Mia’s dad, who according to LinkedIn has been CRO & Director at Hapana since 1 January 2018. He too had been calling Sydney, Australia home as of 2023. The patriarch grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, in Portland Oregon. Over there, they say, his passion for America’s pastime led him to a starring role as a pitcher for Lewis & Clark University. After that, he passed on several compelling job opportunities in the States to move to Australia instead. He first moved to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to Darwin in 1986, to Northern Territory in 1987, and then to Perth, Western Australia in 1988.

So, it can be concluded that Mia’s mother continued to be a diamond dealer and her father worked with Computer Software in the fitness sector as of 2023.

Mia Loehr Job

At the time of this writing, Mia Loehr continued studying at the University of Notre Dame Australia – School of Medicine and Nursing. So, we are told, she is a student nurse, working around Clovelly, eastern suburbs. Mia as of December 2023. We are also informed of her being a spontaneous personality and therefore can not keep up with her “crazy” lifestyle.

Previously, Mia was a high school student at St Vincent’s College, Potts Point.

How Much Is Mia Loehr’s Net Worth?

Mia Loehr reportedly had less than $100K net worth as of December 2023. further gives us an idea that after working as a home care nurse in Australia, Mia should be taking home an estimated per-hour salary of $18.25. Of course, there are also other means by which Mia makes money. For instance, back in November 2022, she collaborated with Urban Sport Australia, an Australian Women’s Fashion Boutique, and informed her people on social media that she was so excited about her collection with the brand, “URBANSPORT X MIA LOEHR.” She gushed about feeling super elated to showcase her favorite dress from her summer collection with Urban Sport. Also, she announced that she is officially outing her collection online and in-store a month later.

Mia Loehr Height

Mia Loehr stands below 5’3” in height.

Is Mia Loehr Dating Anyone?

Mia Loehr confessed to being single even on a TV show as of December 2023. So, her viewers were clearly cheering for her to have a summer romance with one of the Made in Chelsea boys. In the meantime, she also shared her preference saying she has a thing for “classic tall, dark handsome men” and “also Aussie surfer boys.” She also added about loving the beach and tanning, the gym, reading, and socializing.

Often in her TikTok videos, Mia has also chatted about there being no “shortage” of admirers around her. So much so, that she said a “random” guy had her face tattooed on him.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mia Loehr From?

Mia Loehr has always lived in Sydney, Australia it seems. She was born and brought up there and most likely continued to live there as of the time of this writing.

  • When Is Mia Loehr’s Birthday?

Mia Loehr’s birthday is on July 26th making her a Leo.

  • Is Mia Loehr On Instagram?

Yes. Mia Loehr was on Instagram as of December 2023. Her IG @mialoehrr included 462 posts and 113K followers. In addition, one could also give Mia a follow on Twitter @mialoehrrr and on TikTok @mialoehrr.

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