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ACE Monroe IV Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Ready To Love

Meet ACE Monroe IV, the reality star from OWN TV’s “Ready To Love”. Since she was able to continue through to the second episode, fans wanted to know more about her. This article contains her age, job, Instagram, and her journey on the show.

Delve into this ACE Monroe IV Bio to get more information about her.

ACE Monroe IV On Ready To Love

OWN TV is back with “Ready To Love” for season 5 of the show. This season’s first episode premiered on 28 January 2022. A batch of new men are featured in the series and are looking for love. The show features men in their 30s and 40s who are ready to get serious about their love lives.

These professionally successful bunch of people are serious about settling down and starting a family. “Ready To Love” explores the perspective of older men into romances. The season 5 casts hailed from Washington, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

The viewers who’ve watched the show already will meet Kina (age 39), Precious (age 34), Tiffani (age 37), Joi (age 41), Clifton (age 45), Sabrina (age 36), Dakiya (age 39), Demetrius (age 42), Laverne (age 44), Tory (age 39), Fernando (age 34), Paul (age 48), and Wiley (age 32).

In the first episode, the cast members of the show are introduced. They reveal career paths, job titles, and also share if they have kids of their own or not. It also reveals that several people involved in the show are choosing to participate because they’re genuinely ready to meet their perfect life partner.

In episode 1, contestants saw Fernando and Kina go home. Whereas, in episode 2 Tiffany’s journey on “Ready To Love” came to an end.

ACE Monroe IV Relationship Status Today

The current relationship status of ACE Monroe IV remains unclear. She hasn’t revealed much about who she is currently dating. However, in the first episode of the show, she revealed that she was married and divorced. She was, what seemed like, revealing details about her kids, but Paul stopped her mid-sentence.

Paul wanted to learn more about her that’s when she shared that her nuptial happened 10 years before. Her marriage lasted for a year and a half. Paul intervened that she didn’t give her marriage a chance. Paul, who perceived her as intimidated tried to loosen her up and apologized for the questions he asked. He perceived her as guarded.

ACE, speaking with Tommy, the host, shared that Paul isn’t for her because she felt very competitive. She thinks being challenged in a relationship is something you should have but being challenged on “why are you this way?” was something she couldn’t take in. Whereas, Paul shared with Tommy that Ace, her energy wasn’t there.

In the second episode, ACE was picked to go on a blind date. Clifton while talking with her shares that he is a little jealous. Laverne boasted that she is peaceful, calm, and she is everything. He dubbed her as even kill.

Eventually, ACE went on a blind date with Cornelius who she called handsome. She was excited to talk to him and complimented his eyes. When she opened up, ACE shared that she had to go through a healing process and self-love so that she could love someone like they deserved to be loved. Two of them found a common ground on mental health where meditation was a must, a passion of Ace to pursue.

At the end of the date, Cornelius asked for her number.

Moreover, Clifton, who had his eyes on her, notices Ace so he wanted to check on her. She called Clifton a sweetheart. Then, she goes on a date with Wiley. She shares with him that she is looking for someone with who she can become all facets of herself. The boys discussed and concluded that they wanted to see more of her.

Is ACE Monroe IV On Instagram?

ACE Monroe IV is on Instagram ( and her Club House profile is (@thefloralshaman).

ACE Monroe IV Age

Talking about her age, ACE Monroe IV was 37 years old when she joined the show in 2021. What’s more, 22nd May marks her birthday.

ACE Monroe IV Job

Ace Monroe IV is a philanthropist. But, she didn’t reveal much about her actual job. But, she is passionate about mental wellness, meditation, and more.

Now, in her new role as a reality star, her popularity thrived as the show progressed. But, most of the viewers were commenting on her appearance rather than her personality. Some made fun of how she looked, but others defended her.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is ACE Monroe IV From?

ACE hailed from Virginia. A native of Washington D.C., she resides in Richmond, Virginia.

  • How Tall Is ACE Monroe IV?

“Ready To Love” sensation ACE is a stunning woman whose height measures 5 feet 4 inches.

  • What Is ACE Monroe IV Real Name?

According to our research, ACE isn’t the “Ready To Love” starlet’s real name is Angel Bowman. Her mother is Felicia Bush who married James Bush in 2004. Meanwhile, Angel and Tangee Bowman are her siblings.

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