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Actress Amrit Kaur Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height

Meet Amrit Kaur, the actress who played the role of Bela in HBO’s new show “The S*x Lives of College Girls.”

A lot of interest has been drawn towards her because of her family background and her upbringing. This Actress Amrit Kaur Wiki discusses the actress’s age, her boyfriend, her family, and her height. So, scroll down to learn more about her.

Actress Amrit Kaur On The S*x Lives of College Girls

Actress, writer, executive producer, and director Mindy Kaling is back with another comedy show titled, “The S*x Lives of College Girls.” The show introduces four college freshmen girls Kimberly, Bela, Leighton, and Whitney at Essex College, a fictional elite school in New England.

The girls are open to experimentation, naked parties, and secret affairs. And sex serves as the vehicle for character development woven artfully in the story. In the show, Amrit Kaur portrays the role of Bela Malhotra, age 18. She referenced her character to ‘Bela’ from the “Twilight.”

She introduced herself as, “Hi, I’m Bela, like in ‘Twilight,’ but Indian.” Her character is horny and ambitious. But, most importantly Amrit claimed that she is Bela and Bela is her. They’ve faced racism and patriarchy. She also insisted that Amrit sees so much of herself in the character while talking with Brown Girl Magazine.

According to IPSY, Beal is, “a comedy-obsessed, super confident cornball from an affluent suburb in northern New Jersey. She’s not afraid to say what she’s thinking, including describing herself as “extremely sex-positive” even though she just had sex for the first time, which is one of the reasons her character is instantly compelling.”

The other three lead characters joining her are Kimberly played by Pauline Chalamet (yes, Timothee Chalamet’s sister), Leighton played by Renee Rapp, and Whitney played by Alyah Chanelle Scott.

Actress Amrit Kaur Age

Actress Amrit Kaur was  28 years old as of December 2021.

Does Actress Amrit Kaur Have A Boyfriend?

To cut to the chase, no, Amrit Kaur appears to be single. Being raised by a stereotypical Indian family, she wasn’t allowed to date and have a boyfriend.

Moreover, Amrit is rarely active on social media and is aggressively closed about her romantic life. So, there is no information about her currently having a boyfriend or dating a guy. However, in July 2020, she posted a profile of herself alongside the results from Sima Auntie’s Rating if she was to ever be on “Indian Matchmaking” a show on Netflix.

Amrit rated herself 6.5, and that’s not bad at all.

Even though fans are eager to learn more about her romantic involvements and related stories, she is not ready to open up about her love life just yet. However, keep up with the show to watch her indulge in on-screen romances.

Actress Amrit Kaur Family

Amrit Kaur is a daughter of Indian immigrant parents. Her parents came to Canada long before she was born, so she is of Indian-Canadian heritage. She and her family are Punjabi/Sikhs and she is living independently away from their parents.

The actress grew up in Toronto. As a South Asian girl, it is quite a big deal for her to portray such a character on-screen. As Refinery29 reported, “The opportunity to push back on long-held depictions and stereotypes of South Asian women is part of what drew 28-year-old Ontario native Amrit Kaur to the role of Bela in the HBO Max series.”

And that’s a bold move she made because Amrit revealed that her father comes from a village in India where people don’t even talk to the opposite gender. Amrit made it clear that her father was uncomfortable about being on the show with the title that says sex, he held everything inside to support his daughter.

Talking about her parents’ reaction to Refinery29, Amrit revealed, “Oh yeah. I’m sort of a rebellious person [laughs], so I’m not the best daughter in that sense. When I got the first two episodes, my parents were the first people who saw it, and I thought, at least they know what’s out there [and] there’s no shock. My dad is shitting his pants, but he’s so proud and excited as well.”

Back in March 2020, Amrit visited the place her parents grew up in. She shared it on her Instagram and revealed that she went back 10 years after, and as an adult. While there, she learned about her culture, her family, and about herself. Based on her post, her family hailed from Hoshiarpur, Government of Punjab, India.

Actress Amrit Kaur Height

Actress Amrit Kaur stands tall to the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

How Much Is Actress Amrit Kaur Net Worth?

Amrit Kaur is best known for TV shows such as Anarkali (2015-2018), Little Italy (2018), Star Trek: Short Treks (2019), The D Cut (2020), among a few others. She gathered at least under $100 thousand in total net worth from her work in TV. But, her first rendezvous with the glitz and glamour of the industry was when she participated in the Miss World Canada Beauty pageant in 2014.

She was inspired by Indian actresses such as Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra who were beauty pageant contestants turned actresses.

Besides acting, Amrit also has interests in writing and producing shows.

Speaking with Brown Girls Magazine, Amrit shared that she had stereotypical Indian parents. They wanted her to be a doctor. But, she decided to go against her parents’ wishes when it comes to pursuing her passion.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Actress Amrit Kaur Born?

Actress Amrit Kaur was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

  • When Does Actress Amrit Kaur Celebrate Her Birthday?

Actress Amrit Kaur celebrates her birthday on 4 June.

  • Is Actress Amrit Kaur On Twitter?

Yes, Amrit Kaur is available on Twitter. Her account is (@Amrit_Kaur04).

  • Where Did Actress Amrit Kaur Recieve Her Education?

Amrit Kaur attended Acting Conservatory at York University. She earned her BFA from York University.

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