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Victoria Brito Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Braunwyn

Victoria Brito is a dancer and a model with millions of followers over her IG, and in Dec 2021 she added one more reason to her popularity. Back then, she was dating the Real Housewives of Orange star, County Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

Keep reading this Victoria Brito Bio to learn more about her.

Meet Victoria Brito, Braunwyn Windham-Burke Girlfriend

Victoria and her girlfriend Braunwyn Windham-Burke were first spotted trolling down the beaches of Miami on Dec 1, 2021. Reportedly, the pair was in town to attend a series of Art Basel events then,

As seen in the pictures, Victoria wore a black bikini top, red patterned board shorts, and a black Yankees hat, while her girlfriend Braunwyn rocked a bright green one-piece paired with a straw fedora. And not to mention, the shots were filled with PDA — kissing, hugging, and flaunting their fit physiques.

According to Braunwyn, the two were just “having fun” exploring their relationship then. Also, she went on to add that her new girlfriend got along with her husband Sean, and they even went to an NFT event together in New York City and shared common interests.

As for Victoria, she mentioned that Braunwyn was “great” and “very f*cking annoying” at the same time. “I adore her. We’ve just been talking and spending a lot of time together and she’s a fun time. I dig her. I’ll leave it at that,” she added.

The news about Braunwyn’s new girlfriend came just a few months after she introduced her previous girlfriend Jamie Parton. The two first appeared on the red carpet then were officially dating by Oct 2021.

Also, before that, she dated a woman named Kris. The two were romantically involved right after Braunwyn came out as gay in 2020 and split before April 2021.

Though Braunwyn was enjoying her newfound sexuality, she said that her priority was taking care of her kids. For those of you who don’t know, Braunwyn shares 7 kids — Bella, Rowan, Jacob, twins Curran and Caden, Koa, and Hazel, with her ex-husband Sean. The former husband-wife co-parented the children and was also living together.

Who Has Victoria Brito Dated In The Past?

Victoria has dated high-profile celebrities in the past and it allegedly includes stars like  Zoe Kravitz, Samantha Ronson, Rita Ora, and Cara Delevingne. However, Victoria herself never confirmed any of the Hollywood hotties she ever hooked up with.

But once over an interview, Victoria was asked to “shag, marry, and remove” all three of the women she just discussed. To which, she replied, “I’d shag the f*ck out of Rita Ora. She knows that.” and would marry her then-friend Braunwyn, and remove Zoe Kravitz.

Also, back on August 27, 2016, Victoria updated her FB relationship status to in a relationship with Tae Anne. We’ve no details about their love life, but even as of 2021, Victoria had Tae tagged in her relationship status.

Looking at Tae’s FB profile, it seems that she is a  Miami, Florida native who attended Pratt Institute to study graphic design.

Victoria Brito Age

Victoria Brito was born before 1987. So, she couldn’t have been any younger than 34 years of age in 2021.

Her girlfriend, Braunwyn was 44 then.

Victoria Brito Height

Victoria Brito stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Her body measurements were 32-25-25 inches.

She wore 10 size shoes and has brown hair and eyes.

What Does Victoria Brito Do For A Living?

Victoria is a model, dancer, and designer who worked full time at Muse Model Management. Reportedly, she joined the company in October 2011 and worked there ever since.

Apart from Muse Model Management, Victoria has also worked with C Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Teen Vogue, Calvin Klein, Glamour Iceland, and many more.

This beautiful lady started her modeling career at the age of 12. “It’s been a crazy life, to say the least, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! One of the most memorable for me is shooting with Bruce Weber for W,” she said.

In 2020, she also launched her jewelry line called “Fine.” Her pieces cost anywhere from $44 to $488.

When Victoria isn’t working, she is looking around for sneakers. Yes, she is a sneaker and has always been ever since she was a kid.

Victoria Brito Net Worth

Victoria Brito garnered a net worth of above $800 thousand by 2021.

Likewise, her girlfriend Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s net worth was a stunning $3 million then.

Victoria Brito Sexuality: What Does She Identify As?

Victoria identified herself as gay, and lesbian both. She made a statement through an IG post captioned, “The NFL is gay the Nfl is lesbian the NFL is you and NFL is Me!”

Also, she once said, “boyfriends are amazing, girls are confusing.”

Related FAQs

  • When Does Victoria Brito Celebrate Her Birthday?

Victoria Brito celebrates her birthday on November 21, making her of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Where Is Victoria Brito From?

She was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida.

But as of 2021, she resided in New York, New York.

  • Has Victoria Brito Shared Anything About Her Family?

Victoria Brito believes that “family is everything.” However, she didn’t reveal anything about her’s.

Back on March 16, 2021, she made a post with the model Coley labeling him as her twin. So, in case you’re confused, he’s not her actual twin.

  • Is Victoria Brito On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, find Victoria over Instagram @vickatrillion, and Facebook @victoria.brito.35.

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