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Actress Aubree Bouché Parents: Larry And Suzanne Bouché

Meet Larry and Suzanne Bouche, parents of actress Aubree Bouche. Aubree is the star of Lifetime’s new film A Dangerous Affair.

A Dangerous Affair, the latest romantic-thriller offering from Lifetime, is written and directed by Canadian actress and writer-director Christie Will Wolf. The network teased the drama to come: “Pilates instructor Amelie Didot begins a steamy love affair with one of her handsome clients, a Brit journalist, and media mogul Pierce Dalton, but the duo soon find themselves dangerously intertwined after Am lie comes face to face with a masked woman following a murder. When it’s revealed the killer has an erotic obsession with Pierce, Amelie becomes a target in the middle of a deadly love triangle.”

Aubree is starring in the movie in the role of Amélie Didot, a pilates instructor, who relocates to a new city in the course of the film in an effort to put her traumatic divorce behind her and begin over. Before her supportive husband came into her life, her parents and her siblings gave their best to support her passion for acting.

This article will help you learn more about the two people who supported her dreams, her parents Larry and Suzanne Bouche. Keep on learning as this article proceeds.

Who Are Actress Aubree Bouché Parents?

In her wedding post, Aubree Bouché said that her father, Larry Bouche, performed the ceremony, which was very significant for her. After years of being apart from him, it was a chance for her family to get back together. Her sister planned her special day beautifully and sprinkled various surprises, such as a case of wine.

The Chuppah for her wedding was constructed by her sister Geena Bouche and her mother Suzanne Bouche using driftwood they found, leftover fabric from her sister’s wedding, and material from her mother’s wedding dress.

Let us introduce more to the actress Aubree Bouche’s parents.

Meet Actress Aubree Bouché Father, Larry Bouché

Aubree Bouche’s father is Larry Bouche. Learn more about him below.

  • Larry Bouché Age

Born in October 1951, Larry Bouche is 70 years old as of August 2022.

  • Larry Bouché Job

Larry Bouche is currently working as Information Builders at Business Development Executive in Greater Los Angeles. Information Builders provides software and services that allow our clients to transform their data into business value. He has 15 years of experience in enterprise data management enabling him to help clients gain insight into their business challenges and make informed decisions that improve their operations, customer communication, profitability, and reduce expenses.

Before that, Larry served at Teradata Corporation as Executive Sales Development – National Accounts from October 2012 to December 2015. There he was responsible for designing account penetration and territory development strategies with Field Sales, Solution Architects, and Partners, then executing tactical call plans.

His resume also includes working at TradeCurrents, LLC as a Sales and Account Management Executive from 2011 to 2014. Moreover, he worked for Zones, Inc. for a year in the role of Sales and Account Management Executive.

Likewise, Larry worked at Safetec Compliance Systems as well as SmartDrive Systems as Sales Account Executive.

According to his LinkedIn, Larry started his career at 3E Company as Enterprise Sales Account Executive. He served the company from 1993 to 2007.

Larry studied at the University of California San Diego. He extensively studied with a focus on Corporate Risk Management, Sustainability, and Compliance. He also attended Cuyamaca College. He also graduated with a BA degree in social psychology from in Speech Arts from the University of San Diego in 1973.

  • Is Larry Bouché On Facebook?

Yes, Larry Bouche is on Facebook (@larry.bouche.5).

Meet Actress Aubree Bouché Mother, Suzanne Bouché

Suzanne Bouche has been a supportive mother when her daughter was pursuing a career as an actress. In September 2011, Suzie posted to Lemongate’s Facebook page, “it was wonderful seeing Aubree on the “big” screen! Dylan, Brandon, and David you were awesome! I loved this film… great job Paul, Melissa, and all crew”.

  • Suzanne Bouché Age

Suzanne Bouche is 69 years old. Reports on the web suggest that she was born in March 1953.

  • Suzanne Bouché Job

According to Suzanne Bouche’s LinkedIn, she is currently working at Morrison Hotel Gallery… Fine Arts Music Photography as Global Fulfillment, Business Office & Warehouse Manager. She has the experience of working as a warehouse manager for more than 11 years handling complex management of 120+ world-renowned photographers, sales (galleries in NYC, Los Angeles, Hawaii), and client support.

Suzanne has also been representing her daughter Aubree Bouche since June 2010. She managed, promoted, and directed educational and professional activities to further Aubree’s singing, songwriting, and acting career.

Whereas from 2007 to 2012, Suzanne worked at the County of San Diego, Aging and Independence Services as a Feeling Fit Program – Fitness Instructor.

She completed her education at Wayne State University and Eastern Michigan University.

  • Is Suzanne Bouché On Facebook?

Yes, Suzanne Bouche is on Facebook (@suzie.bouche).

Related FAQs

  • Are Actress Aubree Bouché Parents Still Married?

While there is no proof that Aubree Bouche’s parents are still married but it appears they are likely separated or divorced. They reconnected at Aubree’s wedding in March 2021. But, based on the photographs on Suzie’s Facebook, they were together at least until 2013.

  • How Many Kids Do Actress Aubree Bouché Parents Have?

Aubree Bouche’s parents have two kids; both daughters. Besides Aubree, they have an older daughter named Geena Bouche. Geena is the owner of Winecult. She is also working as General Manager at Zinke Wine Co. and founder and owner of Riviera Wine Group. Geena is married to her husband Aaron Lober.

  • Where Do Actress Aubree Bouché Parents Live?

Aubree Bouche’s parents are currently residing in San Diego, California.

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