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Toni Laudermick Bio, Roger E Mosley Wife, Age, Job, IG

Hollywood now has one less star as its actor/director/writer Roger E Mosley is no more. He was best known for his role as the helicopter pilot Theodore “T.C.” Calvin in the CBS television series Magnum, P.I. He even did a cameo role in the new Magnum P.I. series in 2018 and 2021. And the 7 August 2022 was the last time he breathed air surrounded by family including his beloved wife, Toni Laudermick.

Now, in the rest of the writing, we shall explore the life Roger led with his wife Toni Laudermick, and a hint at what life now is like for Tony with her husband gone.

Meet Toni Laudermick, Roger E Mosley’s Wife

Well, first of all, Toni is the shorted form of Antoinette. So, Roger E Mosely’s wife’s full name is Antoinette Laudermick.

And while we guess these two were married, when reporting about Roger’s passing recently addressed Toni only as his “partner” and not the wife. Yet, Toni on her very own social media did mark her marital status as ‘married’.

As for Roger and Toni’s daughter when confirming the death through a tribute post on her Facebook, gushed that her parents were together for 60 years. “I will care for mommy, your love of almost 60 years. You raised me well and she is in good hands. Rest easy”, were the exact words.

Not much has been told about Toni and Roger’s story. But they were an exceptional couple and this everyone around them has seen.

Right through the very start of his career, Toni was always together with Roger. She even followed him to places where his work took him.

The August of 2022 saw Roger got into a major car accident that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. A week before he died, he was in critical condition and every effort was being made to save him.

Roger E Mosley And Toni Laudermick Daughter

Wikipedia and a few other news outlets reported that Roger E Mosely had three children. They however did not confirm if the mother of all his kids is Antoinette, aka Toni. And then there were some also reporting that Toni and Roger had two children: daughter Ch-a Mosley and son Brandonn Mosley.

As for this daughter we already mentioned her earlier. She was the one who informed the world about her father’s death. She had written on Facebook that her father, everyone else’s either friend or “coach Mosley” or “TC” from Magnum P.I., passed away at 1:17 am. She further explained that he was surrounded by family as he transcended peacefully. Yet, at last, she said stressed that her father would hate any crying done in his name. That, instead of mourning he would love it if they all celebrated the legacy he left behind.

“I love you daddy. You loved me too. My heart is heavy but I am strong”, and so with this, Roger and Toni’s daughter ended what she had to say out loud for everyone to hear.

Ch-a could be found on Instagram as well (@chamosley75) where she also constantly showed off her partner, Lorand Fabian. Professionally, she is a licensed independent insurance agent working around Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Also, from 2003 – 2005, she studied for her master’s degree (Hospitality Administration/Management) at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. And before that, in the late 1990s, she got her bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Toni Laudermick Age

Born before 1940, Toni Laudernick reached the age of 82 in February 2022. As for her late husband, he was 83 at the time of his passing. His last birthday was on the 18th of December.

Toni Laudermick Job

Tony Laudermick is self-employed as the CEO of the Center for LifeLong Learners, an organization that aims at transforming at-risk youth into high achievers.

This organization, providing learning tools to youth, was a grant recipient of the Union Pacific Foundation back in 2013.

Then around 2015, Toni was also trying her hand at writing and photography. She has written this quote on her Facebook intro about how she had no idea that she would wait so so long to take pen in hand to try to create.

Speaking of her education, she went to George Washington High School in Los Angeles, California back in the day.

Is Toni Laudermick On IG, Facebook?

Toni Laudermick could not be found on IG (as of the time of this writing). However, she was certainly on Facebook as ‘Toni Laudermilk’.

Toni Laudermick Family

Toni Laudermick has a sister named Denise Adger who like Toni attended George Washington High School before going to the University of Phoenix. Speaking of career, Toni’s sister was formerly a customer service agent at Southwest Airlines.

Besides Denise, Toni also briefly mentioned her brother-in-law, Frederick John Randolph, niece Tanosha Cannon, and other family members, Stephanie Laudermilk Randolph, Lou Stevens, and Guy Johnson.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Toni Laudermick From?

Toni Laudermick’s hometown is Chicago, Illinois. Although, for a long time, she has been calling Los Angeles, California her home.

  • Are There Photos Of Toni Laudermick Available Online?

Yes. There certainly were photos of Toni Laudermick available online (on her Facebook and a few on her daughter’s as well).

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