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Adam Neumann Parents: Avivit (Mom) And Doron Neumann (Dad)

Adam Neumann is a multi-billionaire and founder of the startup WeWork. Apple TV+’s new series “WeCrashed” explored his erratic tenure at the company. Actor Jared Leto plays him on the show whereas actress Anne Hathaway portrays the role of his wife Rebecca Neumann. But, who are the parents of Adam Neumann? What do they do for a living? Are they still married to each other? How old are they? We explore all of this in this article.

Who Are Adam Neumann Parents?

Adam Neumann was born to his parents Avivit and Doron Neumann. His parents met each other in medical school and they married in 1978 when she was 21 years old. Then in 1982, his parents gave birth to his sister Adi Neumann. But, his parents’ marriage hit the troubled water and they got divorced in 1986.

At the time of the divorce, Adam was 7 years old but was very advanced for his age. Adam and his sister Adi moved to the states with his mother. Avivit was pursuing her medical training in Indianapolis where they settled. His mother talked about the impact of divorce on him, “It was a terrible time. I took him to see a psychiatrist, he did not yet speak English, so I had to translate. The psychiatrist handed him a sparkly wand and said: ‘twirl it around your parents three times, and they’ll get back together.’ Adam called it a fairytale. So the psychiatrist said, ‘if you know that, why are you telling yourself stories?’ We went for eight sessions and I got a brand new kid, no drugs required.”

His mother struggled to pay rent with her $1800 salary. Adam who was 10 did the newspaper route and earned $150 and gave it to his mother as his rent.

Meet Adam Neumann Mom, Avivit Neumann

Adam-Neumann-Mom-Avivit Neumann-Orbach
Adam Neumann’s mother Avivit Neumann-Orbach (Pic:

Avivit Neumann played a significant role in Adam’s life. After his company, WeWork‘s downfall he returned to Israel in Arsuf, one of the most expensive and private communities in Israel. Avivit said, “To come back to where you grew up, take time out, it is the right thing to do. People embrace him here and it does him good.”

She also told Calcalistech, “I trust Adam and his wife. He is not bleeding internally, he is not wounded, it is just money. I am a person concerned with health, how can I be anxious about money?”

Avivit also opened up about Adam’s relationship with religion. She stated that Adam was a part of Chabad-Lubavitch, a Hasidic group with emissaries across the globe who are focused on reaching out to unaffiliated Jews. “Recently he has also become religious,” Avivit told during a radio interview. “I respect his relationship with religion. It enriches him. Today he is an American Chabadnik. He sings songs on Shabbat and lives in Manhattan.”

  • Is Avivit Neumann Still Alive?

Yes, Avivit Neumann should be alive. Had she been dead, she without a doubt made headlines because of her high-profile son Adam.

  • Avivit Neumann Age

When Adam was born in April 1979, Avivit was 22 years old. So, she should be 64 years old as of March 2022. According to her Facebook, she celebrates her birthday on 29 December.

  • Avivit Neumann Job

According to LinkedIn, Avivit Neumann worked at Rambam Health Care Campus as an Oncology physician in urology. She started working there from 2009 to 2018. She is self-employed as MD-consultant oncology and palliative care since March 2018.

Avivit graduated from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in 1980 and became a family doctor in Yeruham. She specialized in oncology and did a sub-specialization in hematology-oncology.

Furthermore, she is also the recipient of The 2017 Danielle Prize – Healing with a Heart along with fellow Ben-Gurion University of the Negev alum Prof. Dina Ben-Yehuda and Dr. Hila Magen.

Her divorce had also affected her work after coming to the US as a doctor. For a year, she was reduced to taking blood and signing release forms. Starting from December 2015, she attended Beit Berl Academic College where she was studying the English language.

Meet Adam Neumann Dad, Doron Neumann

Adam Neumann’s dad Doron Neumann (Pic: Facebook)

Adam Neumann’s father has been a mystery figure. We only know him by his name and his job. Other additional details escaped public knowledge.

  • Is Doron Neumann Still Alive?

Like Avivit, Doron Neumann could still be alive but there are no ways to confirm it as he remains lowkey. He hasn’t posted anything new since 2019.

  • Doron Neumann Age

Sice Doron Neumann was in college when he met his ex-wife Avivit so he should be at least 64 years old as of 2022.

  • Doron Neumann Job

Doron Neumann graduated from Hugim High School in 1971. He attended Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and graduated in 1980. Doron has been working as a doctor for over 37 years. He specializes in the treatment of strabismus and binocular vision restoration.

According to Dorland, he gained specialization in Ophthalmology pediatrics at the University of California. He treats diseases of the lacrimal canals, amblyopia, and strabismus. He is an expert in orthoptics.

Doron is also the head of the children’s eye clinic Wolfson.

Related FAQs

  • Are Adam Neumann Parents Still Married?

No Adam Neumann’s parents got divorced in 1986. His mother Avivit is remarried to her second husband and has a daughter 24-year-old daughter. They live in the central Israeli town Kfar Saba. According to his father’s Facebook, he married again on 2 May 2008. However, he hasn’t shared much information.

  • How Many Kids Do Adam Neumann Parents Have?

Avivit and Doron were parents to two kids. Besides Adam, they also have a daughter named Adi Neumann (@adi.neumann.1).

  • Where Do Adam Neumann Parents Reside?

Adam Neumann’s mother lives in Kfar Saba, Israel. His father is also in Israel but the city he lives in is knot known.

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