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Adam Riley Bio, Age, Job, Married, Family, History TV’s Alone

Meet Adam Riley star of History TV’s Alone. Below, we attempt to cover information on his age, job, marriage, and family.

So keep scrolling down Adam Riley’s Bio to unfold information related to his life.

Adam Riley On History TV’s Alone

History’s hit TV show Alone is back for season 9. Like the previous season, viewers get to see 10 survival experts competing against each other to bag a $500K prize. The task is to survive the wilderness as they forage for their own food and shelter. So, while testing themselves on how far they could push themselves, the last man standing is announced the winner of the season.

Adam witnessed swamps and wildlife when he arrived from England in Florida. Growing up, he spent his youth in the woods catching snakes and building forts. He has more than 15 years of experience in measuring the vast wilderness in every continent of the world.

Buying a horse in Northern Mongolia so that he could spend two months crossing the steppes, learning traditional skills, bought a van in Australia, driving the interior outback, looked for surf and reptiles, and purchasing his first sailboat, and sailed across the Caribbean, he has done it all.

He set off an 8000-mile solo journey in 2018 and spent 80 days alone at sea. He finally landed in New Zealand five months later. Although he planned to continue around the world COVID-19 put travel restrictions.

Adam is ready for his next adventure, but this time it will be shown on television. He joined up for Alone with the notion that his various abilities and history qualified him to take on Labrador’s challenge and write another chapter to his eventful life.

Adam Riley Job

By profession, Adam Riley is an Alpaca Shearer, Treehouse builder. According to his LinkedIn, he is the head shearer at Mr. Clipper Alpaca Shearing since 2008. He has also posted a video of alpaca shearing in April 2022 on YouTube. Adam is also affiliated with The British Alpaca Society.

You can also find him on the professional page on Facebook (@mrclippershearing).

Adam travels the United States and parts of Europe each Spring using his shears to remove wool that’s taken an entire year to grow.

“I’ve worked with a lot of different livestock and I feel like alpacas are probably the most pleasant livestock to work with. They’re clean, they’re friendly, they are easy to handle, they’re not going to hurt you like some of the larger livestock will, and they give you a wonderful product,” said Adam to Fox8Live.

He worked with assistant Andrew Johnston who he met at college in London, but now they spend shearing season traveling the US, and the world, to help alpaca owners harvest their precious crop – Alpaca fiber. It’s a soft, durable, and silky natural fiber that can be finer than cashmere. It has no lanolin, so it’s hypoallergenic.

Spun into yarn, it can be knitted or woven. But Alpacas don’t submit to shearing in quite the convenient way that sheep do, so Adam has built a successful business offering a professional shearing service.

To think that one of Adam’s first jobs was as a professional alligator wrestler tells a lot about his love for thrill and daring nature. But, right after high school, he bought a ticket to Madagascar. For the next four months period, he explored the island’s jungles and mountains.

After four months, Adam returned back to the desert southwest and worked as an instructor at a wilderness therapy program. It was there that he honed his backcountry and survival skills. Thus, his journey to exploring the remote wilderness began.

Adam has spent over fifteen years traveling every continent and later returned to U. K. to earn his Bachelor’s degree in African Studies from SOAS University of London in 2009. It was then, that he took the professional training to become a shearer. While living four months in the Peruvian mountains working in the Quechua communities, he mastered the alpaca shearing skills.

Because shearing was a seasonal business, his job blessed him with the opportunity to travel and pursue his passion for adventure.

During COVID-19, Adam was Arkansas Ozarks where he worked as a carpenter building custom treehouses. He owns a six-acre property there.

Is Adam Riley On Instagram?

Yes, Adam Riley is on Instagram (@alpaca_shearing). He is also on YouTube and Facebook (@adam.a.riley).

Adam Riley Age

When Adam Riley signed up to film the show, he was 36 years old.

Adam Riley Family

Adam Riley and his family immigrated from England to Florida when he was only nine years old. His family owns a farm in Arkansas and in 2015, while in a middle of a trip, he had to return back because of the health issues of family members. He thought about settling down but failed.

On Mother’s Day 2020, Adam shared on his Facebook that his mother makes felted hats made from alpaca wool. Because she lost her venue to sell her products, Adam and his mother launched a new website to sell her products.

Apart from that, his parents and siblings remain a mystery.

Is Adam Riley Married?

Much like his family members, Adam Riley is private about his romantic life. He hasn’t shared any information about his dating and marriage. Furthermore, he isn’t active on social media and prefers to remain lowkey about his dating life.

So, if he is single, dating, or married, is a mystery.

On Facebook, Adam, however, revealed that he is single. So, we believe he is single as of 2022.

Back in 2014, Adam was dating his now ex-girlfriend Susie Love House. On Valentine’s Day 2014, she posted on her Facebook, “Adam. No matter what we’re doing together I’m always happy and grateful to be with you. I love you and look forward to spending my whole life with you. ps- happy valentines day!”.

Adam and Susie also worked together as sheep shearers according to Facebook posts from 2013.

Adam Riley Height

Speaking of height, Adam Riley stands a little above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Adam Riley Birthday?

Every year, Adam Riley celebrates his birthday in April.

  • Where Is Adam Riley From?

According to Adam Riley’s profile on History, he is from Fayetteville, Arkansas. He is originally from Orlando, Florida.

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