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Jessie Krebs Bio, Partner, Age, Family, History TV’s Alone

History TV’s Alone is an adventure reality game show which documents the daily struggles of 10 individuals–coming from all around the US–as they try to survive alone as long as possible in the wilderness using limited survival items. They have the ability to “tap out” at any time and the contestant who remains the longest in the wilderness wins a grand prize of $500,000. Jessie Krebs is one of the contestants of History TV’s Alone Season 9.

Learn about Jessie’s Alone stint, her career, family, partner, and more in the wiki article below.

Jessie Krebs On History TV’s Alone

Season 9 of Alone puts contestants in the harshest condition yet, on the Northeastern shores of Labrador. Known for the merciless weather conditions including rain and snow, this location also has a new enemy, the prey-stalking polar bear.

Contestants’ ingenuity, mental willpower, and overall wilderness skills will be put to test as they must build their own shelters, find their own food, and overcome dangerous predators all while enduring wet, snowy, merciless conditions.

While Jessie has honed her wilderness survival skills for over 30 years now, only time will tell us if her survival instincts are enough to endure the merciless environment of the Northeastern shores of Labrador.

Adam Riley, Jacques Turcotte, Juan Pablo Quinonez, Karin Lee, Terry Burns, Tom Garstang, Benji Hill, Igor Limansky, and Teimojin Tan star in this season of Alone alongside Jessie Krebs.

According to the History TV website, Jessie has selected these 10 items–Sleeping bag, Multitool, Ferro rod. Trapping wire, Saw, Salt, 2-quart pot, Machete, Paracord, Bow, and arrows–to bring on her journey to the remote wilderness in Labrador.

Jessie Krebs Career

With a dream of escaping her small town and traveling to exotic places, Jessie joined United State Air Force in January 1991. There she worked as S.E.R.E. Specialist and primarily taught Survival and Evasion techniques to military members going into combat.

After working in the Air Force for three and a half years, Jessie got to travel and work overseas. In that period, she also joined Stockton University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Psychology.

From 2005 to 2012, Jessie served Wilderness Quest as Chief Field Instructor. According to her LinkedIn, her responsibility there was to “keep the clients physically and emotionally safe while hiking in remote areas of the S. Utah desert and challenge them in various ways to face potential addiction and underlying emotional pain and/or trauma.”

From January 2010 to March 2017, Jessie worked as a Senior Field Instructor at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. She helped young adults and teens “identify and deal with a variety of issues/beliefs/behaviors/expectations/etc. that create unnecessary strife in their life in a wilderness setting.”

Since July 2017, the Alone star has been working as the head instructor at SERE Training School. Her job there is to teach global survival knowledge and skills in emergency situations such as earthquakes, fires, blizzards, power outages, hurricanes, and so on.

Jessie’s main passion is to educate and empower women and other marginalized demographics in the skills of surviving emergency situations in wilderness environments, which she hopes to do through her own school: O.W.L.S. Skills (Outdoorsy Women Learning Survival Skills).

Furthermore, Jessie is also a MasterClass Instructor. She created a class on basic survival skills in 2021 for MasterClass.

Besides a bachelor’s degree, Jessie also has an Associate’s degree from the University of Maryland Overseas Division.

Is Jessie Krebs On Instagram?

Although Jessie Krebs does not have a personal Instagram, you can reach out to her through @owls.skills. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Jessie Krebs Age

According to Jessie Krebs’s bio on the History TV site, her age was 49 as of 2022.

Jessie Krebs Family

Talking about Jessie Krebs’ family, she was raised by a single mother, whose identity remains still unknown as of this writing. At a young age, she was sexually assaulted by a relative. The trauma stayed with her until a long period and it was within the walls of a house, that she felt most vulnerable.

Jessie preferred the company of trees and cats to people ever since the incident. Wilderness was her only refuge as a child.

Jessie’s mom did not raise her to be meek, and the Air Force experience also did a fair share of its job in helping her find her voice.

Does Jessie Krebs Have A Partner?

Jessie Krebs does have a partner and his name is Blake. Though the pair were not married as of May 2022, they always tour some of the local bars, restaurants, and amazing views of Denver together.

Blake, a Colorado native, has been pedicabbing and piloting pedal pubs since 2017. However, he never liked the way visitors viewed pedicabs and also hated pedicabbers taking advantage of the tourists.

Therefore, Jessie’s boyfriend set out to create pedicab tours that allowed him to showcase the beauty of Denver in the best way. That was the inception of Blake Street Pedicabs.

Blake Street Pedicabs’ mission is: “We create memories here in the Mile High City. We provide exceptional experiences that make sure our customers rave about our tours for years to come.”

Jessie Krebs Height

Alone star Jessie Krebs stands at an average height of 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Jessie Krebs Tattoo

It does not seem like Jessie Krebs has any tattoos in her video, at least not on the visible parts.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jessie Krebs Birthday?

Jessie Krebs celebrates her birthday in the month of June.

  • Where Is Jessie Krebs From?

The TV actress is originally from Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

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