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Adam Seed Bio, MAFS, Parents, Height, Job, Age

Meet Adam Seed from Married At First Sight and learn more about him here. In this article below, we explore details about his age, parents, job, and more.

So, read all about him as you scroll down this article.

MAFS Australia: Are Janelle Han And Adam Seed Still Together?

MAFS Australia premiered in January 2023 and viewers saw Janelle Han and Adam Seed’s wedding on Ep. 3 of the show. Adam, per his bio, is a “modern-day entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for the next business opportunity.” At 35, he’s done with dating apps and wants to find something more meaningful with someone who is ready to settle down.

He was in a relationship for almost ten years in his twenties, and they got engaged before he realized he was too young to get married. After honing his dating techniques in the real world for many years, Adam now believes that using dating apps to locate a new partner is pointless because “everyone just sits behind a keyboard.”

So, what did the wedding day look like for the couple?

“I’m here to get married, fall in love, and have that fairytale ending,” Janelle said as she walked down the aisle. Her watchful brothers vowed to have a “severe talk” with her new husband about their own expectations of their newest relative in the meantime.

Her brothers’ ears perked up when Adam hinted in his vows that he had an “unlucky past” and they went on high alert. However, Adam had some small reservations of his own, noting that he wasn’t certain how his imposing demeanor would blend with Janelle’s exaggerated outlook. Janelle gently started poking around for information about her new husband’s business as the two newlyweds sat down to their reception—and she didn’t like what he revealed.

“I don’t know exactly what his career is,” Janelle said. In the meantime, one of Janelle’s brothers made the snap judgment that Adam had previously been detained and chose to approach him.

Her brothers enquired as to the details of her “not-so-perfect life.” The revelation that Adam had cheated during a previous long-term relationship disturbed Janelle’s brothers. The brothers were on high alert and soon let their cherished sister know they had her back and their eyes on her groom. Adam said he respected Janelle and wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Because, cheating aside, the self-assured entrepreneur’s actual line of work was what the brothers (and Janelle) were most interested in. Janelle had discovered that he was running an internet contest and wanted to start a podcast.

“Is that… stable?” asked her brother. “No,” was Janelle’s answer. Her brothers reminded her she wanted financial security and an increasingly flustered Janelle exclaimed, “Why are you planting doubt in my mind?”

Later that evening, Janelle voiced her concerns over Adam’s previous and present employment. He made an effort to reassure her that everything was alright. The newlyweds stayed up late talking about their future plans and previous relationships after the reception. Janelle was prepared to overlook Adam’s infidelity but not his vague goals about his career and personal life, and the latter continued to generate a number of warning lights for her.

“If I don’t see potential in marriage with a guy, I don’t want to waste my time,” Janelle asked. “Currently, do you have any stream of income?” Janelle asked her new husband. The two fought over their differing viewpoints, which was a big rift in their budding relationship.

“I’m confused about where Janelle’s head is at,” Adam. “Why is this something you don’t like talking about?” Janelle countered. “[Money] is not at the forefront of me starting a relationship with someone,” Adam said.

So, are they still together? As you know a relationship is a lot of work and the couple really had a bad start. So, how committed they are to each other, we’ll have to wait and see. Until then we can’t say anything for sure and they haven’t updated the relationship status yet.

Adam Seed Age

As of February 2023, Adam Seed, when he filmed the show, was 35 years old.

Adam Seed Height

Adam Seed’s height measures under 5 feet 11 inches. His tattoo and his nose piercing are his distinct features.

Who Are Adam Seed Parents?

Born in England with Jamaican West Indian heritage, Adam Seed was adopted by Australian parents who raised him in Queensland. He is very private about his family members.

About his siblings, Adam has a sister named Bekah Seed (@just_bekah). She has been married to her partner since December 2020. She has also posted pictures of their mom, but not much is currently known about her. And, he has another brother named Nathaniel Seed.

Adam Seed Job

In September 2018, Adam Seed also posed as a model for UK Street Wear. He has posed for brands like Bech & Hersey, Bellamore Official, Faithless Co, and The couture Club to name a few.

Now, Adam is also a reality star with his own IMDB page with MAFS Australia as his first credit. However, he also appeared on another TV show Dinner Date in February 2017. He had also put himself in the limelight the following summer on Channel 4’s Coach Trip.

Adam was spotted on ITV’s Dinner Date just a few months before starring on several Coach Trip episodes wooing Jasmin Walia of The Only Way Is Essex. Each episode of the show, which is a mashup of Come Dine With Me and First Dates, follows a different single person as they try to find love by going on many dates with potential matches who cook them a home-cooked meal.

When Adam made an appearance on the seventh season of the dating program, Jasmin chose to go on a second date with him rather than choosing one of her other three potential partners.

At the time, Adam had shared that he worked as a construction worker and part-time barber. Whereas in MAFS Australia he has been described as a “business owner.” The bridegroom claimed to be a co-owner of a British-based internet company named “Meta Competitions,” but the company’s website doesn’t appear to offer any current raffles.

On the website, Adam says he set up the business with his best friend Kaio, whom he met on his first reality TV stint on Coach Trip. Adam revealed on the website “We have started this competition business which is like no other, with one goal in mind, TO CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES.”

‘While also bringing the good vibes, we aim to bring as much happiness and joy to as many people as humanly possible.’ His job had caused a lot of ruckus in the show.

How Much Is Adam Seed Net Worth?

Adam Seed’s net worth, in 2023, is under $250 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Adam Seed From?

MAFS star Adam Seed hailed from Atherton, Queensland.

  • When Is Adam Seed Birthday?

Adam Seed celebrates his birthday on 12 May.

  • Is Adam Seed On Instagram?

Yes, you can find Adam Seed on Instagram (@adam_seed13).

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