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Duncan James Bio, Parents, Height, Job, Age, MAFS

Duncan James came into the show MAFS hoping to be a prince charming for someone and to meet his future wife. Duncan is a gallant gentleman who has no trouble meeting ladies. He finds himself entering relationships rapidly before realizing after a few months that they aren’t a good match.

He’s searching for a woman with class, emotional intelligence, and confidence. And in a relationship, she had to be “the best friend and the lover.”

Duncan had announced his appearance on the show while writing, “I’m jumping in the deep end, going all in. My heart is racing, my head’s in a spin. On this whirlwind journey, they call the married game. Not asking too much, just looking for my twin flame. #MAFS

Learn about his parents, age, birthday, height, and more in this article below.

MAFS Australia: Are Alyssa Barmonde And Duncan James Still Together?

Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James had what they call a “magical wedding”. Duncan came into the show looking for an instant connection with his future bride. He told 9 Now, “Life’s too short to not be in amazing, ‘smack you in the face’ love.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to do crazy things to go on a crazy love story, in the hope that I find my forever person,” Duncan told the entertainment news outlet.

Things were positive because both Alyssa and Duncan had strong moral principles and a stable set of values. They were also both willing to take significant risks for their enormous love. As her wedding day drew near, Alyssa was overcome with emotion and confessed that she had thought Duncan would cry when he saw her.

“It would mean everything for me for this to be ‘The One’,” she said.

But when Alyssa saw her groom, she was the one who wiped away her own tears. She was immediately moved by his thoughtful gesture of pulling out a tissue for her. “I’m totally speechless,” she said.

Duncan said that he had “a thousand times” imagined his wedding day and was committed to building a close-knit, loving family. Alyssa was delighted to be his princess while he looked for a fairytale. Duncan claimed he could tell his new bride was a strong-minded woman despite her tears and bursting emotions. The trait was one he had been looking for. The two admitted that they felt a great connection and warmth right away. The happily married couple shared a kiss in front of their loved ones as their real-life fairytale reception.

“Duncan is absolutely my Prince Charming,” Alyssa gushed.

For their honeymoon, the couple traveled to Victoria’s wine region, where their romance flourished. Alyssa was thrilled that her handsome new husband, who acknowledged to being a “hopeless romantic,” never wanted the honeymoon to end. Duncan was surprised to discover that while his marriage continued to develop spontaneously and effortlessly, he was feeling “a bit giddy.”

“I just want to stay in this little bubble forever,” Alyssa added.

However, the wedding wasn’t without a little bit of drama. There was a scene with that glittering pink garment, “billowing smoke,” and a heating apparatus that viewers of the show missed. Alyssa’s stunning dress caught fire on the most important day of her life as she huddled up to a heater to stay warm. They spoke about the incident with 9 Now.

“It was a cold night on our wedding night in the macadamia farm up in Byron Bay…” Duncan told the outlet. Alyssa then added, “[My dress] landed on one of the heaters which was there to keep us really warm, and it… went up in flames.” Although the garment was displayed practically immediately, the couple, who had only just met hours previously, found the situation to be rather dramatic.

“I said, ‘Alyssa, you’re smoking!’ and she said ‘Thank you!’,” Duncan laughed. “I said… ‘No, you literally are smoking.’ There was smoke billowing up behind her!” Alyssa found the scenario amusing, according to Duncan, and didn’t let it ruin her day.

“It was quite cute because my man of honor said that my wedding dress got destroyed because that means I’ll never have to have another one!” Alyssa said. Duncan explained further: “Any woman that can handle that on her wedding day, kudos to her!”

But the big question remains. Are they still married? Based on how smoothly everything went for the couple, it is likely so. But, the journey hasn’t ended yet and we’ll have to wait and see how the relationship develops and what other drama they have to tackle through.

Duncan James Age

At the time of filming the show, Duncan James was 36 years old.

Duncan James Height

Duncan James stands tall at a height above 6 feet 2 inches.

Who Are Duncan James Parents?

Duncan James was born to his parents Steve and Helen Simpson as the youngest of three children. His parents have been happily married for 43 years. They celebrate their wedding anniversary on 5 May every year.

Talking about their age, Steve turned 73 years old in April 2022. His wife’s age is currently unclear.

Furthermore, Helen retired from Manly West Primary School after working for 27 years in November 2018.

Talking about Duncan’s siblings, his oldest sister Lauren Simpson turned 40 years old on 30 June 2022. She is currently in a relationship with her partner Kellie Smith.

In October 2020, Duncan wished his sister, Renee Simpson, “Happy birthday to my beautiful sister. Always the life of the party. I’m proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Love you @rendeco.” In March 2022, she returned home from Barcelona. She works on a superyacht Felix.

With two older sisters and a close-knit family, the family resides in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Duncan James Job

Duncan James is currently employed at CSO Group as a Northern Region Manager since January 2020. Before that, he worked as an account director at Symantec from November 2018 to January 2020.

As for his LinkedIn, Duncan started his career at Sophos working as a sales development representative in 2006. During the seven and half years period, he took on many roles such as Territory Account Executive (Corporate).

Additionally, he joinedForcepoint in 2014 as an enterprise account manager and then as an enterprise account manager. For a year from 2017 to 2018, he also worked at Mimecast as Enterprise Business Development Manager.

How Much Is Duncan James Net Worth?

In 2023, Duncan James’s net worth is expected to be above $450 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Duncan James From?

MAFS hearthrob Duncan James is a native of New South Wales.

  • When Is Duncan James Birthday?

Every year, Duncan James celebrates his birthday on 21 December.

  • Is Duncan James On Instagram?

Yes, Duncan James is on Instagram (@duncan__james).

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