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Adam Yenkin Bio, Katie Springer Husband, Age, Job

Katie Springer is the daughter and only child of the late Jerry Springer who is married to Adam Yenkin. Fans are saddened by the news of the beloved TV and radio personality. In these difficult times, friends and family members are imparting their kind words to his only child and his son-in-law.

Learn more about Adam in this article below. Here we cover his age, job, and current residence.

Meet Adam Yenkin, Katie Springer Husband

Katie Springer, the daughter of the late Jerry Springer, is married to Adam Yenkin. It is unclear when they tied the knots but it was sometime after 2006.

When her father appeared on Dancing With The Star’s third season in 2006, he was partnered with pro dancer Kym Johnson-Herjavec. During a conversation with PEOPLE in November, late DWTS contestant Len Goodman—who passed away earlier this week at the age of 78—gave some insight into Springer’s motivation to survive the competition’s weekly eliminations.

Jerry was “hoping to stay in [the competition] long enough so he could learn to waltz and dance it at his daughter’s wedding,” Goodman recalled as he named the talk show host one of the show’s most memorable competitors in Goodman’s 31 seasons as head judge.

Adam and Katie share one child together. Their son is named Ricky Yenkin. In November 2019, Adam shared about his son writing, “Ricky’s last day of lower school. This September he will be in middle school. Thank you to all of his lower school teachers for giving him such a wonderful experience and solid foundation.”

During the time of COVID in 2020, Katie and Adam sent their son to her a man who she described as “basically my brother,” because they were unable to navigate online learning.

Furthermore, Katie wrote in the lengthy post, “Was this choice hard, yes of course. But it was correct and I don’t regret it or feel guilty about it in the least because I know without a doubt we did what was best for our son. Sometimes being a good parent means putting the needs of your child first and that is what we did. I’m saying all this because I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with a repeatedly asked question that is rude, offensive, hurtful, and judgmental. Do we miss him? Excuse me? We had to send our son away for his own good. How f’cking dare you ask me such a thing.”

She concluded, “My son deserves better than sitting on the couch with no friends to interact with about ready to jump out of his skin because his high energy system is being caged. And no walks wouldn’t have worked. He’s a pre-teen athlete, not an adult. He also deserves better than seeing his grades sink because his parents aren’t able to thoroughly help him with online schooling. He’s honor roll, he deceives to stay there. I shouldn’t have to explain any of this. We don’t owe anyone an explanation. If you know us at all you know we acted with Ricky’s best interest at heart.”

Click the link here to watch Ricky’s Kabbalat Mitzvah which happened in October 2021.

After the news of Jerry’s death went public, Adam post a pic of himself taken with his father-in-law. Several families and friends left kind words in the comment section for the family members. One friend wrote, “I am so sorry Adam, thinking of you and your family .”

Another friend wrote, “So sorry, he was a great person, hugs to you, Katie and Ricky, and of course Micki.” Likewise, another added, “Adam, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you, Katie, and Ricky.”

Adam Yenkin Age

In 2023, Adam Yenkin turned 53 years old. He was born in January 1970.

Adam Yenkin Job

According to Adam Yenkin’s LinkedIn, he works as a researcher at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. He stated no further detail surrounding his job.

Is Adam Yenkin On Instagram?

No, Adam Yenkin doesn’t have an Instagram. However, you can find him on Twitter (@adam_yenkin) and Facebook (@adam.yenkin).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Adam Yenkin Birthday?

Adam Yenkin celebrates his birthday in January.

  • Where Is Adam Yenkin From?

Per online records, Adam Yenkin hailed from Evanston, Illinois.

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