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Johan Svenson Bio, Age, Married, Swedish Death Cleaning

What do we leave behind when we die? Legacy, memories? Well, aside from the emotional aspect, not many of us consider the physical possessions that our loved ones would have to sort through in our absence. In The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, Johan Svenson does just that —  help people through this process.

Keep reading this Johan Svenson Bio to learn more about him.

Johan Svenson On The Gentle Art Of Swedish Death Cleaning

Based on the best-selling lifestyle book of the same name, the Peacock show The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning followed eight different people as they received guidance from the “Death Cleaners” including Johan Svenson on how to sort through their junk so their loved one would have as little hassle as possible in case of their death.

Obviously, this was a macabre subject, but the stories featured were also emotional — with the people eventually realizing their self-worth.

As one of the hosts, Johan Svensson used his eye for trends and aesthetics to make cluttered home spaces and piles of junk into visually-pleasing set-ups. He wanted his work to speak volumes about a person without taking up too much space.

But Johan wasn’t the only Death Cleaner. Aiding him were his co-stars Ella Engström (a professional organizer and interior designer), Blöm (a “happiness psychologist” and an author), and Amy Poehler (narrator)

Recalling the filming process, Johan shared that he had an “amazing time” in Kansas City in 2022 — all thanks to the “beautiful team” including J.J. Duncan (showrunner) and crew from Scout Productions.

Also, after wrapping up the filming, he did several press runs to promote the show. Their first interview was with Andy Cohen followed by New York Live.

A critic wrote, “Johan is dry, with a sense of humor that seems bold for a mainstream TV show.  At one point, when Suzi, a former showgirl, is describing herself, she says that she has ‘the least amount of talent’ but ‘the best presentation,’ to which Johan savagely responds, ‘You’re like Madonna! The body, the movement, but no voice.’ Later, he jokes that he wants to design Suzi’s house to make it ‘f**kkable’ and declares, ‘Make America f**kable again!’

Johan Svenson Career

Johan Svenson is a Set Designer, Stylist, and Art Director. He mostly worked with commercial advertising and fashion projects from concept development to implementation. His strength lies in turning a strategic communications brief into inspiring, trend-relevant visuals for eye-catching, PR-driving content in all media, from the web to retail and event. 

So far, he has transformed an old Stockholm milk shop at NUORI into an eclectic real-life editorial backdrop, created a paradise of carefully curated beauty and interior design products for Trovelli, and many more. Also, he teamed up with photographer Andreas Öhlund for one of H&M’s many campaigns in 2009. And he does it all through FABLAB AB, a company he started in August 2007.

You can also visit Johan’s shop FABLAB at Bondegatan 7 in SoFo. There, you can find paint, interior design, homeware, niche perfumes, and skin care from exclusive international brands.

Prior to this, he worked as a Set Designer at The Mustard Film Company, an Art Director’s assistant at SVT (from 1997 – 2007, ten years), and a Museum Guide at Zornsamlingarna (1992 – 1997).

Johan took a job as a Museum Guide to make pocket money for himself during school and summer holidays — teaching about art and the life of Anders and Emma Zorn.

Overall, Johan’s ability to turn loose ideas into engaging visual narratives helps his clients become more relevant to hard-to-reach modern audiences. His art department is an extensive network of suppliers from set builders to stand-by props to form an efficient and creative team.

As for his education, Johan attended Stockholm University from 1996 to 1997 to study Art history.

How Much Is Johan Svenson Net Worth?

Johan Svenson garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2023.

Reportedly, as a set designer, Johan made around $53 thousand per annum in Sweden.

Johan Svenson Age

Johan Svenson was born before 1978. That made him at least 45 years of age when he appeared on The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning in 2023.

But he was way younger than his co-star Ella.

Is Johan Svenson Married?

Johan Svenson didn’t reveal his relationship status. But if you ask us, he wasn’t married before appearing on The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning in 2023.

However, he was enjoying the dating game. Back in 2015, he even once feature his boyfriend on FB. The two were celebrating pride month at the time.

Johan Svenson Height

Johan Svenson stands tall at a height of above 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Johan has blond hair, blue eyes, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Johan Svenson Birthday?

He didn’t reveal his birthday.

  • Where Is Johan Svenson From?

Johan hails from Greater Stockholm Metropolitan Area, Sweden.

  • Is Johan Svenson On Instagram And Facebook?

As of April 2023, find him on Instagram @svenson_johan with 2.2K followers.

Also, here’s his Facebook @johan.svenson and Twitter @setdesignjohan.

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