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Ae Southammavong Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Next Level Chef

Ae Southammavong is one of the contestants in Gordon Ramsey’s new and exciting cooking competition called Next Level Chef. As the name suggests, Next Level Chef is being touted as the “next evolution” of cooking competition shows.

So, who is Ae Southammavong apart from being an excellent chef, which, of course, she must be if she is in the show? What is her age, height, ethnicity? And most importantly, who is she dating/married to? To find out all the answers, keep reading.

Ae Southammavong On Next Level Chef

Next Level Chef would have three levels, literally. There will be three floors and each floor would have a kitchen. The top floor kitchen would have the first choice ingredients and the bottom floor would have to work with the leftovers.

The show will feature 15 chefs. The chefs will make three teams (five in each team) and compete against each other. The contestant chefs will be judged based on how well they have worked with the ingredients that they get.

Apart from Gordon Ramsey, there will be two more judges/mentors on the show Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais. Each judge will mentor one team and the show is The Voice style team competition.

The first episode of the show was all about draft, i.e. determining which mentor picks which contestant in their teams. The elimination starts from the second episode.

In an Instagram post, Ae talked about her National TV debut and how she wanted to represent her country Laos on the big stage. There was another Insta post with a photo of a cooking pan on fire and the captions, “It’s about to be L I T T Y [fire emoji] @nextlevelcheffox.”

Ae Southammavong Age

Ae Southammavong is 32 years of age as of early 2022. She celebrated her 32nd birthday on 16 October 2021.

What Is Ae Southammavong’s Ethnicity?

Ae Southammavong’s ethnicity is Lao-American.

Ae’s mother’s name is Manivone Southammavong. We do not know the name of her father, but he does appear quite a lot on Southammavong family social media. You can see him in the Southammavong family photo here.

Apart from her parents, Ae has two sisters, Bii Southammavong and Aliya Southammavong. According to Aliya’s Facebook, she currently studies at Bangkok University and has “a photograph is a pause button of life” as her intro.

Bii’s Facebook did not have much information about her. Her Instagram, however, said that she is a married woman and is a mother to a daughter called Ava. She is married to a guy called Bobby Phetsanghane.

Bii and Bobby got married on 18 December 2019. And their daughter Ava was born in April 2021.

Ae Southammavong Boyfriend

Ae Southammavong has not revealed anything about her dating life in public. There was one Instagram post from 2020 with her best friend (name not known) in which she said left many men for her best friend. She went on to say that she had “the best days of [her] life” with the said best friend.

She concluded the long post with “LOVE is LOVE. Mine just happens to be very good looking”. Her best friend is a guy.

Ae Southammavong Job And Career

Of course, Ae Southammavong is a chef and has a specialty in Southeast Asian cuisine, especially Lao food. She is a food content creator. Ae has her youtube channel called twerkingtastebuds. So far, the channel has only three videos, all of them related to food, and 938 subscribers.

She also writes recipes and blogs for a company called Lao Thai Nam, which is a Dallas-based food processing company, that prepares ingredients for Southeast Asian food. The company also has several recipes about Lao dishes and Lao food ingredients. You can find a recipe for Thum Moua here.

Also, according to the website, the mission of the company is to “bring you the best quality Lao ingredients from our family recipes” for the “genuine Southeast Asian flavor”.

Ae is also an entrepreneur and runs a meal prep company called The StirFry Master.

Before she became an entrepreneur, Ae had a day job. She quit her day job in January 2020 and started her entrepreneurial journey. In the years that she has worked as an entrepreneur, she has learned a lot. She has learned things like: “There’s a price for everything”. Or “Give first before wishing to receive.” Or “Set small goals consistently and appreciate your wins.” “It’s OK to ask for help.” “Being vulnerable is the real flex and is a sign of strength.” and so on.

Furthermore, Ae also has her podcast called “Double Minority Report”. And in April 2021, she was also on a comedy panel called Laos Angeles Deuan Sabaidee.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ae Southammavong From?

According to Reality Titbit, Ae is from San Diego. She was born in Laos. But she currently resides in California.

  • How Tall Is Ae Southammavong?

Ae Southammavong is not very tall. She stands at a height of only 5 ft 3 inches.

  • Is Ae Southammavong On Instagram And TikTok?

Of course, Ae is on Instagram and Tiktok. Her Instagram handle @aebaybayy had 20.2k followers. Similarly, her Tiktok channel, also called @aebaybayy, had 355k followers and 8.8M likes.

Apart from Instagram and Tiktok, Ae was also present on Twitter and Facebook.

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