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AGT Amanda Mammana Bio, Parents, Dating, Height, Age

Amanda Mammana auditioned at America’s Got Talent [ AGT ] and blew everyone away with her original song. After the performance, her fans wanted to learn more about her life. Below, we cover her career & journey, music, parents, her dating life, and her height.

So, on learning as this article proceeds while unfolding information about America’s Got Talent auditionee Amanda Mammana.

Amanda Mammana On AGT (America’s Got Talent)

The stage of America’s Got Talent season 17 in 2022 was graced by a singer named Amanda Mammana who had been diagnosed with a speech impediment. A while back she discovered that she had the ability to sing without having to manage the symptoms of her speech impediment.

“As you can probably tell, I have a bit of a speech impediment. And, it was definitely something that caused me to shy away and hide. But I found that I don’t stutter when I sing,” the singer told the judges.

She added: “I will be singing a song that I wrote. It’s just about some hard times and if I could go back and change those things, I wouldn’t because they made me me”.

Hailing from Connecticut, she sang an original song for four judges. She moved the judges and the crowd with the story she had to tell through her music.

By the song’s end, everyone stood up to give her an ovation. She also received “Yes” from all four judges putting him through the next round. People who watched her at home also praised her for her performance despite her difficulties. One wrote on the YouTube comment section, “Amanda penetrating our souls not only with her story but her song and voice. Well done Amanda…Well Done!”.

Another added, “I didn’t even realize I was crying until the song was over. She is mesmerizing. I felt every single word”.

The next viewer wrote, “I love artists like this young lady that come on the show with their original material. She explained her speech issue and sailed through her song like a beautiful swan. Well done, Amanda”.

Another added about her singing talent and her difficulties. They wrote, “When you have an impaired speech and you still deliver this kind of song, that’s really incredible talent!”

AGT Amanda Mammana Career

Amanda Mammana had been a quite social child, but the speech impediment made her feel very insecure, and she started to avoid people and even went through periods of anxiety and melancholy.

But, she overcame her anxiety as she grew up. She wrote, “As I got older I battled insecurity and self-doubt. I was embarrassed by the way that I spoke and I felt that my voice didn’t matter. Because of that, I picked up songwriting after a really hard summer of anxiety and depression”.

However, Amanda continued to discover herself via music when she joined her school’s worship band in the seventh grade and then the band at her church a year later.

Although Amanda had fun singing covers, she knew she had to share her own story writing and singing her own songs.

According to her website, she has a single out now titled Prove You Wrong. She writes, “Prove You Wrong” is my newest single about dreaming big. Some people might think you’ll fail Some might think you’re not good enough. Some might try to tell what’s best. They might tell you no. What you do after, speaks volumes. Will you give up on your dreams or will you prove them wrong? “.

Moreover, she also has a YouTube channel with 1.12K. She has uploaded videos of her original songs Your Love and I Will Trust and cover songs such as The Nights by Avicii, Someone You Love by Lewis Capaldi, Dance With Me by New Orleans, and Picking Flowers by Boy in Space.

Also, find her on Spotify and TikTok where she shares her music.

Amanda is attending Liberty University to earn her BA in Music Production by 2025.

How Old Is AGT Amanda Mammana?

When she signed up for the audition and performed, Amanda Mammana was 19 years old. She first developed her speech impediment when she was ten years old.

AGT Amanda Mammana Parents

AGT Amanda Mammana was born to her parents Michael and Lorene Mammana.

Born in December 1963, her father is 58 years old meanwhile, her mother is age 57 being born in November 1964.

Michael was also a musician who back in the 1980s went by the name DJ Mystique. He and his wife Lorene are the owners of MCM Media, Inc which they incorporated in April 1996. According to his LinkedIn, he is now working at Fox Business Network as Technical Production Manager.

Michael is the son of Ignazio A. “Nat” Mammana and Doris Christine Mammana. Ignazio is a World War II veteran serving in the U.S. Navy, a member of Campfire Club of America, Pahquioque Club, Willow Wood CC, Putnam Fish, and Game Club, Stamford Fish and Game Club, Ansonia Rod and Gun Club, Seymour Fish and Game Club, CTA, ATA and a member of the VFW, died at the age of 79 in 2005.

Dorris passed away on 10 September 2011 at the age of 83.

Talking about siblings, Amanda has an older sister named Sophia Mammana. She attended Christian Heritage School and played women’s soccer. Later on, she attended Gordon College from where she earned her BBA in 2022. She is currently interning at Gordon College as Principal Intern for the CMO.

Is AGT Amanda Mammana Dating Anyone?

Currently, the dating life of Amanda Mammana is shrouded in mystery. She has yet to open up about her dating life and her social media doesn’t hold any evidence regarding her past love life. But, as sweet and talented as she is, a lot of boys are attracted to her.

AGT Amanda Mammana Height

AGT Amanda Mammana stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is AGT Amanda Mammana Birthday?

AGT Amanda Mammana’s birthday is unclear at this moment.

  • How Much Is AGT Amanda Mammana Net Worth?

As of July 2022, Amanda Mammana’s net worth is under $100 thousand.

  • Where Is AGT Amanda Mammana From?

AGT Amanda Mannana hailed from Trumbull, Connecticut.

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