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Claim To Fame Louise Bio, Age, Job, IG, Famous Relative

Meet Adria Biles or better known as Louise from ABC’s Claim To Fame. She is one of the 12 contestants on the show. So, by now it is clear who is Louise. Learn more about her, her famous relative, and her family. This article also covers her age, job, and social media reach.

So, keep on scrolling down to learn more about Claim To Fame Louise or Adria Biles.

Meet Louise, One Of The Contestants On Claim To Fame

Louise is one of the 12 contestants on ABC’s Claim To Fame. The show’s description states that the show “challenges 12 celebrity relatives to step outside their famous family member’s shadow and live together under one roof, concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their own fame and fortune”.

The show is hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, best known as the oldest and youngest of the Jonas Brothers.

All 12 contestants are related to celebrities and what they do is try to guess each other’s famous kin, and the last contestant standing will win $100,000 as a prize. Every week, one contestant has to guess the identity of a fellow player, and either the guesser or the guessee gets sent home.

Maxwell, Chuck Norris’ grandson, was eliminated from the competition in the first episode in a shocking twist. Pepper was voted by contestants as the first guesser. She chose Maxwell and was convinced that he was Steven Spielberg’s grandson. Maxwell cheated by using a smartphone during the game and hosts Joe and Frankie Jonas were briefly taken off-camera.

He was eliminated and sent home because it was against the rules. But, because Maxwell cheated, Pepper was safe from being eliminated.

Pepper again was chosen as the guesser for episode 2. She chose Michael and guessed that Michael was related to Zendaya, which was correct. Michael is actually Zendaya’s cousin.

Claim To Fame Louise Famous Relative

Louise from Claim To Fame is actually Adria Biles, younger sister (by two years) of G.O.A.T. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. Recalling a childhood memory with Simone, she said, “My sister is fearless. When we were little kids, we’d stand on a railing on the second floor of our house, then jump off onto the couch down below on the first floor. She’d go first, and I’d follow. We were both gymnasts, so we were always trying things around the house. Nothing scared her”.

Adria and Simone are born to her biological parents Kelvin Clemons and Shanon Biles. Kelvin was never in the picture and Shanon struggled with drug abuse.

“Growing up, my biological mom was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and she was in and out of jail,” Simone said during her time on Dancing With The Stars. “I never had a mom to run to. I do remember always being hungry and afraid. At 3 years old, I was placed in foster care … Whenever we had visits with my grandpa, I was so excited”.

In 2016, Shanon opened up about giving Simone and Adria and the other two siblings up for adoption in a 2016 Daily Mail interview.

Shanon explained, “It was “hard to give up my kids, but I had to do what I had to. I wasn’t able to care for them”. Shanon stated that she occasionally has brief discussions with Simone and that she still supports and admires her. Kelvin Clemons, Simone’s biological father, was not in contact with Simone, according to Shanon.

So, her grandparents Ron and Nellie Biles became the four siblings’ adoptive parents. They adopted Simone and Adria in 2003 after discovering they were in foster care.

“My parents saved me,” Simone added. “They’ve set huge examples of how to treat other people, and they’ve been there to support me since day one. There’s nothing I could say to them to thank them enough”.

And their two siblings Ashley and Tevin Biles were reportedly adopted by Ron’s sister, Harriett.

Adria’s brother Tevin was previously charged with murder in August 2019 Fort Stewart, Georgia fatal shooting during a party at an Airbnb in Cleveland incident. Three men died at the time.

A judge in Ohio ordered a mistrial in Tevin’s murder case in May 2021 after the jury claimed they had seen legal documents that were accidentally submitted as evidence, according to USA Today. He entered a not-guilty plea.

Tevin was acquitted of all charges in June 2021 when his case was dismissed.

Adria also ended up with two more half-siblings when her grandparents adopted her: Ron Jr. and Adam Biles (who were formerly her uncles). She refers to Ron Jr. and Adam as her brothers.

Claim To Fame Louise Age

Born on 27 January 1999, Claim To Fame Louise (real name Adria Biles) is 23 years old.

Is Claim To Fame Louise On IG?

Yes, Claim to Fame Louise AKA Adria Biles is on Instagram. You can find her at (@adria_biles). She is also on Facebook (@adriastff) and TikTok (@adriabiles), and Twitter (@adria_biles).

Claim To Fame Louise Job

Claim To Fame Louise or Adria Biles is also a champion gymnast like her older sister Simone Biles. Adria Biles trained with Simone (till 2016) in the early days but ended up quitting the sport. Both sisters were equally good and would win wherever they went. But, Adria quit the sport because of the constant pressure.

People always compared the sisters and thought it wasn’t fair to other competitors that both sisters could compete. Adria reportedly found it difficult to hear and left the game.

She got into the sport early and started training at age 9. She gave up gymnastics, though, when she reached the junior elite level and is now working in dental hygiene and assisting. You can check out her elaborated stats as a competitor here.

In 2020, Adria tweeted, “I’m in a program right now for dental assisting then I want to do hygiene”.

Louise AKA Adria completed her high school at Klein Collins High School.

What Is Claim To Fame Louise Last Name?

The real name of Claim To Fame Louise is Adria Biles. So, her last name is Biles.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Claim To Fame Louise From?

Claim To Fame Louise hailed from Spring, Texas. They were in Foster care before their grandparents adopted them.

  • Is Claim To Fame Louise In A Relationship?

Per her Instagram, Claim To Fame Louise or Adria Biles is single. But back in 2018, she was dating her ex-boyfriend who was a marine.

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