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AGT Yu Hojin Bio, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Parents

Magician Yu Hojin was among the many contestants who auditioned for America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 17.

Yu was not able to impress Simon Cowell as much as he did the rest star judges with his first act only for him to come out better and grander in his next performance. Soon, he became one of the standout stars of AGT this season and even made Simon admit that he was an “idiot” for voting a “no” to his previous act.

Now, while this South Korean sensation is busy winning over fans, let us dive into an ‘AGT Yu Hojin Bio’ that explains everything you need to know about him.

Yu Hojin AGT America’s Got Talent Journey

Very calm, elegant, and above 5-foot-11-inch appearing Yu Hojin advanced to AGT Season 17 finals (scheduled for 13 September 2022).

After this semi-final performance, he received a standing ovation, got down on his knees to hug Golden Buzzer winner Maddie Baez, and thanked everyone for loving his act.

Despite everyone loving his act, Yu’s path to the biggest stage was not anywhere close to easy.

The audition act saw him make feathers grow, poise in mid-air, and then disappear, all while backed by Emeli Sande’s “Read All About It”. For this, Simon voted no, and Sofia, Heidi, and Howie voted yes.

In the second act, he wowed everyone including Simon.

Then, finally, in the semi-finals, judges picked him over singer Madison Taylor Baez.

For the finals, Yu was joining Chapel Hart, Golden Buzzer saxophonist Avery Dixon, and country singer Drake Milligan.

This however was not Yu’s first time performing on the AGT stage. He apparently appeared with his ILLUSIONISTS group on AGT in season 11 as a guest performer.

Does AGT Yu Hojin Have A Wife?

No, AGT Yu Hojin didn’t seem to have a wife in 2022. Not only that, he appeared single without a potential girlfriend in the picture.

Who Are AGT Yu Hojin Parents?

AGT Yu Hojin has great parents. But, his father was not supportive of his decision to pursue a career as a magician, in the beginning.

Yu shared this up in the AGT stage about how his father took some time to come around after seeing him so passionate about it.

He used to do magic secretly in his bathroom. This continued for five years and one day finally his dad asked him “hey if I accept your magic, can you be the best?”. Yu said ‘yes’ of course.

Yu Hojin’s family also includes a very loving mother and two seemingly younger sisters. Another thing that one can not help but notice is that Yu and his siblings look so much alike.

AGT Yu Hojin Career

Since 2013, Yu Hojin had been working with The Illusionists for seven years when in 2019 he wrote on Facebook that he has made a decision to do his own thing for a while. But, he also had promised them that he will be back.

Yu has since then appeared on various shows including Britain’s Got Talent, World’s Best Magic, Champions of Magic, Masters of Illusion, The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

He was one of the first magicians to perform in the concert hall at the historic Sydney Opera House. He also made history as the first Asian magician to perform on Broadway.

So clearly, the Dong-Pusan ​​College alum already had found success as a magician before his stint on AGT.

Yu has won the prestigious FISM World Championships of Magic Grand Prix in 2012, making him the first Asian magician to earn that honor. He also has been named the youngest person to win the Magician of the Year Award from the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

How Much Is AGT Yu Hojin Net Worth?

AGT Yu Hojin reportedly had an estimated $500K net worth as of 2022.

Of all things, Yu during his AGT audition performance also shared that he served his military duty for two years (until it ended on 27 November 2021). He said during conscription time he thought of what he really wanted to do. And that was when he come to the conclusion that he needed to participate in AGT, his favorite show of all time. Why? Because, he has realized that despite doing many shows around the world, many still did not know his name.

Yu not only learned to do magic at eight but also to play the piano.

AGT Yu Hojin Age

Born in 1992, Yu Hojin reached the age of 29 in late 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was AGT Yu Hojin Born?

AGT Yu Hojin was born in Seoul, Korea, and maybe also raised there. As of 2022 and he had been living in New York, New York. This move to New York was likely to pursue a career and achieve that “American dream”.

For the past couple of years, Yu very rarely got to go visit his family in Korea. Because of the work of course. He says he is determined to work hard and hit a jackpot one day.

He sure was right about AGT because now sure he has a bigger audience looking up to him and his “Yu Ho Jin Manipulation Cards” have been selling more than ever. Also, his “Magic On The Go” videos have been downloaded more than ever. People now call him “the most elegant card manipulation”.

  • Is AGT Yu Hojin On TikTok?

Yu Hojin was not on TikTok as of 19 August 2022. But, he certainly was getting more famous on Instagram and Facebook each day.

His IG @hojin_yu entertained 43.5K followers and the ‘Hojin Yu (Yu hojin)’ Facebook included 11.688K followers.

He was also active on Twitter @magicianYu.

  • When Is AGT Yu Hojin Birthday?

AGT Yu Hojin is a Capricorn and celebrates his birthday on the 25th of December.

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