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Caitlin V Neal Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Good S*x

Good S*x, a new reality show, premiered on Discovery+ on 19 August 2022. And soon its host, s*x coach Caitlin V Neal become everyone’s favorite. The series challenges couples to review their s*x tapes with Caitlin and she, as a result, helps these clients with their intimacy issues.

Now, let’s have a deeper look at Caitlin’s role on the show, her age, net worth, career, and married life.

Caitlin V Neal On Discovery Plus Good S*x

Caitlin V Neal is a YouTuber turned researcher and sexologist who helps people gain confidence and improve s*xual performance. Or, she simply puts in a way that she helps people to have the best s*x of their lives.

For more than ten years, Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from more than 150 countries with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality. Of course, she has also already reached out to over 470K subscribers with her s*x tips, relationship advice, and personal insights on YouTube.

No doubt the Good S*x chose her as their face.

Caitlin explains in the trailer for the series that after a decade of coaching, she has come up with a radical approach. So, as part of it, the series sees her ask her clients to put cameras in their bedrooms and afterward, review the tape with them to discuss where things went wrong.

The rewarding part of it besides fame and money, Cailtin believes, is seeing transformation in people’s lives.

Caitlin V Neal’s Net Worth

Caitlin V Neal reportedly had around $750K net worth as of 2022.

Among all the income sources, Caitlin also makes good enough money from her website which features multiple programs that anyone can purchase with their partner to help them both learn from her years of expertise.

Caitlin has featured in a myriad of publications, such as Healthline, Shape, Popsugar, OprahMag, and Bustle. And she has made appearances on the likes of How to Talk to Girls with TrippAdvice, Marni Kinrys’s Ask Women, and several podcasts Dr. Cat Meyer’s “Eat.Play.Sex”, “Spark Joy”, including her own “The Oral Report”,

Is Caitlin V Neal Lesbian?

Caitlin V Neal is not a lesbian. Instead, she identifies as pansexual and leans heteroromantic. She further goes on to explain that she is a femme cisgender woman who identifies as pansexual and leans heteroromantic.

Caitlyn says she happens to be in an incredibly satisfying relationship with a masculine cisgender man.

Caitlin came out for the first time around the age of 14, casually while discussing a movie with lesbian characters with her parents.

Still coming out and coming into herself all the time, she makes sure to do her part to “erase bi and pan invisibility”.

Is Caitlin V Neal Married?

Caitlin V Neal is a married woman and her husband since 2018 is Joshua Albanese.

The two likely tied the knot on 23 April 2018. Because on this day four years later, Caitlin took to her IG to write “Four years and hundreds of lifetimes with you 💕.”

A glimpse from Caitlin and Joshua’s wedding day (PIC: Instagram)

Caitlin does not say much about her personal life, but she sure does share pictures with Joshua on social media from time to time. And every time she does that she can not stop gushing about him. “Entire universe of love and joy squeezed into one wonderful human body”, her teacher, medicine, and mirror are some of the sweet nothings Caitlin uses to refer to him.

Caitlin has been together with her man since 2015 and believes she is a better, wiser, more loving human because of him.

Joshua is an entrepreneur like Caitlin and a professional photographer. Together, he and his wife also run BPP Coaching. On Instagram @joshuaalbanese, he is often sharing glimpses of his life with friends, family, cats, and his photography of course.

Caitlin V Neal Age

In 2021, Caitlin V Neal reached the age of 30.

Caitlin V Neal Family

Caitlin V Neal’s parents are Craig and Bobette Neal. And of them, the patriarch, Craig is no more.

Caitlin often recalls him and her memories with him on her Instagram which she says her dad would never have checked even if he lived to be 100.

Before, when her father was still alive, Caitlin showed him and her mother together and they captioned a hashtag “my parents rock”.

Caitlin’s mother, on her Facebook, has shared that she got married on 3 May 2010. She also wrote here that she worked at Seemac and studied at the University of Missouri and Parkway Central High School.

Speaking of siblings, Caitlin has only a brother. He is Michael Austin Neal of Detroit, Michigan. Also as of 2022, he had been married to an Arizona State University alum Katie Neal.

In July of 2013, the family also lost their very beloved, Beulah V. Neal, Caitlin’s grandmother and wife of the late Hubert Sr.

Is Caitlin V Neal On Instagram?

Caitlin was certainly on Instagram @caitlinvictoriousx and there were 754 posts and 21.4K followers as of 20 August 2022.

She also shared intimacy and relationship-related content on Twitter @caitlinneal, Facebook, and Pinterest. Yet, she was not on Facebook regularly. Also, her TikTok @caitlinvictoriousx seemed to have been deleted.

Mostly in these platforms, Caitlin talked about things like how she pursued a career she did wanting to add a pleasure-centered perspective to those experiencing shame around s*x. She no longer wanted s*x education to be only disease-focused.

Caitlin V Neal Height

Caitlin V Neal stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Caitlin V Neal From?

Maybe like her brother, Caitlin was born and raised in Dearborn city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

Although as of 2022, she was based in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Caitlin V Neal’s Birthday?

Caitlin V Neal’s birthday is on the 10th of November and that makes her a Scorpio.

  • Where Did Caitlin V Neal Recieve Her Education?

Caitlin V Neal studied Master of Public Health (with Behavioral, Social, and Community Health major) at Indiana University Bloomington from 2011 through 2013.

Before that, from 2006 – 2010, she did her Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Studies, Women’s Studies, and Japanese Language at DePauw University.

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