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Albert Rutecki Bio, Age, Married, Height, As We See It

Amazon Prime Video’s new show As We See It is doing things right and casting actors who are on the autism spectrum to portray the autistic characters. Albert Rutecki is one of the three main characters of the show, which is all about a group of three autistic friends living together and going through life together.

The show’s description of Amazon Prime Video says, “Finding love, making friends, getting a job, adulting. Watch as three roommates on the autism spectrum navigate their early 20s with all its joys, tears, and laughter.”

So, who is Albert Rutecki? And what character does he play on As We See It? Where is he from? Who is he married to? Is he on the autism spectrum? Find out the answers to all these questions below.

Is “As We Seet It” Actor Albert Rutecki In The Autism Spectrum?

Yes, Albert is on the autism spectrum. Albert himself has not talked much about his autism. Although at one point, he did say that he was very excited to portray his character on As We See It with authenticity.

Talking about As We See It, it is a new show on Amazon Prime Video about three autistic friends, Harrison, Violet, and Jack. And it seems this new show is ready to give actors on the autism spectrum their chance to tell their own stories with honesty.

Hollywood has a history of sidelining actors with disabilities. In recent years, however, different voices from different corners within and outside of Hollywood are forcing it to be more inclusive. Casting actors in the autism spectrum to play autistic characters might only be the first step towards that inclusion. But it is an important step.

The characters of Harrison, Jack, and Violet are played by Albert, Rick Glassman, and Sue Ann Pien respectively. And all three actors identify themselves as being on the autism spectrum. The supporting cast of the show includes Sosie Bacon, Chris Pang, Joe Mantegna, and many more.

As We See It is created by Jason Katims, who is known for his shows dealing with sensitive topics like Parenthood, Friday Night Lives. Friday Night Lights won multiple awards including an Emmy.

The show will premiere on Prime Video on 21 January 2021.

Albert Rutecki Age

Reportedly, Albert Rutecki was born in 1993. And as of 01 January 2022, he was 28 years of age.

Albert Rutecki Height

Albert Rutecki is 5 ft 9 inches in height.

Is Albert Rutecki Married?

There are no reports of Albert Rutecki being married. So, it is unlikely that he is married. Of course, there is no record of any of his relationships. But relationships, even if they are serious, are easier to hide than marriages.

Albert Rutecki Net Worth

As We See It is Albert’s acting debut. He studied drama at Hofstra University. So, he might have done some school theatre. He might have also done some out-of-school theatre. And in 2014, he worked as an extra in a web series called Aged Fruit.

However, when it comes to acting performance on TV or film, As We See It is first work.

Albert and Sue Ann also have connections with each other outside of the show. They are both the clients of KMR Talent Agency.

As of 2022, Albert had a net worth of not more than $100 thousand.

Who Are Albert Rutecki’s Parents And Siblings?

Albert comes from parents who are both Minersville natives. His father’s name is Edward Rutecki and his mother’s name is Leslie Wilcox Rutecki.

Both of Albert’s parents are on disability. His mother is suffering from a neurological disorder called ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). She cannot talk and needs help from a device for communication. In 2016, Albert posted a help post on Ellen DeGeneres’s Facebook page asking for some help.

We do not know if Ellen responded and got him some help or not. We also do not know Albert’s mother’s condition at present.

Apart from his parents, Albert has one sibling in the family, a younger sister called Dominika Rutecki. As of 01 January 2021, Dominika is 24 years of age and works as a behavioral therapist at Gym-Jam Pottsville in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Pottsville is about 5 miles from Rutecki’s hometown Minersville.

She went to Temple University and studied Speech, Language, and Hearing Science. Currently, she is enrolled at West Chester University, a public university in Pennsylvania, about 80 miles from Minersville.

Dominika is currently in a relationship with a guy called Wesley Yutko.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Albert Rutecki Birthday?

Albert celebrates his birthday on the 21st of December every year. He celebrated his 28th birthday in 2021. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

  • Where Is Albert Rutecki From?

Albert is originally from Minersville, Pennsylvania. Minersville is about 100 miles north of Philadelphia.

  • Is Albert Rutecki On Instagram And Facebook?

Albert is on Facebook and you can find his profile here. But we could not locate him on Instagram.

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