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Shin Ji-Yeon Bio, Age, Job, IG, Moon Se-Hoon, Singles Inferno

Meet Shin Ji-Yeon, a contestant from Netflix’s Korean reality show ‘Singles Inferno’. Here, you’ll learn about her connection with Moon Se-Hoon, her age, her job, and all the related information.

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Shin Ji-Yeon On Singles Inferno

Back in December 2021 Netflix Japan offered us a dating reality show named ‘The Future Diary’ where we discovered the love story of Maai Nakasone and Takuto Wakamatsu. Now, Netflix has brought another dating show from Korea titled ‘Singles Inferno.’

The reality show ‘Single Inferno’ has a similar theme to ‘Love Island’ or ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ In the show, you’ll meet extremely stunning singletons who are stuck on a distant island and attempting to find love. They can only relocate to ‘the paradise’ because of the restricted supplies if they couple up on the show.

However, there is one rule: they are not permitted to reveal their age or occupation to other contestants. The goal is to attract people based on their attractiveness so that they can form a bond with one another. So, if one of them manages to get together, ‘heaven’ awaits them nearby, a fancy hotel where they are free to say or do whatever they want.

A group of Korean celebrities and comedians observe and react to their interaction in real-time during the broadcast, similar to Gogglebox.

Coming back to Shin Ji-Yeon, she is the first woman to enter the ‘Singles Inferno’. She joins Kim Hyeon-Joong and Moon Se-Hoon on the first episode. In the introductory video she reveals, “When it comes to dating I know what I want. will easily turn down a guy who isn’t my type.”

Ji-Yeon explained further, “When someone is my type, I try to be more straightforward. When I like someone I try to respond enthusiastically. Personality matters a lot to me, I like people who can influence me in positive ways.” In the first episode, Ji-Yeon boasts that her “positive vibes empathy and her hands” make her a charming person.

Shin Ji-Yeon And Moon Se-Hoon‘s Relationship

In the show, fellow cast Moon Se-Hoon seemed to have taken a liking towards Shin Ji-Yeon. He offered her a pillow for her lap when she first arrived. However, he did waver a little when Kang So-Yeon came into the picture and got close to him, but it didn’t last for too long.

But, Kang So-Yeon, on the other hand, helped him in the kitchen. Nonetheless, he couldn’t forget Shin off of his mind. So, he decided to focus on her entirely. After winning the first game, he invited Shin Ji-Yeon and Song Ji-a on the private lunch date so that he could be close to Shin.

Likewise, another cast Choi Si-Hun also mentioned that she perceived her as pure and they liked her smile. And when it came to the time of ‘paradise,’ Shin matched with Choi Si-Hun leaving Moon rejected and heartbroken despite his utmost effort to woo her.

Moon was leaning more toward the budding relationship between him and Shin and the same thing happened when she returned from paradise. Shin politely asked Moon if there was anyone he was interested in on the island. She showed no interest and her not choosing him to go to Paradise solidified her lack of interest.

All of this pointed out the fact that they didn’t end up together in the end.

So what’s her ideal type?

She understands what she wants when it comes to dating and romance and will readily reject a man who isn’t her type. Ji Yeon’s ideal type is someone with a pleasant attitude who can positively affect her. She prefers a man who is dependable, manly, resolute, and sweet. She prefers a man who is her age or older.

How Old Is Shin Ji-Yeon?

Unlike Song Ji-a, Shin Ji-Yeon’s age is not known yet. However, our research tells us that she turned 24 years old in 2021.

Shin Ji-Yeon Job

As already stated, contestants of the show aren’t allowed to reveal their age and job. Sticking to that, she also hasn’t revealed details related to her job and academic qualifications. However, sources claim that Shin Ji-Yeon was a neuroscience student at the University of Toronto when she appeared on Singles Inferno.

It was her grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, that inspired her to study neuroscience.

She had also competed and won on Miss Chunhyang 2020 Pageant.

Is Shin Ji-Yeon On IG, YouTube?

Shin is on Instagram. Her IG handle (@jiiiyeonie_) gathered 135k followers. Furthermore, she has 14 posts on the platform. Unlike Song Ji-a, she doesn’t seem to be pursuing a career on YouTube.

Shin Ji-Yeon Height

Talking about her height, Shin Ji-Yeon stands tall to the height of 5 feet 5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shin Ji-Yeon Birthday?

Shin hasn’t revealed her birthday as of this moment.

  • Where Is Shin Ji-Yeon From?

Much like the first question, Shin hasn’t revealed the place she came from. However, everyone knows she’s Korean.

  • How Many Languages Does Shin Ji-Yeon Speak?

Shin Ji-Yeon must be fluent in two languages; Korean and English. She has written some of her IG captions in English.

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