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Alejandro Padron Bio, First Wife, Age, Job, Nicole Jimeno

The Family Chantel is the spin-off of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé and its new fourth season premiered on 6 June 2022. So, for a while now, the show has focused on Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, two lovable cast members from 90 Day Fiancé who hit it off and fell in love. Albeit, the show has never been just about these. Their outspoken and opinionated family members have also had as much importance among the audience. Among them is Pedro’s younger sister Nicole Jimeno. And there is Nicole’s husband Alejandro Padron. Together, Nicole and Alejandro have been a popular couple to rise to fame.

Now, the rest of this writing is a tell-all about Alejandro Padron and about where he stands now with Nicole.

Family Chantel: Are Alejandro Padron And Nicole Jimeno Married?

Since 2019, there have been tons of drama unfolding between Nicole Jimeno and Alejandro Padron as a couple. They were on again and off again a couple of times. The relationship briefly fell apart during season 3 when Alejandro went against her wishes to get breast augmentation surgery. He was not supportive of her desires at all, and in the midst of all that, he also got caught exchanging messages with another woman online. Regardless of this kind of drama and even Nicole’s brother Pedro not approving of them, they got back each time they parted. But have the two also been married?

So far, Alejandro and Nicole had not come forward with anything implying their marriage or them as a married couple. In fact, Alejandro even had not updated his ‘married’ status long since the separation from his wife, Sahira Zacarias. As of 2022, there still remained “married since 29 November  2014” on his Facebook wall.

Who Is Alejandro Padron First Wife?

Alejandro Padron does not seem to have married again ever since he separated from Sahira N Zakaria. Sahira, as per Facebook, was born and bred in New York, New York, and her Instagram @sahiz14 was kept on private as of 2022.

Alejandro was still married to Sahira when he met Nicole and started dating her. And that was apparently the reason why Nicole’s family never supported their relationship. They did not like Nicole seeing a married man. Even Nicole’s best friend Coraima Morla also advised her to leave Alejandro for good.

As for Nicole, she anyway stayed with Alejandro and supported him through his divorce, which played out during Season 3.

Moreover, many viewers wanting to see genuine love were disappointed by Nicole getting back with Alejandro despite his unfaithfulness. Among all things, they could not understand Nicole’s outrage if she was anyway getting back with him.

Anyway, back when Alejandro and Sahira were still together, they looked like a romantic couple. Evidence of it still remained unremoved from their respective social media pages. One could still see how Alejandro spoiled her with gifts on Valentine’s Day and dedicated Ed Sheeran’s songs on regular days.

Alejandro Padron Age

Reportedly born in 1992, Alejandro Padron reached the age of 29 in 2021.

Alejandro Padron Family

Alejandro Padron never really mentioned his parents but he did once share that his uncle Carlos has been a father to him and he, therefore, appreciates him a lot.

Then, once on his brother Gerard John Jiménez’s birthday, Alejandro took to his Facebook a beautifully composed long heartfelt message. On it, he said the day was extremely special to him because on this day his brother was born, a brother who has been with him through thick and thin.

Alejandro has also mentioned brothers Luis Eduardo Monte Cabral, Licdo Aarón Elías de los Santos, Arquimedes Calderón, Francis Javier; uncle Juan Jose Santana Rojas; cousins Luissanna Jochabel Alba Gomez, Insl Lockward, and Fiume Michel Gomez, on Facebook.

Is Alejandro Padron On Instagram?

On social media one could be found by his full name ‘Padron Santana Alejandro Enrique’. And yes. Alejandro could be found on Instagram @ale9227, where there were 475 posts and 21.7K followers as of 14 June 2022. The account however was still set to private.

Alejandro also kept his people posted on Facebook and YouTube.

Alejandro Padron Job

On LinkedIn Alejandro Padron only mentioned working as a part-time software developer at Experience It Now Travel from June 2021 until September 2021. Also, he revealed that this was more of an internship.

In September 2021, Alejandro also graduated from ASA College with an associate’s degree in Computer Programming, with a 3.3 GPA.

Alejandro Padron Height

Alejandro Padron stands around 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alejandro Padron From?

Alejandro hails from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Albeit, as of 2022, he returned back to his home in Brooklyn, New York, every day.

  • When Is Alejandro Padron’s Birthday?

Alejandro Padron’s birthday is on the 28th of September.

  • How Much Is Alejandro Padron’s Net Worth?

Alejandro reportedly had less than $250K as net worth as of 2022.

By the look of things, he maybe has been working as a junior full-stack developer. In case that is the truth, she should be earning somewhere between $48,000 and $72,000. (Of course) there also must be a generous sum coming from TLC for the work he did on a reality TV show.

On his Instagram BIO, Alejandro also underlined his job as a bartender.

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