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Meet 90 Day Fiance’s Frankie Birdine! His Bio, Age, Job, Height

90 Day Fiance is bringing the juiciest drama as the show returned for season 2 of Love In Paradise. Frankie Birdine is sharing his crazy story and his relationship with a Mexican girl who has been dating her girlfriend for a decade. The show features other new and some returning couples as they try to beat the technicalities that lie in between their love and happily ever after. But, things are a little different this time because the LGBTQ+ community is also represented on the show.

Viewers will see two LGBTQ+ couples for the first time. A press release from the network announced, “Don’t forget your hats and sunscreen, because no vacation fling is without drama that can leave you burned!” In season 2, we have the returning couple Aryanna and Sherlon, Amber and Daniel, and the new couple Valentine and Carlos and Daniele and Yohan.

“Tensions rise and secrets unfold as these couples attempt to join their vastly different lifestyles together and they realize that their compatibility during a short-lived vacation romance may not be suitable for a lasting connection,” reads a logline from the network. “Will these twosomes and threesomes reconcile their differences,” the logline continues, “or start to question if their time together was in fact, a mirage?”

90 Day Fiance: Is Frankie Birdine Still In A Throuple With Abby And Gabby?

Based on the teaser of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise, Frankie shared that while on vacation in Mexico met the bisexual couple via a friend in a resort. The girls gravitated toward him and started playing with his beard.

He got intimate with a bisexual couple, Abby and Gabby. He shared that they spent a night together but nothing happened. The next morning he was in the shower and the girls came and he ended up having a threesome which he says is “every man’s dream”. For the next five days, they were inseparable.

After returning to the States, Frankie still kept in touch with both girls but leaned more towards Abby and kept in touch with her via video calls, and the two fell in love. The big man fell hard for the Mexican beauty and he is wasting no time.

Frankie shared his plan to return to Mexico and propose to Abby and get started with the K-1 visa process. But what about Abby’s relationship with Gabby?

“I’m going to Mexico to propose to my girlfriend,” Frankie says in the clip. “The only problem is, my girlfriend has a girlfriend.

So, we can certainly expect some relationship dramas, fights, and tears from this relationship. The change in the dynamics of their relationship was inevitable once they made the decision to add another partner to their relationship. And it was the epicenter of the whole drama they are going to bring on this season.

Viewers saw Gabby Nuñez in a few heated moments with her partner Abby. In a sneak peek at the new series, Frankie and Abby are forced to figure out how to navigate their complicated relationship with Gaby — Abby’s girlfriend of 10 years.

Viewers saw Gabby having an argument with Abby regarding Frankie. She was stating that Frankie was stabbing her in the back and it all happened because they chose to invite him into their relationship. So, that is clearly not a good sign that the throuple relationship did work out.

Gabby and Abby have been in a relationship for more than 10 years. Abby and Gabby appeared together on a 12 June 2022 post on Instagram. They appeared quite happy together so they are definitely together and their love for each other has remained unfazed.

Meanwhile, Frankie also commented “Gorgeousiful!🙏🏾🤳🏾💪🏾🏋🏽‍♂️❤️” on their latest post, so they might still be in a good term.

Who Is Frankie Birdine Ex-Wife?

Frankie Birdine was previously married to his ex-wife Lo’Real Birdine Avant. They were reportedly married until 2019. But, their marriage ran into hot water and eventually they separated and got divorced. Before getting divorced, they were parents to a daughter named Brooklyn Birdine.

Based on the Facebook post, Lo’Real has also moved on already and seems to have a new man in her life. You can find her here.

Frankie Birdine Age

Born in October 1976, Frankie Birdine turned 45 years old in 2021.

Frankie Birdine Job

On TikTok bio, Frankie Birdine shared that he is an actor and dancer. He has posted a lot of skits on his Facebook, YouTube channel, and TikTok (@itsmefrankeith).

Other than his skits and sketches, he is also a fitness enthusiast. He operates under the name Obese Techniques. The tagline read, “We Give The Obese The Techniques To Change Their Physiques!”

Is Frankie Birdine On Instagram?

Yes, Frankie Birdine is on Instagram (@itsmefrankeith) and Facebook (@frankeith.konceited.5).

Frankie Birdine Family

Frank Keith Birdine was born to his parents Lucinda Birdine Hankins and Frank D. Birdine Jr. Lucinda lost his father a while back. After losing her husband, Lucinda married her husband Birdel Hankins. Born in Marion, Alabama to the late Ora Dee Smelley on July 4, 1949, she died on 5 June 2019.

Frankie’s mother was raised in the admonition of the Lord in Marion, Alabama by her grandparents, Jimmy, and Lucinda Underwood. After graduating from Lincoln High School in 1967, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her mother, Ora Dee. She later married and raised her three children. Cindy was a praying mother who loved the Lord and was a devoted member of the Family of Faith Church in Nashville, Tennessee for fifteen years.

She was a dedicated employee of Red Lobster and retired after 38 years of service. In her last days, she was living in the care of her daughter, Raquel in LaVergne, Tennessee.

Frankie’s siblings are Bryan Birdine, Raquel (Ronald) Gunn, and Birdie Hobson.

Frankie Birdine Height

A big man, Frankie Birdine stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches. He has several tattoos on his body which are among his distinct features.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Frankie Birdine Birthday?

Frankie Birdine celebrates his birthday on 1 October.

  • Where Is Frankie Birdine From?

Frankie Birdine hailed from Nashville, Tennessee.

  • How Much Does Frankie Birdine Weigh?

At one point Frankie Birdine weighed 432lb. By February 2021, he had lost 66lb and weighed 366 lb. In 2022, he appears below 310lb.

  • How Much Is Frankie Birdine Net Worth?

Frankie Birdine should have a net worth under $300 thousand.

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