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Alejandro Romero Bio, Age, IG, Johnny Depp Doorman

Meet Alejandro Romero, the internet hailed as the favorite of all the people who gave their testimony in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial. Learn about his age, social media reach (Instagram and Facebook), and other details in this article.

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Meet Alejandro Romero, Johnny Depp Doorman

Alejandro Romero, the doorman of Johnny Depp testified. He worked as a desk employee at Johnny Depp’s penthouse building and his pre-recorded deposition was played in court. Romero was questioned about the penthouse incident and about what he saw occur around the time.

The interviewer started with his testimony by taking him to the year 2015-2016. After asking questions about his years of service in the Eastern Columbia Building, he was asked how many people would go through the building on any particular day.

Alejandro Romero Testimony

Alejandro Romero began the testimony by sharing that there are 147 units in the building and he gave the estimated number of 1000 people in a day. He also confirmed seeing Johnny a couple of times. He was asked about what Johnny had on when Alejandro saw the actor. Alejandro answered he had no idea what he wore at the time.

The interviewer asked whether he saw Johnny being physically violent during that time against the actor’s ex Amber Heard. He answered no to the questions like he did to all the ones asked before that. Then the interviewer switched to questioning him about his Amber Heard.

Alejandro recalled meeting her at the front desk while she was passing in the lobby. The doorman also shared that he interacted more with Amber’s sister Whitney.

It was around that time, that Alejandro shared that he received some papers to review but he doesn’t want to deal with any of them anymore. Meanwhile, Jhonny smirked listening to his replies.

He then shared with the interviewer that Amber never shared anything personal about herself.

Because Alejandro never worked on Saturdays, he was never the first-hand witness of the time when police were called because of domestic violence. He shared that one of the residents named Shanna told him about the incident after approaching him because she was working at the gym which was next to Johnny’s penthouse.

Alejandro insisted on the fact that he wasn’t looking to find anything but he didn’t remember seeing any bruises on Amber’s face.

“What?’ Four inches off the ground? The dog was scratching. In my head, you think someone is trying to get into your unit with scratches four inches above the floor?” he said, making the courtroom laugh. “They were terrified… They asked me to go inside the unit and inspect each room individually. It’s part of my job, so I did it,” he added.

What added that he was more focused on that so he didn’t remember any cuts, bruises, or swelling on Amber Heard’s face. “But when I was there talking to her, she was like three feet away from me, she was right in front of me, and I just don’t remember seeing any marks, bruises, or anything,” he said.

He even admitted that he didn’t read the paperwork sent over by the court, saying: “I’m going to be honest; I didn’t want to review them because it’s been so long. I just don’t want to deal with this anymore.”

Is Alejandro Romero On IG, Facebook?

No, Alejandro Romero doesn’t seem to be on IG or Facebook. However, he has been the star of the testimony for making people laugh in and outside of the court. One wrote, “This dude is a legend I have never laughed so hard then he drives off during statement did it for me. He needs a raise, Johnny Depp!”.

Another added, ” In the whole Johnny Depp court thingy, Alejandro Romero is my favorite. Lol. He did his testimony via video while driving and vaping. The judge was like “.

Likewise, another user added, “Hollywood needs to make this into a movie. This guy Alejandro is gold!! Damn SNL is going to go wild on this one. Hear me out I vote Michael Pina to play as Alejandro! Scratches on door 4”.

Alejandro Romero Age

Based on his appearance, Alejandro Romero looked not more than 45 years old as of 2022.

Alejandro Romero Job Now

Alejandro Romero revealed during the testimony that he has been working in the Eastern Columbia Building for 13 years. His job description includes access control. He also deals with residents regarding their packages and food deliveries. He answered that he has been doing the same thing for almost 10 years.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Alejandro Romero Live?

Alejandro Romero is living in LA, California.

  • Does Alejandro Romero Have A Wife?

He is mostly away from social media so there is no information about him having a wife.

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