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Bartosz Osumek Bio, Age, Magdalena Lamparksa Husband

Polish film and theater actress Magdalena Lamparksa shines in the role of Laura’s (actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka) best friend Olga in Netflix’s 365 Days. Otherwise known among her Polish fans for her role of Marta in the TV series 39 and a Half, Magdalena is back in the new sequel even though she was believed to be dead at the end of the first film.

So now, the fans have been wondering again about Bartosz Osumek, her husband. Luckily, we are going to tell you all about it in this Bartosz Osumek Bio.

Meet Magdalena Lamparksa Husband, Bartosz Osumek

Magdalena Lamparksa has been married to her husband Bartosz Osumek for a couple of years now. It was one fine day, 11th June 2019, when they tied the knot at Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy. (Spanish Steps, if you don’t already know, are a set of steps climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church at the top.)

Two years later, Bartosz recalled in a social media post that their wedding was like the one in the movie, ROMAN HOLIDAY.

But the couple actually had two weddings. The one we talked about here is a church one. Before that, they had a civil one in August 2018. And the wedding photo of the bride, taken in Rome, had turned out to be among the 85 most beautiful bride portraits in the world. Their unusual photo session was taken by Patryk Bruliński and one of them was not long ago awarded by the “Looks like film” portal, which brings together many photographers from around the world.

Speaking of the ‘how they met’ part, Bartosz saw Magdalena for the first time on TV. She was giving an interview for Dzień Dobry TVN and it was 2016. Bartosz was immediately captured by her personality. They had still not met though.

Later, when Bartosz organized a film festival in Krakow, Magdalena was there too. And when Magdalena tells the same story, she highlights the part that it was a love at first sight situation for her at the event. She was sure that this was the man for her. She describes how she actually felt a lightning bolt when she discovered him. The Zookeeper’s Wife actor also admits that it was her who made the first move. Then, the same year in August, Bartosz also took her to his world of travel.

Joining the couple in their marriage is also their son, almost 5-year-old Tymoteusz. Little is known about Tymoteusz as his parents are very careful about their personal life altogether.

Bartosz Osumek Age

Born on 11 May 1978, Bartosz, aka Bartek, reached the age of 43 in 2021. His wife Magdalena, on the other hand, is almost a decade younger than him as she came into the world on 6 January 1988.

Bartosz Osumek Job

Bartosz Osumek is a travel journalist, announcer, and blogger. Having taken the stage for the first time over a decade ago, he has been associated with the broadcast media for a long time. It was 2011 when he made his television debut as one of the participants in the competition organized by the Dzień Dobry TVN program. At the time, he ran for the position of weather presenter.

As for now, Bartosz started working full-time as a Co-Executive Producer in the State of Poland in July 2021. The company based in Warsaw, Mazowieckie Voivodeship of Poland is a comprehensive organization of event projects handling filmmaking and multimedia productions.

Before that, for a year, he worked as a project manager / social media specialist at LEPAR PRODUCTION.

Outside of media jobs, Bartosz has also been traveling the world as a professional tourist guide and pilot. As part of this, he has even published an e-book called “Where to look for treasures?”. On it, he says, he describes his experiences of traveling with his wife and their son, and based on them, he creates a publication to help his adventure-loving clients.

Is Bartosz Osumek On Instagram?

Indeed! Bartosz Osumek could be found on Instagram @bartekosumek where he had 809 posts and 9,847 followers as of 28 April 2022. Here, in a more recent post, he was congratulating his wife on her career success for 365 Days: The Day. He cited that he is happy and feels pride in watching his wife fulfill her dreams and achieve success.

Bartosz also kept his fans posted on his ‘Bartek Osumek’ Facebook.

(Of course) Bartosz also jointly ran IG @havingfam and the YouTube channel ‘Having Fam’ (with 1.39K subscribers) with his wife.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Bartosz Osumek Nationality?

Bartosz Osumek hails from his hometown in Czestochowa in Poland; currently based in Warsaw, which is also a city in Poland. So, naturally, he is Polish, like his wife.

Bartosz, so you know, also has cousins named Sandra Psiuk and Ivo Miras, and another family member with the name Jolanta Michal Reterski.

  • How Tall Is Bartosz Osumek?

Bartosz Osumek, with a signature natural, unstyled, relaxed, and simply side-swept less than shoulder-length curly hair, stands above 5 feet 10 inches tall in height.

His as much smart and gorgeous wife is also equally tall at exactly 5′ 9¾” (1.77 meters).

  • Where Did Bartosz Osumek Recieve His Education?

As per LinkedIn, Bartosz studied Master (Mgr), Pedagogy at the Academy of Jan Długosz in Częstochowa from 1999 until 2004. Then, for another two years, he studied sociotherapy and psychotherapy at Krakow Psychodynamic Center.

Then lately, between 2020 and 2021, he studied Project Management at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

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