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Aleksandra Iarovikova Bio, Parents, Job, IG, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Aleksandra Iarovikova who we know from the time in 2015 when she appeared on Season 3 Of 90 Day Fiance with her fiancee, Josh Strobel.

The two met in the Czech Republic when they were both visiting separately. Aleksandra was studying there (at Metropolitan University Prague) while Josh was on a Mormon mission trip from Idaho. After their chance encounter, Josh gave Aleksandra a book about Mormonism, and Aleksandra, a party girl who was looking to turn her life around, clicked right away with this guy.

Aleksandra then not only converted to Mormonism but also filed the K-1 visa on the road to marriage. With each of their family’s permission, they got married in 2015 in the Rexburg LDS temple.

Are Josh Strobel And Aleksandra Iarovikova From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

Yes. Josh Strobel and Aleksandra Iarovikova were still married as of 2022. US Weekly confirmed this lately in September 2022.

The 10th of August in 2022, marked their seventh wedding anniversary. And celebrating the day, Aleksandra took to her social media to share that she is falling in love with her man more and more every day. Of course, marrying him also was the best thing that ever happened to her, she wrote.

Back in the days, when the missionaries were teaching and she was the subject to TLC’s camera, she did not really speak English or Czech, and the missionaries did not speak Russian, so they had to have a translator.

At that time, the end of Josh’s mission also saw him and his parents meet up with Aleksandra. That time, they promised to keep in touch over Skype. And after a year of communicating on Skype, Josh decided to ask Aleksandra to marry him. He thus had traveled to Russia to meet her parents and proposed. “In a few years I would like to live in Rexburg with my family and with children, but now it’s too boring”, Aleksandra had said then.

As for Josh, he believed back then that TLC’s perception of their relationship was that they think it is weird to have a family so early.

Josh Strobel And Aleksandra Iarovikova Daughter

Josh Strobel and Aleksandra Iarocikova welcomed their daughter Kaya in March 2016 and son JJ in 2019.

The couple faced an unfortunate controversy with their daughter because the young one had a darker complexion than her parents. Fans just because of that, even branded Aleksandra a cheater.

Aleksandra, then, in her defense had said her biological father is from Cuba and that Kaya resembles him.

What’s more, this picture of Kaya invited all the trouble, Aleksandra deleted it after a myriad of commenters pointed out that she was clearly biracial. Adding fuel to the commenters’ fire was also the fact that Aleksandra’s best friend and travel companion was a black man. Yet, Aleksandra adamantly pressed that Josh is the father, that she would even do a DNA test. But, she said, that she would not want to prove something to somebody who she does not know. Since then, Aleksandra even quit social media for some time.

And even after a while, she was back, she made sure to never post about her kids.

Aleksandra and her hubby also faced a stressful situation earlier in 2020 with their son when had to have surgery. He had an angioma on his face. Though, luckily the surgery had gone well.

Later on social media, his mother not only detailed the process of surgery and recovery but also opened up about the “scary” incident that resulted in her son’s injury, and how hard it was to get him the care he needed.

Aleksandra Iarovikova Age

Aleksandra Iarovikova was born in 1994. So, she turned 28 years old in 2022.

Who Are Aleksandra Iarovikova Parents?

Aleksandra Iarovikova does not look like her mom or dad but looks more like her grandma.

Aleksandra previously stated that her father is from Cuba and her daughter got a lot of her features from him. But, Vlad, the dad, when shown to TLC viewers, was anything but dark-skinned.

So, Aleksandra’s parents are Vlad and Svetlana, who are not LDS or believers in God.

Back when Aleksandra decided to leave Russia, it was difficult for her parents to get over the idea of not being with her. It was mostly hard for her mother. Yet, during ‘Ring Ceremony’ on the 90 Day show, Svetlana was in tears and Vlad was touched.

Aleksandra Iarovikova Job

Before Aleksandra Iarovikova converted to the LDS church, she was a dancer in a club. So, when her husband was planning to apply to medical school, she was dreaming to start her own dance school someday.

But, something that she never thought of transpired as she decided to become a Mormon.

Back when covered their story in 2015, Aleksandra with her beau was living in Omaha, Nebraska, where Josh attended Creighton University.

As for Aleksandra, she studied BS in Public Health from Brigham Young University in Idaho from 2016 through 2022.

Aleksandra Iarovikova Height

Aleksandra Iarovikova stands below 5 feet and 7 Inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Aleksandra Iarovikova Birthday?

Aleksandra Iarovikova celebrates her birthday on June 14th.

  • Where Does Aleksandra Iarovikova Live Now?

Early in 2022, Aleksandra Iarovikova, originally from Russia, moved to Shreveport city in northwest Louisiana, about 5 hours away from New Orleans. Months later, she shared on social media that she felt so blessed and humbled by this move, by their perfect apartment.

  • Is Aleksandra Iarovikova On IG And Facebook?

Aleksandra Iarovikova has two accounts on Instagram @alex.mimi (with 261 posts and 18.1K followers) and @strobellight (with 209 posts and 12.8K followers) as of 1 October 2022

She also shared actively on ‘Aleksandra R. Strobel’ Facebook.

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