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Alex “Achilles” King Bio, Height, Family, Age, The Courtship

Meet The Courtship suitor Alex “Achilles” King. Learn about his height, family, age, and job in this article. The NBC dating show has intrigued fans with a very peculiar. You’ll also learn about his experience there.

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Alex “Achilles” King On The Courtship

Alex is one of the suitors in NBC’s dating show The Courtship. The show features Nicole Remy who is tired of modern dating and transported back to Regency-era England to find love. She is accompanied by her parents Claire and Claude Remy and her friend Tessa Cleary.

Alex gravitated towards poetry at a very young age. Growing up he read Shakespeare, which led him to explore the true art of romance. He is ready to find a woman who can complete his life. From spontaneous gondola boat rides to deep and meaningful intellectual conversations, Achilles is seeking a lifelong commitment with someone who allows him to be himself.

The first episode of the show saw the elimination of three suitors Dr. Jarrett Schanzer, Lewis Echavarria, and Caleb Ward.

On 14 February 2022, Alex announced on his IG post, “I was allowed to find love as one of the suitors competing for this beautiful heroine’s heart. Please tune in and don’t miss out on this magical experience of true passion and romance.”

He added, “Don’t you dare shy away from love just yet. Come join me on this quest as I fight for this astonishing breathtaking heroine. Let the battle for love begin.”

Opening about his experience on the show, Alex spoke to Encinitas Advocate and revealed, “I felt like I was in a different world. It was a fairytale.” He also spoke about tons of surprises from fencing, dueling, or attempting archery which he had never tried before. But his passionate and authentic nature allowed him to try it in a different setting which was more adventurous.

Alex claimed that he found Nicole, the princess, very intelligent, very beautiful, and very charismatic and never thought he would be interested in her that quickly. During the filming process, he learned anything and learn the ways of a gentleman.

Alex “Achilles” King Relationship Status

As of March 2022, Alex “Achilles” King is single and is not pursuing any relationships.

How Old Is Alex “Achilles” King?

By 2022, Alex “Achiilles” King was 35 years old.

Alex “Achilles” King Height

Speaking of his height, Alex King stood tall under 5-feet-11.

Alex “Achilles” King Family

Alex “Achilles” King is of Dominican descent. His mother brought him and his siblings to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Sadly, he lost his in 2021 which must’ve been the most heartbreaking experience in his life. In March 2021, three weeks after his mother’s death he took to Instagram and shared that he doesn’t get personal on social media.

The post wasn’t to earn “sorry for your loss” nor “my condolences”. He made a lengthy post to remind his followers to cherish their mother and appreciate her. He shared that his mother was his best friend with whom he shared laughs, cracked jokes, and had deep intellectual conversations about life.

His little brother Ruddy’s “love” also passed away on 14 July 2021 which was the next tragedy in his life. He remembered his younger brother with the heartbreaking post. They were very close and did everything to protect the family at all costs, especially their mother.

Before his death, Ruddy ( lived in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. He attended the University of Rhode Island and was the CEO of Style and Innovation LLC. He was married to Tiffany Love and shared three kids. Tiffany attends Rhode Island College (RIC) and is a worshipper at Christian Community Church.

Is Alex “Achilles” King On Instagram?

Yes, Alex “Achilles” King is on Instagram (@achillesking_), Twitter (@achillesking_), TikTok (@achillesking), and Facebook (@warriorstalefit).

Alex “Achilles” King Job

Alex “Achilles” King has a job as an online fitness coach. He offers services such as 1-on-1 coaching, customized nutrition plan, customized supplement plan, weekly check-ins, weekly group training calls, and personalized apps to track progress among other services.

For scheduling class, you can click the link here. He is an example of himself who had attended a very impressive transformation.

According to Glassdoor, Fitness coach in the United States makes nearly $74,973 a year.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alex King Birthday?

According to Facebook, Alex King celebrates his birthday on 4 December.

  • Where Is Alex King From?

As of this writing, Alex King lives in San Diego, California.

  • How Much Is Alex “Achilles” King Net Worth?

With his fitness career, Alex King has been able to accumulate a net worth under $400K.

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