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Who Is Elissa Lorenn? Her Bio, Age, Job, Matthew Rondeau

In February 2022, we learned that Mattew Rondeay physically assaulted a woman who didn’t report to the police. That woman was transgender woman Elissa Lorenn. Elissa referenced the assault on her TikTok and also spoke and explained elaborately about the incident with PageSix.

Learn more about Elissa in this article where we cover her age, job, and family details.

What Happened Between Elissa Lorenn And Matthew Rondeau?

According to the report of PageSix, Matthew Rondeau allegedly attacked trans woman Elissa Lorenn when they were at Shanna Moakler’s LA home when she was filming “Celebrity Big Brother.” In February 2022, Elissa and her friend Shayan had gone to Shanna’s house to hang out with Matthew.

Elissa claimed that when they arrived at Shanna’s house they found Matthew in a bad shape as he discovered that his on-and-off girlfriend Shanna allegedly cheated on him. The trans woman revealed to PageSix, “He had taken a knife and ripped through her paintings. When I first got there he didn’t seem that f–ked up, but as the night progressed I was like, ‘Oh, this is like a lot.'”

Elissa added shared further that they made their way to the hot tub and were “having a few drinks” na*ed Matthew grew “stern and very kind of serious.” He then grabbed her face and started making out with Elissa. As the night progressed he started getting more se*ual with her and her friend Shayan.

Later, they brushed Matthew’s behavior off as nothing more than an annoyance and everything changed after that. Elissa later went to grab a charger and Matthew followed her. She claimed, “He pushes me against the wall and slaps me across the face very hard. Then added, “and then puts his hands around my neck to choke me. I say ‘choke’ in the sense of low-key it was like a strangle”.

The next morning Loren couldn’t even move her neck and also had bruises on her neck and shoulders.

Once her phone turned on, Elissa called her car and fled from Shanna’s house. She explained that she didn’t go to the police because of her previous experience as a trans woman. She never filed a police report about the alleged incident. “I’m a trans woman. This is not something that I necessarily haven’t experienced before,” she told PageSix, “so my first instinct was not to go to the police.”

Commenting about the incident, Shayan shared that Matthew was “out of control and a belligerent drunk”. She added that she didn’t know anything beyond the hot-tub incident but she saw her the next day and noticed bruises on Elissa.

The trans woman had also referenced the attack on her TikTok.

Is Elissa Lorenn Dating Anyone?

Elissa Lorenn hasn’t shared about dating anyone so she could be single at the time of this article in March 2022. In October 2021, she on her TikTok posted about her dating life and shared that she hooked up with a convicted offender, one who called himself ‘sissy s***’ in the middle of the s**, and one who tried to sleep five minutes after he slept with her.

Elissa Lorenn has shared about what it’s like dating as a transwoman. She made a TikTok video about her hook-up in 2021 and her partner sending money for plan b not realizing she is a trans woman. She hashtagged the post,” #trans  #dating  #comedy  #transgender #transdating #transdatingproblems #fyp“.

In June 2021, Elissa also discussed her date from hell with a famous comedian in one of her podcasts.

Elissa Lorenn Age

On 22 April 2021, Elissa Lorenn turned 21 years old.

Elissa Lorenn Job

Based on the Backstage profile, Elissa Lorenn is pursuing a career to become an actress. She also trained at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She also has experience with Beauty Industry Marketing and Product Development.

Elissa also hosts a podcast named UnFamous which is her job. Her bio reads, “Elissa Lorenn is just your average delusional girl who thinks she’s a billion-dollar oil heiress straight out of dynasty. Listen every week as she shares wild stories, chats with friends, and remains as unfiltered as ever.”

What Is Elissa Lorenn Real Name?

The real name of Elissa Lorenn is Elissa Gaytan.

Elissa Lorenn Before

Elissa Lorenn was born Eli Gaytan to her parents. She realized that she was different from a young age. So she naturally expressed herself in different ways. However, in junior high, she knew something wasn’t right which put her in a dark place. In her freshman year, she came out as a gay male.

Then Elissa mustered all the courage to express her feminine side more but that didn’t make her happy and she wanted to do more. She started presenting herself more on the feminine side rather than a boy in makeup. Then, she told her parents that she wanted to transition.

On 29 November 2017, Elissa began her HRT. She moved to LA to be herself. Then on 10 September 2019, she received her FFS. In October 2020, Elissa celebrated three months of getting vaginoplasty. She shared that it was a tough experience but she got through it with the support of her family and friends.

Now and then Elissa is criticized for getting surgeries and she has replied via a TikTok post. She has also done before and after transition posts on her Instagram.

Elissa Lorenn Family

Elissa Lorenn was born to her parents: Julie Portnoy (IG: @jgaytanlcsw & FB: @jgaytanlcsw) and Alex Gaytan (@alex.gaytan.75).

Julie and Alex have been married for 22 years in March 2021. Julie celebrated their anniversary with a post and wrote, “Happy 22nd anniversary to my partner in crime”.

Elissa admires her parents. She has often talked about how supportive has been via TikTok and IG posts.

Related FAQs

  • Is Elissa Lorenn On Instagram?

Elissa Lorenn is on Instagram (@elissalorenn), YouTube (@elissalorenn), Facebook (@elissa.lorenn), TikTok (@elissalorenn), and Depop profile (@elissalorenn).

  • Where Is Elissa Lorenn From?

Elissa is originally from Skokie, Illinois. But, she has been living in LA since 2017.

  • How Tall Is Elissa Lorenn?

Elissa Lorenn stands under the height of 5-feet-8.

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