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Alex Javor Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Life Below Zero

Meet Alex Javor, star of “Life Below Zero: Next Generation”. Fans of the show have applauded him for his genuine nature and for becoming an interactive and inspiring figure. Learn about his wife, net worth, age, and other related details.

Tag along with this Alex Javor Bio and learn more about him while this article unfolds information on him.

Alex Javor On Life Below Zero

Alex Javor joined National Geographic’s ‘Life Below Zero: Generation’ in 2020. His desire to do something physical after leaving the army in 2013 brought him to the Alaskan region. He saw a few YouTube videos about people moving to Alaska which inspired him to do the same. During a FB interview with “Life Below Zero,” he shared that he discovered a catalog with fellow Alaskan dwellers and eventually he ended up signing up for the National Geographic show.

Now, Alex has made Bear Creek his home and is living life abstaining from all the tools and technologies to experience what it was actually like living off-grid. In January 2021 he wrote on his Instagram that people who discussed living life off-grid want to talk about gears.

He lives in Bear Creek with his dog Sipsey. Fans were also curious about Sipsey’s breed and initially, he shared that it was Swedish Elkhound. But, the DNA report later revealed that Sipsey had 50% gene of Siberian Husky mixed with Labrador Retriever, Chow Chow, German Shephard, and Pointer.

Alex believes in finding a way to make his mind work to overcome a problem which was the allure of bush living for him.

After moving to Alaska, Alex bought his first land for six thousand dollars and also built my A-frame cabin for about six thousand as well. He recommends the interested individual to start from the absolute minimum financially so that they could figure out through experience what they truly need before wasting any money.

Alex also advised that people interested in living bush people lives to go camping as much as possible to figure out what they need. Furthermore, he also insisted on taking on the construction job to get into the shape to survive in the wilderness. He insisted that living off-grid allows people to see things for what they are.

But, fans were curious if what was shown on the ‘Life Below Zero’ was real. He replied in an Instagram post, “If you think I’m gonna have some LA people come up here and tell me what to do you’re crazy. I agreed to be on LBZ: next-gen because the company operates with journalistic integrity. Of course, they focus on the most dangerous and interesting things I do. Who wants to watch me read a book? But if I felt misrepresented I’d quit real fast. Didn’t move to the wilderness to be a w**** for money.”

The fourth season of Live Below Zer: Next Generation for Alex focused on his relocation to Deadman Lake. After a year of surviving off the land in Bear Creek, essential resources have finally run dry for Alex Javor. So, before it’s too late, he must use the available time to move to a new, more remote location near Deadman Lake.

So, this means, that Alex is starting from zero. To restart his bush living, he must build a new shelter, gather wood and water, and hope to harvest fresh fish and meat. Alex has been working for years to build and hone the skills necessary for a venture like this, and now is the time to put it to use to start over again.

However, a little change has been made to the show. Michael Manzo, a former cast was dropped, a new family of five the Roach family, which includes three kids ages 5, 7, and 9 were added to the show.

Alex Javor Net Worth

Alex Javor seems to have a net worth under $200 thousand. He shared on his Instagram that the money he had used to build the cabin and purchase the land at Bear Creek was the money he had saved while he was in the army. More on that, he also opened up that, while in the army he had worked as a paratrooper in the 173rd.

According to Glassdoor, Paratrooper makes a salary of $52,522 per year.

Is Alex Javor On Instagram?

Yes, Alex Javor is on Instagram and his IG handle is (@sipseyandalex). He is also on Facebook (@alex.javor.904).

How Tall Is Alex Javor?

Alex Javor stands tall to the height above 6 feet.

Alex Javor Age

Reportedly born in 1988, several online sources revealed that Alex Javor is 33 years old as of Jan 2022.

Alex Javor Wife

The short answer would probably be no Alex Javor doesn’t seem to have a wife. Or, at least, he hasn’t opened up about his girlfriend and his potential life as a married man anywhere. He intends to keep his loved ones out of the spotlight so, even if he has a wife and kids, not much is known about them as of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alex Javor Birthday?

Based on the information on the public domain, Alex celebrates his birthday on 1 August.

  • Where Is Alex Javor From?

Alex Javor hailed from Huntsville, Alabama. He shared during the ‘Life Below Zero’ interview that he had never lived anywhere outside of Alabama.

  • Has Alex Javor Revealed His Parents?

On Instagram, Alex has posted updates that he was visiting his family. He posted on Instagram on 21 January 2021, “visiting family in lower 48. Stuck indoors makes the Sipsey dog feel a little bit moopy.”

Before arriving to meet his family he had posted, “Flying to see family for holidays. Turbulence on a plane can be frightening. He was like this for hours”

Alex hasn’t shared any information on his parents and siblings. Online sources reveal that he is related to Brandi Javor and Ken John Javor.

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