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Johnny Rolfe Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Life Below Zero

Meet Johnny Rolfe cast member of “Life Below Zero: Next Generation.” He first appeared on the show in season 2 with Michael Manzo, Alex Javor, Kaleb and Brittany Rowland, and Chris and Jessi Morse. Learn more about his age, job, marriage, and his family in this article.

Scroll down this Johnny Rolfe Bio that serves as a window into his life.

Johnny Rolfe On Life Below Zero

Johnny Rolfe is one of the cast members of Life Below Zero’s spinoff, Next Generation. He is outspending his time in Alaska with his dog Java. Together they inhabit a small cabin lacking all the modern comfort amenities while developing and surviving off of bushman skills. He spends his spring and summer in Fritz Creek where he subsides off a bear, salmon, halibut, clams, and other sea life as well as local plants and mushrooms.

In the fall and winter months, Johnny can be found 70 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the harsh Brooks Range competing with wolves, wolverine, and grizzly bears as they fight for the same food source-caribou.

Johnny has been fond of this lifestyle for a while now. He describes his traits as being an “ethical hunter/gatherer, forager, nomad,” and also an “off-grid hermit.” In the exclusive clip obtained by Screen Rant, we can see Johnny following the trail of a river which he claimed to be the most beautiful thing he has seen since arriving in Alaska.

Johnny follows the trail of a bear and wolf to know that he is near food and goes out hunting. When unable to find food to eat he looks forward to discovering beautiful Alaskan topography.

The life Johnny is living was something he discovered when he discovered a book of National Parks when he was an 8-year-old kid. The very moment he reached the page of Alaska he found it to be breathtaking. Rolfe is already an avid hunter and fisherman, but new challenges await him as he spends his first winter in the Yukon Flats alone.

But, being filmed also aids him financially because Johnny gets paid $4,500 per episode.

Is Johnny Rolfe Married?

No, Johnny Rolfe doesn’t seem to be married. There is no evidence of his wedding whatsoever. Plus, the fact that he’s spending time in Alaska with his dog suggests that he might’ve avoided tieing knots as of 2022.

Johnny Rolfe Age

Talking about age, Johnny Rolfe is 36 years old as of 2022. During his interview with “Westside Seattle”, he was reportedly 31 in March 2017.

Johnny Rolfe Net Worth

Before embarking on a journey to survive in the Alaskan topography, Johnny Rolfe and his brother Jimmy Rolfe ran “The Nook”. They first bought the space from Krystal Kelley, Jason Nivens, and Zac Hutchins of “Mind Unwind” and “Treehouse Lounge” in 2016. His brother Jimmy had earned prominence in West Seattle as his roles at Matador, from West Seattle bartending to his current corporate beverage/bar-operation responsibilities.

Whereas, Johnny had a culinary background. He worked in Chicago at Alinea (named as the Best Restaurant in America more than once). There he learned about food and beverage pairings, then partnered with a friend and went to Charleston, South Carolina where he created a Farm to Table concept business.

Since “The Nook” had small space they planned on serving food on small plates. Moreover, they added a full bar along with beer and wine – with a “local focus”. They planned and built a two-floor space.

“The Nook” served drinks such as Smoked Old Fashioned, Blushing Saint (a big hit they say), Rested Elder, Strawberry-Jalapeno Daiquiri, Backpacking Europe, Emerald City Manhattan, and Sour Sailor among others. The bar/lounge was featured on Westside Seattle as well as Seattle Magazine.

The food menu includes sandwiches (cheesy mozzarella, provolone, gorgonzola, and arugula combo) for vegetarians and turkey and pepper jack with peppercorns for non-vegetarian items.

Is Johnny Rolfe On Instagram?

Yes, Johnny Rolfe is on Instagram as well as Facebook. His IG page is (@johnnyrolfe.alaska) and his Facebook account is (@JohnnyRolfeLifeBelowZero).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Johnny Rolfe From?

Johnny Rofe hailed from Chesterton, Indiana. But, he was living in Seattle, Washington before he left for Alaska.

  • Has Johnny Rolfe Revealed His Family?

Very little information has been shared on Johnny Rolfe. The first thing that we know about Johnny’s family is he has an older brother named Jimmy Rolfe (age 38 ) (@jimmy.rolfe.5). Jimmy had arrived in Seattle when he started joining the Coast Guard more than in the early 2000s.

According to Westside Seattle, Jimmy has always loved the hospitality industry and wanted to work in it, so he started his career at a restaurant in downtown Seattle before moving on to the Matador restaurant in West Seattle, where he rose through the ranks to become the Operations Bar Manager.

Along the way, Jimmy also worked at Talarico’s and Jak’s Grill too.

Being exposed to so many ways of making drinks gave him a strong background to build on. “That’s where I started geeking out and developing my passion for craft cocktails. I understood that the Matador was not the right “canvas” for that. So I asked Johnny to come out and join me. We both felt West Seattle was lacking a beer, wine, cocktail focus with no distractions from food and no distractions from sports.”

Talking about Jimmy, he appears to be running the place still by himself. And, he was dating his girlfriend Jennifer Bell at the time.

More about the family, Johnny, and Jimmy lost their grandmother Evelyn Rolfe Hammond at the age of 90 on 5 July 2004. They had already lost their grandfather John J. Rolfe, Sr.

Furthermore, John and Evelyn had three children Evelyn Ann Bennett (deceased), John J. Rolfe, Jr. (deceased). Surviving were James Rolfe, Sr. (wife Carol), and Mary Ann Rolfe of Hammond (John J Rolfe Jr.’s wife). Johnny and Jimmy’s parents must be one of them.

Furthermore, Johnny and Jimmy also appear to have two other sisters Michele and Karen.

  • How Tall Is Johnny Rolfe?

Talking about height, Johnny Rolfe stands tall to the height above 6 feet 1 inch.

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