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Alex Miller Bio, Today, Age, Worst Roommate Ever

Meet Alex Miller, the last victim of Jamison Bachman from Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever.

Jamison presented himself as Jed Creek to Alex and started living with him. So, where is Alex now? How old is she? We answer it all below.

So, keep scrolling down.

Alex Miller On Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

Alex Miller of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever met Jamison Bachman in a Starbucks in New York. She had advertised her apartment on Craig’s List and received a call from Jed Creek, a.k.a. Jamison Bachman. He explained that he needed a place to stay due to family obligations.

Jamison arrived to see the apartment and offered to pay $800 in cash right away. Alex did note that his name and address were missing from the upper left corner of the check. She had no problems because the check did not bounce.

Alex got into a rhythm of living together, getting up early to exercise his dog, but things quickly deteriorated. Jamison claimed the money covered the period before he ever moved in when Alex asked him to pay $140 for his portion of the utility expenses.

“We can handle this in court if you prefer,” he texted her when she pressured him to pay. When Alex returned home one day, Jamison had removed all of the lightbulbs from the communal living room for his lamps, as well as the six dining room chairs, which he had converted into a workstation.

They began to live together soon after, but things began to change.

Jamison declined to pay his utility bills, claiming that they were covered by his prior payment. He had taken the bulbs and screwed them into lams one evening. He took six chairs Alex and transformed them into a table a few days later. When Alex’s mother Susan learned of this, she conducted a background check on Jed and discovered that he was a man called Jamison Bachman.

They found newspaper stories about him from earlier occurrences. They eventually ejected him from their residence.

Where Is Alex Miller Today?

Alex Miller is still a Philadelphia resident, surrounded by her family and friends. Though she is relieved that the situation did not escalate, she has expressed her remorse about Jed AKA Jamison’s suicide and the murder of his brother Harry.

Alex, on the other hand, keeps her whereabouts a secret.

Alex Miller Age

In 2017, Alex Miller turned 31 years old which makes her a minimum of 35 years old as of March 2022.

Is Alex Miller On Instagram?

No, Alex Miller doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Who Is Jamison Bachman?

One of his closest childhood friends, Bob Friedman shared in the Netflix documentary, “He was the cockiest kid you ever met”. High marks, excelling in tennis, spending his free time deep in books on the history of Western civilization, Jamison Bachman was a golden boy. His parents had made him think that he was the Christ child, that he could do no wrong.

Jamison also had a role model in his life, Jamison’s maternal grandfather Abraham J. Brem Levy, a prominent attorney in the city. He boasted his grandfather’s success throughout his youth. Jamison had a brother named who he eventually killed in 2017 when he was 64 years old.

  • What Happened To Jamison Bachman?

After killing his brother, Jamison was arrested for the murder of his brother Harry. Then, he hung himself and committed suicide inside the prison cell.

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