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Arleen Hairabedian Bio, Today, Age, Worst Roommate Ever

Meet Arleen Hairabedian from Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever, one of the victims of serial squatter Jamison Bachman.

Learn about her age, her job, and where she is today in this article.

Arleen Hairabedian On Worst Roommate Ever

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever made the viewers cautious about their downstairs neighbors or their roommates. One such harrowing story was of subject Jamison Bachman, a brilliant psychotic neighbor hailing from Philadelphia. With this knowledge of the law, he turned into a “serial squatter”. One of his victims was Queens, New York resident Arleen Hairabedian.

In the documentary, Arleen reveals that she met Jamison in 2005. She used to see him in the park with his dog. They started talking a bit and she found him handsome and educated, and fun to be with. They became friends and the relationship progressed and they started getting intimate.

Arleen fell for him because of his funny demeanor. They had shared a love of Mexican food and they had a lot of good times. Jamison had revealed to Arleen that he had a law degree but had failed the bar. He was teaching at a private school and three or four months into the job he started getting complaints from parents.

When Arleen broke the news that he wasn’t going to be the dean of the private school, he became angry at her which terrified her. He called her back three weeks later and explained that he was going through a lot of things. Jamison became homeless after the school let him go.

Arleen offered him a place to leave till he got on his feet as she cared about him and his dog. He moved in with Arleen in June 2006 which was owned by Peter, Arleen’s former landlord. As they started living together, she started noticing that her apartment was rearranged.

Within a few weeks, a lot of complaints started coming from Jamison. But, when Jamison’s mail started coming into the building, she realized she was in trouble and was never getting rid of him. By the second year together, the relationship fell apart. He told him upfront that she wanted him out of her house but he wouldn’t leave.

Where Is Arleen Hairabedian Today?

To this day, Arleen Hairabedian still questions the purpose of Jamison’s life. Was it to hurt people? She assumed that something must’ve happened to him when he was a kid or he was just born that way.

Arleen Hairabedian Age

Born on 6 August 1962, as of 2022, Arleen Hairabedian is 59 years old.

Is Arleen Hairabedian On Instagram?

No, Arleen Hairabedian doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Who Is Jamison Bachman?

Jamison Bachman, the son of Philadelphia residents Joan & Jim Bachman, was raised to be a great athlete. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law in December 2002 after graduating from Georgetown University. After failing the bar test, however, everything changed for him, including his life’s purpose.

Jamison had a four-year-old older brother named Harry, who was gorgeous and multitalented, juggling the varsity soccer team and school plays of Camelot and Brigadoon. Jamison was ostentatiously self-confident, but Harry was outgoing and unassuming.

After his brother Harry bailed him out of prison, Jamison killed him in 2017. The incident was motivated by the disparity between Harry’s and Jamison’s lives. Harry had graduated from Cornell with a degree in design, married a psychologist from Paris, and raised two kids in a quaint, Colonial-style home on a quiet street in Elkins Park — a suburban fairy tale of success and staying true to one’s roots.

Jamison Bachman committed suicide in prison.

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