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Alex Tikas Bio, Age, Job, Height, DILFS, Who Is He?

Because even the Guardian admitted that For the Love of DILFS is a “hoot from start to finish” let us talk about one of its casts in detail. Stormy Daniels’s gay dating show, AKA “hypersexualized” reality show sees “daddies” and “himbos” try to find their soulmates. Alex Tikas is one of them. And this writing called ‘Alex Tikas Bio’ is just about him.

Alex Tikas On DILFS

Known among his fellow content creators simply as “DAD”, teased on his social media that with DILFS done with filming, he is starting to “smell” an Emmy. And then before that, he told many things to the cameras on DILFS.

Alex seemed pretty excited about his journey on DILFS. “When this daddy loves, he loves hard”, he admitted to and also to the cameras on this show. He also teased that when one has his heart then that person is the ruler of his heart. No one comes before that person. However, he said, that he also expects to be treated the same way.

What’s more, he also talked about his preferences for men. He said he is drawn to men who know how to command a room and a few other things.

So you know, Alex is openly gay and he identifies with the pronouns He/His.

Is Alex Tikas Dating Anyone?

Alex Tikas’s relationship was unknown at the time of this writing.

In April 2020 to an interviewer’s question “Have You Found Love?”, he said he is. He even gushed that the best part of his relationship is that his face is the first thing he sees in the morning and the last thing he sees at night.

So, it’s Julian Torres, fellow porn star, he was talking about. The two started dating three months before the COVID shutdown. So, they spend that time getting to know each other. That was when Alex also introduced Sex In The City to his partner.

Then, on their one-year anniversary, during an appearance on the Demystifying Gay Porn podcast, Alex popped the question. Dropping down on one knee, he asked Julian to marry him and he agreed of course. “I will wanna marry him a year from now”, Alex had said afterward.

Having said that it was not clear if Alex was still together with Julian, as of February 2023. But then, Alex did go on DILFS clearly to kind of mingle with the other men.

In an interview, Alex also briefly talked about a scuffle with a previous ex, not Julian, for wanting to do porn.

Alex Tikas Age

As of August 2022, Alex Tikas was 49 years old.

Where Is Alex Tikas From?

Alex Tikas was based in Fort Lauderdale city on Florida’s southeastern coast, at the time of this writing. He did not grow up here though.

A Greek American, he instead grew up in a Greek family in Jamaica Queens on the south side. Alex also mentioned being brought up by a single parent, his mom, and growing up with his brother and sister.

At 21 or so, Alex left the house because he thought of starting acting and he also landed an opportunity to work with a really big talent agency for a theatrical agent.

Alex Tikas Job

Alex Tikas is introduced on DILFS as a content creator, producer, and director of adult gay content, and of course an OnlyFans model.

So after he left home at 21, he got into acting and performed in theatre and other projects. For a while, he also worked for other talent agencies and eventually opened up his own where he represented Broadway performers. He actually discovered American rapper Azealia Banks among other talents. And this was his job for almost 20 years.

Fast forward to 2018, he was bartending and his boss at the time fired him to hire his husband’s “side piece”. At this time, he recalled, his savings just disappeared in a month, even though he was also working with a commission-based talent agency. And so the Porn industry happened and all of a sudden he was doing very well. “It was fantastic”, he says looking back.

The recent COVID pandemic too was quite tough on him. He had two jobs and all of a sudden none. He would have been homeless, he says today, had it not been for his fan pages.

So, like this life really has not been easy for Alex who did all kinds of jobs, even flipping burgers (at 14), before he started feeling freedom since starting to create adult content.

Until April 2020, Alex was talking about wanting to own property with a white picket fence. Also professionally, after having his own JUST FOR FANS and ONLY FANS accounts, he was aspiring to run his own porn studio.

Alex Tikas Height

Big and strong, and “titan-like” in his own words, Alex Tikas stands around 6 feet (1.83 meters) in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alex Tikas Birthday?

Alex Tikas’s birthday is on August 3rd, making him a Leo.

  • Is Alex Tikas On Instagram?

Yes. Alex Tikas could be found on Instagram @its_alex_tikas with 246 posts and 12.5K followers as of 5 February 2023.

Alex also entertained 247.1K followers on Twitter @alex_tikas where he went around proudly as “The Worlds Most Internationally Tolerated Porn Star”.

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