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Nathan Ferguson Bio, Age, Partner, For The Love Of DILFs

Nathan Ferguson is one of the cast members of OUTtv’s For The Love Of DILFS. Before the premiere, learn about his age, partner, and his career. This article answers all the questions so you can find it all here.

Scroll down and learn more about Nathan in this article.

Nathan Ferguson On For The Love Of DILFs

Nathan Ferguson was interviewed by PRIDE before For The Love Of DILFs premiered. He came into the show looking for a few well-thought-out qualities he wanted in a daddy. First on the list was compassion.

He told the outlet, “Someone patient enough to stick through my downfalls and my successes. I prefer older guys because they’re mature and they know what they want. In terms of values, I want someone who’s creative and spiritual. Who values kindness and communication.”

And Nathan also knows how to treat his other half like a king. He shared, “I love to spoil my man. When I’m with someone, I’m all in. I want to be your ride or die and I have your back to hype you up no matter what.” Nathan then added, “I expect to be treated the same way. I want a best friend and a partner, ya know?”

He also desires to treat him like a king when he finally locates him. Nathan added, “When a daddy leans in close and whispers something in my ear…especially when we’re at a bar or a party or something, it literally makes my knees go weak. I love dirty talk in the bedroom too! The more verbal the better. Woof!

For the uninitiated, from the creators of Slag Wars and Hot Haus, For The Love of DILFs will air on OUTtv. It matches up two groups of gay guys and makes them get to know one another to determine if there is a connection. One lucky pair will not only find love but will also get a cash prize of $10,000 as an investment in their future union if they are chosen as the couple most likely to succeed.

For The Love Of DILFs is already must-see television even though not a single episode has yet to air. If you combine five daddies and five himbos in one home, you can be sure that lots of drama and sparks will soon fly. We eagerly await the outcome of this. In addition to having a cast of hot gay guys looking for love, the show is also hosted by Stormy Daniels, who serves as both the host and the men’s buddy (and occasionally counselor) while they are in the home hoping for a genuine romantic connection.

Other contestants on the show are, Daddies (Alex Tikas, Randel Toney, Bobby Knight, Gordon Osborne, and Jeffrey Marc) & Himbos (Mateo Escobar, Phoenix, Tokeyo, and Tony Cannoli).

Nathan Ferguson Partner

Nathan Ferguson’s current relationship is unclear. But, he was previously in a relationship with his partner Matthew back in 2018. He had shared his life story with Project Skinny Boy where he had mentioned his then-partner.

As an update to the original interview, he shared at the time, “So the first picture is our last date of the year😏 The second picture is the night after our first date 👀. Guess we jumped in and now we’re here, and I’m so ready for memories chapters accomplishments and a new year with you You’re a genuine person and a great friend, lover, doctor, chef, nurse, and everything I could ask for. Thanks for accepting this mess into your life, and thanks for loving someone like me. Cheers to us, cheers to a new year, cheers to love. 🥂✨🥳 I love you, Matthew.”

How Old Is Nathan Ferguson?

Nathan Ferguson was born in 1999. He reached the age of 23 in 2022.

Where Is Nathan Ferguson From?

Nathan Ferguson was born and raised in San Diego. He is still residing in the same place.

Nathan Ferguson Job

Nathan Ferguson is a professional dancer, songwriter, and producer by profession. He had reportedly competed against Abby Lee Miller Dance Company. Whereas, as a musician, he is about to release a single titled “Easy” which he co-wrote with Drew Turner.

Nathan was also involved with something called Project Skinny Boy. Why he involved himself with the project?

Nathan answered, “I’ve always dreamed of modeling but I used to always feel l like I don’t look a certain way models should. Typically what men or women find attractive is men with larger bodies and muscles. I am skinny and all my life I’ve been told I’m “too skinny”. My body is my own and I am learning to love myself every day more and more. Your page is inspiring to people with smaller bodies duh as myself to love ourselves for who we are not who we want to be.”

In the interview, he added that he had struggled with his mental and emotional state. He said that his drive for success inspired him in his life.

Also, Nathan graduated from Mueller Charter Leadership Academy in 2014.

Nathan Ferguson Height

Nathan Ferguson’s height measures under 6 feet. His sleeve tattoos are his distinct features.

Related FAQs

  • Is Nathan Ferguson On Instagram?

Find Nathan Ferguson on both Instagram (@nathanfergusonofficial) and Facebook (@fergasonjonathan).

  • When Is Nathan Ferguson Birthday?

In 2022, Nathan Ferguson posted about celebrating his birthday on 7 October on his IG.

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